Data Collection Services

Before starting your project (especially in IT), you need to study the market carefully: understand how filled your niche is, identify competitors and collect as much information as possible on them to analyze their activity. This process is complicated and requires additional knowledge and a large margin of time. Our data collection agency will be a real helper for you. Good specialists work here who will not only collect the necessary information but also systematize it competently.

Our wide array of services

Our company provides a wide range of online data collection services. Among the most popular web research services are:

  1. Smart Hands. Suitable for large projects where a lot of manual work needs to be done.
  2. Competitor Research Survey. Allows you to create a list of competitors and understand the principle of their activity, advantages, and disadvantages.
  3. Venture analysis. They allow you to evaluate venture investments in your industry and understand whether you can count on them.
  4. Dataset development. 
  5. SERM Check. Allows you to understand why traffic on your site is plummeting or marketing programs are not working well.

If you are looking for a data collection solution, we advise you to contact professionals for help. They have extensive experience in this industry, listen to the client’s wishes, and strive to do their job well. Data collection services outsourcing allows you to significantly speed up the work and reduce the time for developing an IT product, which means you can save a lot of money.

Why choose our company?

Today there are many data collection companies in USA, each offering different terms of cooperation. Among the main advantages of the company are:

  • Low cost;
  • Qualified personnel who are ready to take on work of any complexity;
  • Extensive experience;
  • Detailed analysis of all information and much more.

Among all data collection firms, we are distinguished by high professionalism and an individual approach to each client. Regardless of what project you plan to develop, specialists will turn the entire Internet in search of the necessary information.

Our data mining service guarantees a good result and allows you to open up new opportunities in promoting your project.