Data Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing Services & Supply is a comprehensive suite of services that leverages data-driven insights to effectively promote your projects or services. Our suite of services includes:

  • Data collection:
    • Open Source search (manual, algorithmic, automatic, parsing);
    • Searching (manual, algorithmic, automatic, parsing);
    • Facilitation and collected data checking;
    • Analysis, classification, ranking, and scoring;
    • Shortlisting by given criteria.
  • Searching for influencers, investors, individuals, partners, celebrities, websites, sources, companies, employees, creators etc.;
  • Cross-posting with brands and influencers for boosting recognition and merging audiences;
  • Mass outgoing communications (mailings);
  • Specific campaigns, direct media contact;
  • Mass systematic actions that resist automation;
  • Software automatization of mass systematic actions;
  • Ready-to-use inventory lists (we offer a package of previously collected data);
  • Routine checks (periodic mailing, contact updates);
  • Q&A interviews (interviewing people from the list with an approved questionnaire).

In addition to Data-Driven Marketing Services, we offer task execution:

  • Guerilla Support (initial-stage post support);
  • Guerilla Acquisition (initial-stage post support, third-party service);
  • Conceptualization/concept plan development, product description;
  • Project marketing, planning, and budgeting;
  • Expert content marketing (expert articles, opinions, and insight);
  • SMM support (content creation for your social media);
  • Digests (all sorts of periodic reports supporting the main marketing campaign);
  • Traffic management (organic traffic generation, post promotion);
  • Competitive and product analysis;
  • Competitor marketing channel search and activity analysis.

Throughout all stages of our work, we keep in mind that “all kinds of social media content is necessary and effective if the price is right for both parties involved.”

Our wide range of services enables you to pick and choose whichever options you require, while the flexible client approach aims to make the customer experience as smooth as possible, liberating you from the need to prepare a detailed marketing task list. Simply formulate your query, for example:

  • “I’m looking for influencers engaged in a specific area who have some time ago reviewed product A. I want the Data40 Team to reach out to them with individual messages to secure more replies, find out how willing they are to cooperate, negotiate a price, make a shortlist, then contract the approved influencers, pay them, and check their work upon release.”
  • “I’m looking for investors who have purchased NFTs on in 2021. I want the Data40 Team to contact each one with tailored messages, propose an interview, maintain dialogue, and deliver the commercial offer. If an investor accepts the offer, send them a gift.”


  • Transparent client billing (no hidden fees, you only pay for the net burn rate);
  • Access to a wide inventory collected by our team (which can be used in the future);
  • Direct contact, CRM formation (lower cost, faster communications);
  • Easy scaling (choose to process exhaustive data or divide it into blocks).

Limitations / Trade-Offs

  • The results are not guaranteed;
  • Timing prediction difficulties;
  • You still need to make pricing decisions;
    • We can help with that!

How to get started?

Contact us at with a brief description of your project: its goals, current tasks, ad campaign time frame, and budget guidelines. We will study it, calculate the pre-offer, give a presentation call, then formulate a work plan together. Next we will assemble a work group and grant you direct access, so that you can make operational decisions at a moment’s notice. We aim for a flexible approach, where you can regard our work group as your own private team of marketing professionals.