Headquartered in Nur-Sultan city, Republic of Kazakhstan, Data40 Ltd. is an international company and has decentralised structure – all employees work from different countries all over the world. Data40 team provides research services, data processing and analysis. We do it in two directions – ready-to-use and private solutions. Ready-to-use solutions mean studying certain topics, completely collecting and analysing data without client’s inquiry. Private solutions mean providing services by client’s inquiry. The key of them are:

  1. Smart hands
  2. Competitive Survey
  3. Venture Analysis
  4. Dataset developing
  5. Data-market developing
  6. Custom Survey
  7. Product Survey
  8. Bulk Communications 
  9. Data-Driven Marketing 
  10. Outstaffing team on demand

Company history

  • September 2019 – start of the Data40 team by collecting data for two first private clients
  • June 2020 – publication of the first Premium Study (first ready-to-use solution)
  • June 2021 – start of developing of The terminal D40
  • January 2022 – release of the alpha version of The terminal D40
  • March 2022 – incorporation in Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), Republic of Kazakhstan
  • June 2022 – start of mass production of Premium Studies
Table company history

Company requisites

NameData40 Ltd.
Registration Number220440900333
AddressRepublic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Yesil district, Dostyk street 20, office 1501, postal code 010000
CEODanila Tarasenko
Contact number+79151920477