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Top Instagram Gambling Influencers in 2024

07 Jun, 2023
Written by
Mariya Chernenko
Mariya Chernenko

Social media has become an inseparable aspect of our daily lives, providing more than just amusement and connectivity; it also presents fresh prospects for businesses. Within this realm, Instagram and TikTok shine brightly, capturing substantial attention. The ever-increasing popularity and impact of these platforms in social media empower influencers to mold public opinion and significantly shape consumer behavior. 

Partnering with influencers on Instagram and TikTok proves to be a powerful marketing strategy for gambling products. The remarkable instances of collaborations between influencers and iGaming projects on these platforms highlight the immense potential of this marketing approach. Bloggers adeptly weave gambling into their regular posts, crafting captivating content that engages their audience. Whether showcasing their winnings, discussing game strategies, or sharing their personal gambling experiences, they effectively expose iGaming to a vast and receptive audience interested by such forms of entertainment.

It is important to acknowledge the existence of a negative audience on social media, particularly on TikTok. Encountering hate and negative comments on this platform can be quite common. Therefore, it becomes crucial to carefully choose influencers who possess a warm and receptive audience that maintains a positive attitude towards gambling advertising. Given the extensive pool of influencers on TikTok and Instagram, we have conducted 2 research to assist in this selection process:

  1. Gambling/iGaming Instagram Inventory List for Marketing 2023
  2. Gambling/iGaming TikTok Inventory List for Marketing 2023

After compiling data from 3 438 influencers ready to promote gambling, we can now proceed to identify the top 50 influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

1barstoolsportsTikTok27 300 000
2bleacherreportInstagram20 917 830
3funnyhoodvidzInstagram17 069 181
4egorkreedInstagram14 665 056
5egorkreedTikTok12 500 000
6loud_victorInstagram11 184 367
7loud_coringaTikTok8 800 000
8evtushenko_dimaTikTok7 900 000
9mrstiventc1977TikTok7 200 000
10ziilverkTikTok7 200 000
11jonvlogsInstagram6 406 242
12rodrigofee2Instagram4 772 613
13ivanzolo2004TikTok3 800 000
14bruninzorTikTok3 700 000
15elgatoTikTok3 600 000
16piuzinhollInstagram3 512 900
17jonvlogsTikTok3 300 000
18lasapaaaaaTikTok2 800 000
19stiven.tcInstagram2 780 613
20dilbliinTikTok2 200 000
21bingojunkiessTikTok2 200 000
22evelone1922TikTok2 100 000
23slaterkodishTikTok2 000 000
24rachaxpInstagram1 966 935
25fluxo_two9Instagram1 918 052
26evtushenko_dimaInstagram1 797 746
27alanafloresfTikTok1 700 000
28tima_maconiTikTok1 700 000
29kyivstonerInstagram1 663 612
30paradeevichTikTok1 600 000
31diegoneira3TikTok1 500 000
32eypiedraTikTok1 500 000
33lopezzjoacooInstagram1 456 272
34thenotoriousprankedyInstagram1 430 137
35kareykadashaInstagram1 339 234
36elrantyInstagram1 301 162
37westcolInstagram1 269 735
38calaaaangoInstagram1 240 844
39davoobjInstagram1 184 008
40gazzettadellosportInstagram1 130 765
41fluxo_gorilatvInstagram1 111 213
42davooxeneizeTikTok1 100 000
43gensyxaTikTok1 100 000
44sport1newsTikTok1 100 000
45neekolulTikTok1 100 000
46linfnxInstagram1 052 693
47nsmartynovInstagram1 049 458
48sharkaoInstagram1 047 934
49dedeofInstagram1 001 195
50el_rantyTikTok1 000 000

Based on the aforementioned selection, the breakdown is as follows:

  • There are 17 influencers with more than 3 000 000 followers.
  • There are 33 influencers with less than 3 000 000 followers.


Collaborating with influencers on these platforms presents several advantages for iGaming:

  1. Extensive reach.
    Instagram and TikTok bloggers boast a massive subscriber base, allowing for wide-reaching exposure and brand recognition. The listed 50 accounts collectively have 214 269 797 followers.
  2. Influence and trust.
    Followers trust influencers and follow their advice and recommendations. Partnership with bloggers allows gambling projects to use this trust in order for users to try their services.
  3. Engaging content.
    Original and captivating content attracts new followers and keeps existing ones engaged. Through influencer collaborations, iGaming projects can create content that grabs the audience’s attention and piques their curiosity about the product.
  4. Unique advertising formats:
    Instagram and TikTok offer a range of diverse advertising formats that can be effectively utilized by gambling businesses. From direct advertising posts to guerrilla marketing, these platforms provide versatile options. The short video format, spanning from 15 to 60 seconds, enables access to a vast audience, with the potential to create viral videos that can be viewed by tens or even hundreds of millions of people.

All of the aforementioned factors make these accounts ideal for advertising iGaming. Now, let’s explore the most popular accounts on TikTok and Instagram.


Platform: TikTok
Followers: 27 300 000
Optimal for: All thing gambling

Barstool Sports, founded by Dave Portnoy in 2003, has emerged as a popular sports and pop culture media company. What initially began as a Boston-based print publication has now evolved into a multi-platform digital media empire, boasting a substantial online presence. Barstool Sports has garnered a large and devoted following by adopting a unique and often irreverent approach to sports and entertainment coverage.

The company’s scope of coverage spans a wide range of subjects, including professional and college sports, gambling, viral videos, and celebrity gossip. Barstool Sports pushes the boundaries of traditional sports journalism, fearlessly taking risks and fearlessly tackling sensitive topics.

With a strong presence on social media like TikTok, Barstool Sports shares condensed and dynamic versions of their content. On their TikTok account, they provide a blend of sports-related videos, amusing skits, and viral clips. Their TikTok following comprises approximately 27 300 000 potential customers who hold a positive disposition towards advertising gambling products.


Platform: Instagram
Followers: 20 917 830
Optimal for:  Projects related to sports

Established in 2007, Bleacher Report (BR) has emerged as a renowned media platform specializing in sports journalism, news, analysis, and entertainment. It has swiftly risen to become one of the leading sports websites worldwide. A standout feature of Bleacher Report is its impressive roster of authors and journalists. With over 2,000 experts and writers collaborating with BR, the platform offers diverse perspectives and insightful analysis of sporting events.

The official Instagram account of Bleacher Report is highly influential and widely followed in the realm of sports on social media. It has amassed a substantial audience of sports enthusiasts since its inception, providing engaging content ranging from sports news and game highlights to interviews and entertainment.

This Instagram account boasts over 20,000,000 dedicated sports fans. With an average of 3,000,000 views on Reels, this account serves as an excellent tool for promoting sports betting sites. There are additional advertising options available, such as purchasing ads in Stories, posts, or live broadcasts.


Platform: Instagram
Followers: 17 069 181
Optimal for:  All thing gambling

@funnyhoodvidz is an Instagram account solely dedicated to delivering laughter-inducing content. Users can indulge in a diverse array of amusing videos, comical pictures, and memes showcased on this platform.

With its entertaining content, the account page has gained substantial popularity among Instagram users. In terms of advertising, here you may encounter promotions of gambling. For instance, companies like Stake have utilized this opportunity by purchasing a series of posts and stories. Throughout the year, these advertisements appear regularly in the account’s stories, allowing for increased visibility and engagement.


Platforms: TikTok, Instagram
Followers: on Instagram – 14 665 056; on TikTok – 12 500 000
Optimal for:  All thing gambling

Yegor Bulatkin, widely known as egorkreed, is a renowned Russian singer who has garnered significant popularity. With a substantial fan base on social media including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch, he actively interacts with his followers. egorkreed utilizes his influence to promote a diverse range of products, spanning from video games to online casinos.

In our rankings, egorkreed holds an impressive position, amassing a cumulative total of 27 165 056 followers across these 2 platforms.

The influence wielded by social media

The power of social media for businesses resides in its remarkable capacity to amplify brand awareness and facilitate direct communication with customers. This enables companies to reach a vast audience, engage in real-time conversations, gather feedback, address inquiries or concerns, establish trust, foster customer loyalty, and cultivate a positive brand image.

When it comes to promoting gambling, Instagram and TikTok are among the social media for promoting gambling. These platforms offer a range of influencer advertising formats that provide unique opportunities for gambling projects to engage their target audience and boost brand visibility. Sponsored posts, partnership contests and giveaways, video reviews and recommendations, as well as live streams – all these formats allow projects to be presented in creative and enticing ways. Instagram and TikTok influencers possess the ability to create original content, interact with their audience, and share their impressions, strategies, and advice, thereby enhancing the overall promotion of iGaming projects.

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