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DraftKings Q2FY23 Report Overview

 6 December 2023
DraftKings - Financial Year - Q2 2023 Report
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DraftKings Q2FY23 Report Overview on the company's publicly available financial statements, Public Quarterly Reports Calendar FY23-24, Income statement.

The dataset includes Acquisitions and Divestitures, Revenue Structure, TradingView Retrospective Q2FY23.

Research Goals and Objectives 

Research Objective: To perform a comparative analysis of the Q2FY23 quarterly report and those of previous periods.

Research Tasks:

  • Gather comprehensive financial and corporate information pertaining to the company for Q2FY23;
  • Analyze the collected information;
  • Conduct a comparative assessment of the Q2FY23 report with the reports from previous quarters of the current fiscal year and Q2FY22;
  • Formulate conclusions based on the analyzed data.


The information collected in this report reflects data from the company's public reports and is not questioned or verified via other sources. In other words, information from the company's public reports is taken and used as is.

If additional information from other sources is used or if the data used is reflective of the researcher's personal opinion, this will be labeled accordingly.

The provided public company reports are unaudited.

Document markup

  • FY - Financial Year;
  • Q - Quarter;
  • DK - DraftKings;
  • OSB - Online Sportsbook;
  • GGR - Gross Gaming Revenue;
  • QoQ - Quarter-over-Quarter;
  • This report uses the American number format: a period is used as the decimal separator, while commas separate thousands;
  • Year-over-year (YoY) calculations of relative values were not performed in cases where last year's profit changed to a loss in the current year and vice versa within the scope of the current report;
  • DraftKids report period is from January 1, to Desember 31, 2023;
    • The specified financial year coincides with the calendar year.

Short Insights

Useful information gleaned from the report:

  • The company operates in 23 US states and Ontario, Canada in sports betting, 5 states in iGaming under the DraftKings brand and 3 states under the Golden Nugget Online Gaming brand.
  • Monthly Unique Players (“MUPs”) increased to 2.1 million average monthly unique paying customers in the Q2FY23, representing an increase of 44% compared to the Q2FY22;
  • May 10, 2023 - DraftKings Launches 24/7 FAST Channel on Samsung TV Plus.
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Fresh Industrial Data. Hype-free
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