Private analytics: private research on a client-specified topic

The Data40 project team does private studies on the topic set by a customer. All results of such research are sent to the customer that ordered the research and don’t get to third parties.

Types of private studies done

  • Exploratory research – superficial review and collection of information on a certain topic;
  • Descriptive research – in-depth data collection and extended review of a certain topic. It includes basic analytical conclusions drawn from the data obtained;
  • Analytical research – deep data collection and comprehensive review of a certain topic. A full study of the information collected to find patterns and make analytical reports.

Research methods applied

  • Survey – an online or offline survey or questionnaire of consumers on a given topic;
  • Information analysis – processing and analyzing a data set received from a customer;
  • Experiment – conducting online and offline experiments on a given topic;
  • Observation – obtaining data by observing the behavior of a group of people;
  • Expert evaluation – obtaining expert opinion on a given topic by means of interviews and surveys of key representatives of a certain field.

Data collection methods used

  • Primary: manual and computer-based collection of raw data from various online and offline sources;
  • Secondary: search for and processing of ready-made data sets: from completed studies, from customer data, etc.

If you want to order a private study, contact us: Contacts page