Periodic solutions

In Data40 you have access to all types of periodic studies, data and types of services used, which require regular updates and replenishment.

Types of services:
Periodic Data Collecting – collection of data on a regular basis, constant replenishment of the database with new information.
Periodic Research – monitoring the market on a regular basis, analyzing and comparing changes, adding new information, conclusions and projections full time.
Periodic Reports – drawing up reports on a regular basis for constant monitoring of the situation within the area of interest.

The main areas we work with are:

  • Gaming / Game Dev Industry;
  • Gambling / Betting;
  • Venture / Investment;
  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies.

The types of services and lines of business indicated on the page are the most popular among those ordered from our company, but we have experience in other types of periodic solutions and in other areas.

The cost of services is calculated individually and depends on the amount of data required, the number of employees involved and the time spent on order execution. You can find out more about pricing on this page or by writing to us: Contacts page