SERM Check

When administering websites, it happens that the flow of traffic sharply and suddenly drops for no apparent reason, or, for example, a launched marketing campaign does not produce tangible results. One reason for this is poor search engine reputation management (SERM). SERM is an important component of product brand management aimed at creating a positive image for the company/brand/personality/product, reflected in search results. In addition to search engine optimization (SEO), SERM includes site reputation management in reviews and antivirus databases. In order to avoid traffic drops on websites that are already search engine optimized, one needs to check its status on a variety of services.

Search engine reputation management includes:

  • Collecting a list of antiviruses;
  • Collecting a list of review websites;
  • Collecting a list of domain and hosting verification services;
  • Contacting the support team for each of the collected antiviruses;
  • Getting recommendations on website reputation growth;
  • Cleaning out fake website reviews;
  • Boosting website ratings via review services;
  • Periodic maintenance of the website’s reputation.

Why might you see a decline in your website’s traffic flow? While getting acquainted with a website, people often start by looking through previous user reviews and on trusted verification services.

  1. In a situation where your service has been marked unsafe by a certain antivirus, all of its users will likely stop visiting your website. At the same time, many antiviruses brand websites they simply know little about with yellow danger marks, and it is often enough to simply contact their technical support to clarify the situation and gain an immediate reputation boost. One of the popular services, aggregating data from numerous antiviruses, is VirusTotal. We have collected information about all antiviruses this service works with, and are pleased to offer you a free dataset of VirusTotal SERM Databases & Sources 2022.
  2. Users often look for online reviews before purchasing a product or ordering a service from an unfamiliar website. Bad reviews may very well curtail new user traffic. Other factors contributing to low ratings are:
    • insufficient motivation for customers to leave positive reviews;
    • negative customer feedback left without response;
    • fake negative reviews commissioned by unscrupulous competitors.

To improve your standings, you need to act on all three of these points by (a) increasing the number of positive reviews, (b) working with dissatisfied customers, and (c) combating fake reviews.

Data40 Ltd. offers two distinct flavors of SERM Check services — checking websites in antivirus and review site databases. You can order them individually or as a bundle. Contact us by web chat or at and with a brief description of the problem and your communication channels. We will contact you, ask clarifying questions, and then work to increase your website’s SERM visibility.

Pros of working with us:

  1. No need to set your own staff in high gear;
  2. You get a SEO professional working on this task without interruptions;
  3. Our work is based on ready-made lists and previous research;
  4. Simple scaling — we can improve your reputation on one or a few services or go through the full list;
  5. We will take care of communication and status monitoring;
  6. You will be able to see the results on each of the agreed upon services at any time.

Follow the link to check our rates. The main workflow falls under the tier 2 rate. We can operate in two modes: a standard public offer or an individual payment agreement. Invoices will be issued based on monthly employee work results.