List of Anti-Cheat systems Q2 2022

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logo  27 June 2022
Dig into the list of 419 Anti-Cheat systems Q2 2022
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The complete list of anti-cheats of 2022. The data is based on 419 anti-cheats that are available today.

The list includes 419 international anti-cheats selected based on quality and popularity. You work with them on your servers or games.

To help determine which games are based on anti-cheats, the number of uses of these anti-cheats, the definition between paid and free anti-cheats.

The list includes different types of anti-cheats.

The study of the complete list of anti-cheats was carried out using open sources using the following search methods:

  • Open search in such search engines as : Google, Yandex, Baidu;
  • Search on open-source sites: GitHub, SourceForge;
  • Anti-cheats collected when processing social networks: Facebook, Twitter.


This study contains anti-cheats from both official sources related to game development and third-party ones created by the community of players.

The collected information does not claim to be absolutely complete and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.

Short insights

For the Conclusions section, the data is formed into groups. During the study, 419 anti-cheats were found.

On simultaneously applicable platforms:

  • 387 applicable to PC;
  • 10 applicable to Mobile;
  • 9 applicable to PC, Mobile;
  • 8 applicable to PC, Console, Mobile;
  • 3 applicable to PC, Console;
  • 2 applicable to Console.

By individual categories of platforms:

  • 410 available for PC;
  • 31 are available for Mobile;
  • 13 available for Console.

By type of pricing:

  • 342 free;
  • 77 paid.

By the type of pricing for paid:

  • 342 with the Free type;
  • 50 with the Fixed type;
  • 18 with Mixed type;
  • 9 with Periodic type.