Venture Analysis

In the field of venture capital, we conduct research on venture deals in three major areas — GameDev, iGaming, and Blockchain. Such studies evaluate investments in the respective industry. We also conduct niche research for each of them according to the criteria formulated and requested by the client. Such research may include:

  • product investments (for example, intellectual property investments for game development, investments in mobile game development during a certain year, investments by a specific company over a set period of time, investments in a list of blockchain projects, etc.);
  • purchase, sale, and company merger deals in the three industries mentioned above;
  • a company’s investment profile for all areas of activity.

Here is how it works

  • Contact us by web chat or at;
  • Briefly describe the necessary research and the estimated work volume;
  • We prepare a pre-offer;
  • Please answer any clarifying questions that might arise;
  • The work begins as soon as you agree to the pre-offer;
  • As a result, you receive a study report with all collected data.

Future sale assessment studies often stand out among the list of proposed investment research areas. We specialize in sales evaluation for games in various stages of development, and our team has developed a methodology for assessing future game sales, which includes:

  • collection of data on the game and its developer via open sources;
    • data provided by the client can also be used;
  • evaluation of genre potential and the game’s target audience;
  • five methods of future sales quantification;
  • expert assessment by the agreed number of experts;
  • report finalization.

Order the service right now to improve your venture potential assessment in the market segment of interest. Follow the link to check our rates. The main workflow falls under the tier 2 rate. We can operate in two modes: a standard public offer or an individual payment agreement. Invoices will be issued based on monthly employee work results.