Twitter Cryptocurrency and NFT accounts Q1 2022

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logo  8 June 2022
Twitter Cryptocurrency and NFT accounts Q1 2022
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NFT Influencers in Twitter 2022. The data selects 3,292 influencers on Twitter: crypto-communities, entrepreneurs, musicians, football players and ect.

The research contains information about NFT Influencers on Twitter based on analyzed tweets, mentions, hashtags and news in the NFT world.

Further divided by the following for ease of comparison:

  • Number of followers;
  • Number of posts;
  • Date of account registration;
  • Date of first post;
  • The ability to contact the creator of the account

The list will allow you to quickly find the trendsetting opinion leaders in NFT, allow you to quickly compare these channels, find their similarities and differences.

Short insights

Found 3292 Twitter accounts related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs:


  • 1015 accounts less than 10,000 followers;
  • 1672 accounts from 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers;
  • 537 accounts from 100,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers;
  • 68 accounts over 1,000,000 followers.

Total Grade:

  • 704 accounts with “TBD” rank;
  • 6 accounts with “D” rank;
  • 685 accounts with “C” rank;
  • 1874 accounts with “B” rank;
  • 23 accounts with “A” rank;

Accounts with “Total Grade”: B+, A-, B have the highest average “SMP score” and are the most involved in the crypto and NFT communities. Due to the presence of only one Twitter profile in A++, we consider it an outlier and do not consider it significant.

SMP score:

“SMP Score <200” dominates all sections of “Followers”. Most of the collected Twitter accounts are poorly involved in the crypto community. We assume that the situation is related to:

  • Emerging NFT market and large generation of new Twitter profiles;
  • A large number of scammers not involved in the crypto community.

The “>1m subs” indicator shows the best quantitative distribution over all “SMP Score” values.

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Account contact search;
  • Search for advanced user engagement metrics;
  • Enter account typing by a line of business;
  • Analysis of marketing trends and promotional flyers;
  • Agencies and intermediaries;
  • Identification of regional affiliation;
  • Pricing models in advertising on Twitter accounts;
  • Expansion of the general list of accounts, as well as expansion to the regions of Asia & Pacific, MENA.