Game Sales Forecast

Gaming Project Future Sales Assessment

Future sales assessment studies often stand out among the list of proposed investment research areas. We specialize in sales evaluation for games in various stages of development, and our team has developed a methodology for assessing future game sales that includes:

  • Game and developer data collection via open sources;
  • The option to utilize client-provided data;
  • Genre potential and target audience evaluation;
  • Three main methods of future sales quantification, with the option to include additional methods;
  • Expert assessment by an agreed number of experts with vast experience in the video game industry;
  • Report finalization.

Data40 Team is able to assess gaming projects’ future sales for key platforms and local markets:

  • PC;
  • Microsoft/Xbox;
  • Sony PlayStation;
  • Nintendo;
  • Google Play;
  • App Store;
  • Other local platforms and stores;
  • Physical sales for all platforms.

Evaluation Methods and Game-in-Development Report Structure

Evaluation methods used in preparation of a Game-in-Development Report (GID-R):

  • Similar Games;
  • Steam Followers;
  • YouTube Views;
  • Website Traffic;
  • Expert Conclusions;
  • Other methods requested by the client.

GID-R’s key advantage is a combination of academic (quantitative) methods and expert opinions, allowing for the most accurate game project results at different stages as well as products aimed at any platform (PC, Consoles, Mobile). It may include:

  • List of similar games;
  • List of competitors scheduled for release during the same time period;
  • Sales assessment for similar games;
  • Project’s timeline;
  • Average pricing based on the game’s genre and size;
  • Sales forecast for a gaming project at its current stage;
  • Sales forecast for a gaming project in case of additional investments and necessary revision;
  • Final investing feasibility conclusions;
  • Extended expert opinions indicating positive and negative factors affecting the game’s success;
  • Open calculation data.

Current performance analysis used with GID-R offers reports for all development stages. Past and updated report comparison enables the interested parties to keep track of the game’s dynamics and stage-by-stage development progress.

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