YouTube Cryptocurrency and NFT accounts Q1 2022

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logo  17 June 2022
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Cryptocurrency and NFT YouTube accounts of Q1, 2022. Data based on 890 YouTube accounts related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The list includes 890 international crypto YouTubers selected based on the number of subscribers. These influencers have already established themselves in the cryptocurrency industry. You can follow or work with them on your cryptocurrency project.

To help determine who the top cryptocurrency YouTubers are, we have divided them by certain criteria.

The list includes both experienced crypto traders and analysts, as well as experts with the background in science, technology, and programming.

The research on YouTube accounts was carried out using open sources and the following search methods:

  • Google search;
  • YouTube account search;
  • YouTube account data collection via other social media: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram.

For ease of comparison, the information gathered is grouped by the following criteria:

  • Subscriber numbers;
  • The option to contact account owner by email or PM;
  • Channel Type;
  • Total Grade.

This list is ordered by number of subscribers, but that is no the only metric you should pay attention to. With this list, you can find crypto market news, investment advice, interviews, or technical analysis.

Short insights

We have found a total of 890 YouTube accounts related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs:


  • 484 accounts with less than 10,000 subscribers;
  • 234 accounts with between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers;
  • 125 accounts with between 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers;
  • 27 accounts with over 1,000,000 subscribers.

Total Grade:

  • 74 TBD accounts;
  • 1 account ranked “D”;
  • 478 accounts ranked “C”;
  • 333 accounts ranked “B”;
  • 4 accounts ranked “A”.

Channel Type:1

  • 103 “Tech” type channels;
  • 105 “Games” type channels;
  • 137 “Entertainment” type channels;
  • 139 “Education” type channels;
  • 210 “People” type channels;
  • 102 channels belonging to 9 other types.

1This metric is derived from the user's 10 most recent public videos. Social Blade determines channel type by the most frequent video type.