Absolutely all of our services, both listed on the site, and private or non-standard, are calculated according to the price table below. The pricing scheme is always the same, regardless of the ordered volumes, terms and number of orders.
Prices are indicated for 1 hour of specialist work:

CategoryDescriptionPrice per hour, USD
tier 1Collecting information on a simple script or algorithm$3
tier 2Search, facilitation, collection and structuring of information$4
tier 3Information analysis$6
tier 4Coordination, tasks, management work$6
tier 5Client work$6
tier 6Personal meetings with clients, sales, negotiations$7
tier 7Conducting a sociological or expert interview in live mode$7
tier 8Editorial work, Senior analyst$10
tier 9Product analyst, product concepts$10
tier 10Tech Development, Marketing Production$15

Upon receipt of a request for services, Data40 specialists calculate and evaluate the types of services and quantity that will be required to complete the task. The cost consists solely of the number of hours invested by specialists in each type of service listed in the table above. In addition to the hourly payment for the work of our specialists, nothing is added to the order value.

Logging of the work done

We pay great attention to logging the actions of our specialists so that the client at any time can understand what the paid hours of work were spent on and make sure that the work is going according to plan. Upon request, the logging of the actions of our specialists can go into a more detailed form up to an hourly report on the work done.

Research standards

In most cases, research includes:

CategoryDescriptionHours, %
tier 1Data collection35-40%
tier 2Data structuring35-40%
tier 3Data analysis3,5-5%
tier 8Quality Assurance3,5-5%
tier 2Data formatting3,5-5%
tier 3Order finalizing3,5-5%
tier 4Management7-10%


A series of examples of orders for Data40 studies follows with a cost calculation based on the specified values. The cost of each service category always remains the same regardless of the package size.

Small package of services – up to 100 hours

CategoryDescriptionPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
tier 1Data collection$335$105
tier 2Data structuring$435$140
tier 3Data analysis$63$18
tier 8Quality Assurance$103$30
tier 2Data formatting$43$12
tier 3Order finalizing$63$18
tier 4Management$65$30
Total cost:$353

Medium package of services – up to 1000 hours

CategoryDescriptionPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
tier 1Data collection$3350$1050
tier 2Data structuring$4350$1400
tier 3Data analysis$640$240
tier 8Quality Assurance$1040$400
tier 2Data formatting$440$160
tier 3Order finalizing$640$240
tier 4Management$680$480
Total cost:$3970

Large package of services – from 1500 hours

CategoryDescriptionPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
tier 1Data collection$3800$2400
tier 2Data structuring$4800$3200
tier 3Data analysis$6100$600
tier 8Quality Assurance$10100$1000
tier 2Data formatting$4100$400
tier 3Order finalizing$6100$600
tier 4Management$6200$1200
Total cost:$9400

Always predictable and understandable prices

When calculating the cost of any order, we are guided by the same prices, only the required number of hours of work in each category to complete the task will be estimated, and the prices of the service categories remain unchanged and are indicated above. Every hour of the work done is confirmed by a detailed log containing a report about it. The log can be updated and discussed with the client both during the execution of the order, and provided upon completion of all work at the request of the customer. In case the project is completed faster than the specified time, the cost will be relatively changed. At the same time, logging and system monitoring of projects will make it possible to predict possible changes in the timing of the order in advance.

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