Smart Hands

Recruit a group of experienced professionals to become a part of your team with our convenient work model and transparent hourly billing.

If a task or project requires extensive labor-consuming manual work, or could really use an immediate boost in available resources — consider enlisting Data40’s Smart Hands services.

Here is how it works

  • Contact us by chat or at one of the following emails:,,;
  • Briefly describe the necessary operations and the estimated work volume;
    • (Do not worry if you get lost in the details — we can help with the calculations!)
  • Choose the preferred communication channel: Slack, Telegram Group, Microsoft Teams, Discord, or any other service of your choice;
  • We will handpick a curator and any extra team members from among our specialists with suitable qualifications;
  • Everyone will be added to your selected chat group;
  • All is set… with you at the helm of the newly formed team;
  • Direct it as you would your own in-house work group, guided by the familiar business processes and formats, all to facilitate immediate positive results!


  • Datasets and documents will be kept in Google Docs, allowing you to see them upon creation and easily check individual change histories;
  • You will be able to watch us work on your tasks in real time;
  • Every document will be accompanied by an additional work log for keeping track of how much time our employees spend editing them;
  • You will immediately see and understand the cost of every element and hour of work;
  • A separate periodic work time report will be kept for easy comparison with all issued invoices.


You will be able to:

  • Add new tasks;
  • Edit already running tasks;
  • Alter process participant lists;
  • Test your own business processes.

Typical task examples

  1. “Find services that generate organic website traffic, prepare lists every evening, then call the selected contacts in the morning to find out their terms and conditions. Keep track of the results in a spreadsheet for ease of comparison and process calls according to the script. If a service matches the criteria, negotiate the date and time for a meeting or a call according to the current calendar schedule.”
  2. “Go through the list of sources on a daily basis, write out a set of parameters for each source, then check their compliance with the agreement signed by the corresponding source.”
  3. “Compile a list of potential partners, broken down by region/language, ​​with a set of extra parameters. Sort by GEO, then contact each of them in order and according to the approved script. Collect responses and negotiate interaction terms (price, conditions, and interaction numbers). Make payments or transfer details to the client’s financial department, then monitor contract implementation and resolve any arising issues.”
  4. “Send out reactivation-oriented mailings in accordance with existing user database to stimulate website comeback and new purchases. Also mark all users with outdated data.”

Order the service now and you will see a major increase in resolution speed for even the most labor-consuming, monotonous tasks. Follow the link to check our rates. The main workflow falls under the tier 2 rate. We can operate in two modes: a standard public offer or an individual payment agreement. Invoices will be issued based on monthly employee work results.