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The Materials section is a rich resource for individuals and organizations with a focus on data.

With thoughtfully curated articles, timely data releases, and a store stocked with ready-to-use data sets, this section caters to your data needs, empowering you to succeed in the dynamic world of data.

Materials is a hub offering insightful articles, fresh data releases, and ready-to-use data sets, providing essential resources for navigating the dynamic data landscape.
DATA40 Terminal

DATA40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.

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D40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.

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Our company information section provides comprehensive information about our services, pricing, team information, and contact details.

We aim to provide our visitors with all the information they need to make informed decisions about our services and build a strong relationship with our team.

This section provides information about our company, including prices, team information, and contact details.



Absolutely all of our services, both listed on the website and private or non-standard, are calculated according to the price table provided below. The pricing scheme is always the same, regardless of work volume, terms, and number of orders.

Prices are indicated for 1 hour of specialist work


TierDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
1Collecting information on a simple script or algorithm$5.66
2Search, facilitation, collection and structuring of information$8.06
3Information analysis
Coordination, tasks, management work
Client work
Personal meetings with clients, sales, negotiations
4Conducting live sociological or expert interview
Editorial work, Senior analyst
5Product analyst, product concepts$22.06
6Extended Expert Analyst$72.52
Here are short descriptions for the most common tiers of work:

Tier 1: A task that does not require any kind of decision-making, for example: “Go to list A, take element N + 1, add it to the table in cell N + 1.”

Tier 2: Search by data source that includes decision-making: “Go to source A, take element N if it meets criterion A (B, C), then put it in cell N of the table, and/or enter parameters in strings N-A, N-B, N-C.”

Tier 3:

  • Search by data source with decision-making based on vague or unrelated criteria;
  • Inaccurate data source search;
  • Description for an undefined object or element;
  • Execution of DS functions according to the scenario (ranking, grouping, structuring, classification, mathematical insights);
  • Working with tools according to instructions.

Tier 5:

  • Definitions, algorithms, scenarios, and tasks for performing DS functions;
  • Generalization of information, conclusions, insights;
  • Preparation of a method/methodology for a new task;
  • Finding sources and defining rules for working with sources;
  • Answers to questions T2, T3, T7, T8 analysts;
  • Report planning, editing, writing;
  • Learning new tools, preparing instructions;
  • Determining premium research topics and setting tasks for them.


TierDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
Data engineer
5Project manager
6Extended expert developer$72.52


TierDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
1Basic marketing copywriting$13.78
2Content marketing publishing$16.10
3Marketing management$22.06
4Expert content strategy development$31.75
5Editorial expert copywriting$39.49
6Extended editorial expert copywriting$72.52

Advanced work:

TierDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
6Advanced work 6$31.75
7Advanced work 7$39.49
8Advanced work 8$46.06
9Advanced work 9$52.65
10Advanced work 10$60.87
11Advanced work 11$72.52
12Advanced work 12$83.14
13Advanced work 13$95.52
14Advanced work 14$102.59
15Advanced work 15$132.66

Parsing/grabbing scripts use pricing

TierDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
1Instrumental data facilitation setup$16.10
3Simple D40-Crawler bot, 24-hour monitoring$31.75
4Data grabbing by simple script$95.52


TierDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
StrictAny tier performed according to a strict schedulex 1.3
RushHigh urgency, unscheduled, overloadx 1.5
FinFinancial responsibilityx 1.5

Upon receiving a service request, Data40 specialists calculate and evaluate the types of services and work volume that will be required to complete the task. The cost consists solely of the number of hours invested by specialists in each type of service listed in the table above. Nothing is added to the order value aside from our specialists’ hourly payments.

Logs and Work Time Tracking

We put great importance on keeping track of our specialists’ actions so that the client can at any time check what the paid hours were spent on and make sure that the work is going according to plan. Upon request, all of our specialists’ worklogs can be formatted into a more detailed form, up to an hourly progress report.

Research standards

In most cases, research includes:

DescriptionTierHours, %
Data collectionAnalyst 135-40%
Data structuringAnalyst 235-40%
Data analysisAnalyst 33.5-5%
Quality AssuranceAnalyst 43.5-5%
Data formattingAnalyst 23.5-5%
Order finalizingAnalyst 33.5-5%
ManagementAnalyst 37-10%


See below for a series of research order examples performed by Data40 with cost calculations based on specific cases. The cost of each service category always remains the same regardless of the package size.

Small Service Package – up to 100 hours

DescriptionTierPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
Data collectionAnalyst 1$5.6635$198.10
Data structuringAnalyst 2$8.0635$282.10
Data analysisAnalyst 3$13.783$41.34
Quality AssuranceAnalyst 4$16.103$48.30
Data formattingAnalyst 2$8.063$24.18
Order finalizingAnalyst 3$13.783$41.34
ManagementAnalyst 3$13.785$68.90
Total cost:$704.26

Medium Service Package – up to 1,000 hours

DescriptionTierPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
Data collectionAnalyst 1$5.66350$1981
Data structuringAnalyst 2$8.06350$2821
Data analysisAnalyst 3$13.7840$551.2
Quality AssuranceAnalyst 4$16.1040$644
Data formattingAnalyst 2$8.0640$322.4
Order finalizingAnalyst 3$13.7840$551.2
ManagementAnalyst 3$13.7880$1102.4
Total cost:$7973.2

Large Service Package – from 1,500 hours

DescriptionTierPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
Data collectionAnalyst 1$5.66800$4528
Data structuringAnalyst 2$8.06800$6448
Data analysisAnalyst 3$13.78100$1378
Quality AssuranceAnalyst 4$16.10100$1610
Data formattingAnalyst 2$8.06100$806
Order finalizingAnalyst 3$13.78100$1378
ManagementAnalyst 3$13.78200$2756
Total cost:$18904

Constant, Predictable, and Transparent Prices

When calculating the cost of any order, we are guided by the same prices, only the required number of hours of work in each category to complete the task will be estimated, and the prices of the service categories remain unchanged and are indicated above. Every hour of the work done is confirmed by a detailed log containing a report about it. The log can be updated and discussed with the client both during the execution of the order, and provided upon completion of all work at the request of the customer. In case the project is completed faster than the specified time, the cost will be relatively changed. At the same time, logging and system monitoring of projects will make it possible to predict possible changes in the timing of the order in advance.

Contact us

Danila Tarasenko
Senior Analyst & Founder
Skype: danila_tar
Discord: Burenka#9450
Facebook: Danila Tarasenko
Telegram: @danila_tar
Phone: +44 746-637-1493
Sergey Poryadin
Manager, Marketing & Sales
Skype: poryadscorpio
Discord: Serg Data40#7760
Facebook: Sergey Poryadin
Telegram: @svporyadin
Phone: +44 746-637-1493

Prices are valid since Apr 1, 2023

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