Competitor Research Survey

We do competitor research, which begins with the formulation of investigation goals by the client. We then develop a pre-offer that includes preliminary methodology, a list of documents and datasets in need of development, work time assessment, as well as marginal cost estimation.

NOTE! Our work employs the outstaff model, meaning that the pre-offer will only provide research direction and limits, while the payment will be calculated based on the actual work hours.

Here is how it works

  • Contact us by web chat or at;
  • Briefly describe the necessary research and the estimated work volume;
  • We prepare a pre-offer;
  • Please answer any clarifying questions that might arise;
  • The work begins as soon as you agree to the pre-offer;
  • In the end, you will receive a competitor research report containing all the specified data about them.


  • Datasets and documents will be kept in Google Docs, allowing you to see them upon creation and easily check individual change histories;
  • You will be able to watch us work on your tasks in real time;
  • Every document will be accompanied by an additional work log for keeping track of how much time our employees spend editing them;
  • You will immediately see and understand the cost of every element and hour of work;
  • A separate periodic work time report will be kept for easy comparison with all issued invoices.

Typical research options

  1. Search for a complete list of competitors to the client’s product or service;
  2. Comparison of the client’s product with top competitors from the lists compiled  by us or provided the client themselves;
  3. Detailed log reports on a competitor’s product performance with screenshots and comprehensive feature descriptions;
  4. Product niche research and product benchmark compilation;
  5. Collection and analysis of competitors’ ads;
  6. Open-question response search regarding market trends and features of similar products.

The level of detail for a particular comparison depends on research goals. For example, when studying competitors, data can be collected in a variety of ways:

  • simple database or search results parsing and tabulation;
  • short one-page easy-reference summary about every competitor based on the information from online sources;
  • detailed product study that ends up with our own conclusions about its properties and quality;
  • expert interviews that cover all the product’s aspects and properties.

The following can also be performed as part of the study:

  1. Search and interviewing of experts and industry representatives;
  2. Conducting of digital panel survey;
  3. Expert opinion and consensus forecast collection;
  4. Competitor activity digests (SMM, marketing campaigns, product feature changes).

Our archives already contain sizable datasets on the niche industries such as gambling, gaming, venture capital, blockchain, and fintech. If previously collected data can accelerate research, it can also be included in the study.

Order the service now to learn everything about your competitors and obtain valuable data that will help boost your own product’s attractiveness. Follow the link to check our rates. The main workflow falls under the tier 2 rate. We can operate in two modes: a standard public offer or an individual payment agreement. Invoices will be issued based on monthly employee work results.