User Feedback Research

User Feedback Research is the collection of feedback about users and the competition aimed at identifying common problems, reasons for client dissatisfaction, and customer needs, followed by data systematization. It serves as one of the methods for revealing the target audience’s opinion on the quality of a product, such as a website, an app, or a program.

  • Surveys and interviews — communication with users via e-mail, SMS, polls, or in-depth customer interviews;
  • Monitoring of individual target audience and/or focus group representatives; 
  • “Mystery Shopper” research that tracks every service detail, analyzes similar services offered by the competitors, and provides early warning of any detected issues;
  • Manual and automated information gathering from review aggregators, marketplaces, and social media;
  • User data collection, conducted on all stages of the product life-cycle;
  • Use of special website and service tools, such as widget buttons and pop-up feedback forms.

In addition to User Feedback Research, we offer to perform the following tasks:

  • Guerilla Support;
  • Guerilla Acquisition;
  • Conceptualization, concept plans, product descriptions;
  • Marketing projects, planning, and budgeting;
  • Content expert marketing, articles;
  • SMM-support;
  • Digests;
  • Traffic;
  • Competitive and product analysis;
  • Competitor marketing activity analysis, competitor channel research.

User feedback processing goes beyond simply collecting and analyzing data — it helps improve the product and increase profitability.

Complete or partial order. We study our customers’ goals and formulate individual offers.

Here is an example of a feedback research task: “Study website feedback and social media comments. Identify common problems from customer support correspondence. Prepare a dedicated feedback form and study user behaviour via Google Analytics. Conduct website-based customer surveys with specific questions, a voting system, and in-depth client interviews. Finally, process and analyze all gathered data.”


  • Transparent client billing;
  • You only pay for the clean burn rate, no hidden fees;
  • Enjoy access to our vast inventory;
  • Direct contact for building your own CRM;
  • Scaling.


  • Results are not guaranteed;
  • Deadlines may be difficult to predict;
  • You will need to make billing decisions;
    • (We can help with that too!)

How to order this service:

Contact us at and send a brief description of the project, your objectives, current tasks, budgeting guidelines, and the marketing campaign timeframe. We will examine the data, then conduct a presentation call to formulate a work plan with you. The price will be calculated once we have a full understanding of your goals.

Alternatively, you can order this service on the product page. Our manager will contact you, ask some clarifying questions, work out a pre-offer, and we will get started once an agreement has been reached.