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We specialize in specific industries and areas of expertise, offering our clients expert insights and recommendations.

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Live roulettes in gambling overview Q4 2020

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 30 June 2021
Live roulettes in gambling overview Q4 2020
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Live roulette in gambling overview. This release contains the extensive information on different online roulette types, including but not limited by: online roulettes catalogue, online roulette developers & providers catalogue, casinos providing online roulettes mode catalogue. For this research our team have evaluated 1016 casinos and 213 online roulette types. Each and every one of them is fully analyzed by lots of characteristics for representative results and conclusions. This research comes with a table including all the details for every company or game, also optimized for better filters usage so you could easily find the companies you need by choosing specific parameters. You will find a complete description for every game mode, including game rules, odds, design elements description, ui/ux evaluation, working hours and many more for the most extensive roulette market overview. We have also included all the main playing strategies or systems used by professional gambling players to achieve different kinds of advantage, so you could better understand what players might do within these games. For better market understanding and evaluation we have added extensive consolidated data section including overall information on providers, game types, casinos, languages and much more. For game developers and casino owners we have found and categorized all the weak spots in every online roulette, consolidated the conclusions and added an advisory section with some very specific insights and advice on how to achieve an advantage and increase your game’s quality. This research might be very useful for casino owners and developers, gambling games developers, publishers and providers, professional gambling players. It contains both overall market overview and all the specific details on every game mode and feature.
  1. Content
  2. About the Research
  3. — Aims
  4. — Relevance and timing
  5. — Labour costs
  6. — Research methodology
  7. — Raw data guide
  8. Live Roulettes Rules and Descriptions
  9. — Classic roulette rules
  10. —- Internal bets
  11. —- External bets
  12. —- Call bets
  13. —- Other bets
  14. —- Betts and odds
  15. — Payout percentage and casino share
  16. — Roulette types
  17. —- Main roulette types
  18. —— European Roulette
  19. —— French roulette
  20. —— American roulette
  21. —- Other types of roulettes
  22. — Betting strategies
  23. — Differences of Live Roulettes
  24. — Live Roulette Providers
  25. — Elements and the appearance of Live Roulettes
  26. —- General look
  27. —- Minimalistic design
  28. —- Racetrack
  29. —- Betting area
  30. —- Table limits
  31. —- External Bets Statistics
  32. —- List of drawn numbers
  33. —- Pie Chart Statistics
  34. —- Chat
  35. —- Special and saved bets
  36. —- Menu
  37. —— Game info
  38. —— Settings
  39. —— Language
  40. —— Support
  41. —— Bet history
  42. —- Game results
  43. —— Indication of the end of the roulette rotation
  44. —— Players’ wins
  45. —- Lobby
  46. Consolidated data
  47. — General roulette data
  48. — Summary data
  49. —- Roulette language
  50. —- The basis of roulette rules
  51. —- Auto roulette
  52. —- Speed roulette
  53. —- Thematic roulettes
  54. —- Roulettes from real casinos
  55. —- Unique roulettes
  56. —- Exclusive roulettes
  57. —- Unique features of roulettes
  58. —- Additional screen
  59. —- Chat presence
  60. —- Bonus win mechanics
  61. —- The presence of a gaming table
  62. —- Availability of statistics
  63. —- Availability of interactive statistics
  64. —- Pop-ups
  65. —- Racetrack availability
  66. —- Player’s bet history
  67. —- Availability of statistics on the rates of other players
  68. —- Availability of a mobile version
  69. —- Camera location setting
  70. —- Availability of video and sound settings
  71. —- Availability of choice of interface languages
  72. —- Full set of settings
  73. —- Working hours
  74. —- Dealer’s gender
  75. —- Live Roulette Limits
  76. Conclusions
  77. — Providers
  78. — Directions to improve roulettes
  79. —- Interface
  80. —- Full set of settings
  81. —- Dealer
  82. —- Variety of roulettes
  83. —- Sector sizes
  84. —- Virtual sports
  85. —- Poker combinations
  86. —- Betting systems
  87. —- Minimal view
  88. —- Graphical statistics
  89. —- Gamification in Gambling
  90. —— Roulette interface elements of N2-Live provider
  91. —— GamePlay provider roulette interface elements
  92. About the authors

Live roulettes in gambling overview Q4 2020 example


  • Collect theoretical data about roulettes;
  • Find Live Roulettes at Online Casino;
  • Identify Live Roulette Providers;
  • Highlight the features of Live roulettes: technical nuances, features;
  • Compare Live Roulette Providers based on the List of Roulette Features;
  • Identify possible ways to improve Live Roulettes to increase the chances of creating a successful and competitive product.

Relevance and timing

  • Primary raw data were collected from 05/25/2020 to 09/05/2020;
  • Processing and analysis of the collected information was carried out in the period from 09/05/2020 to 10/15/2020.

Labour costs

  • It took 740 hours to collect raw data;
  • It took 150 hours to structure the data;
  • 120 hours spent on analytical work and drawing conclusions.

Full Version Also Contains

  • Original data table including specifications of 1016 casinos (.XSLX file);
  • 12 pivot tables expanding information from Original data table;
    • 3 of that contain Live Roulette providers descriptions;
    • There are consolidated data in the rest.
  • 23 tables with Betting Odds;
  • 43 charts and graphs with analysis and conclusions;
  • 29 Live Roulette type descriptions;
  • 29 described Betting systems;
  • Comparison of 19 kinds of Live Roulette UI;
  • 11 advices the way of improving roulette;
  1. Live roulettes in gambling overview Q4 2020.pdf
  2. Live Roulettes List Q4 2020.xlsx
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