Headquartered in Nur-Sultan city, Republic of Kazakhstan, Data40 Ltd. is an international company and has decentralised structure – all employees work from different countries all over the world. Data40 team provides research services, data processing and analysis. We do it in two directions – ready-to-use and private solutions. Ready-to-use solutions mean studying certain topics, completely collecting and analysing data without client’s inquiry. Private solutions mean providing services by client’s inquiry. The key of them are:

  1. Smart hands
  2. Competitive Survey
  3. Venture Analysis
  4. Dataset developing
  5. Data-market developing
  6. Custom Survey
  7. Product Survey
  8. Bulk Communications 
  9. Data-Driven Marketing 
  10. Outstaffing team on demand

Detailed information about it you can find in the chapter Key streams.

Company history

  • September 2019 – start of the Data40 team by collecting data for two first private clients
  • June 2020 – publication of the first Premium Study (first ready-to-use solution)
  • June 2021 – start of developing of The terminal D40
  • January 2022 – release of the alpha version of The terminal D40
  • March 2022 – incorporation in Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), Republic of Kazakhstan
  • June 2022 – start of mass production of Premium Studies
Table company history

Company requisites

NameData40 Ltd.
Registration Number220440900333
AddressRepublic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, Yesil district, Dostyk street 20, office 1501, postal code 010000
CEODanila Tarasenko
Contact number+79151920477