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Payment Aggregators for Gambling Q2 2022

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 4 July 2022
The List of 64 Payment Aggregators for Gambling Q2 2022
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The dataset lists the payment aggregators that provide services for the gambling industry with some providing services in other high-risk areas.

The information presented here does not claim the absolute completeness of data and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.

Goals and Objectives

  • To form a list of payment aggregators providing services for high-risk business;
  • To classify aggregators by their link to the gambling industry and the number of payment options;
  • To evaluate traffic on payment aggregator websites;
  • To determine the payment aggregators' region of operation;
  • To perform a comparative analysis with a similar dataset of 2020.

Research Methodology

The official website research was carried out using open sources and the following search methods:

  • Google search;
  • Own dataset of payment aggregators for gambling of 2020.

For ease of comparison, the information gathered is grouped by the following criteria:

  • Traffic — the flow of website visitors in April 2022. The traffic for the various payment aggregator websites was evaluated using SimilarWeb service metrics;
  • Type — determined by the source of information linking the company to the gambling industry;
  • Payment Options — the number of declared payment systems used by the Payment Gateway;
  • Countries of Operation — fan approximate number of regions covered by a particular company;
  • Regions of Operation — regions in which the company operates;
  • Regions of Operation 2020 — regions in which the company operated back in 2020;
  • Working in Gambling 2020 — confirmed use of company services on gambling websites in 2020;
  • Was in the 2020 Dataset — whether the company was present in the 2020 Dataset.

Short Insights

We have found a total of 64 payment aggregators working with gambling.

By information source type:

  • 44 companies open about their involvement in the gambling industry;
  • 4 companies have placed gambling partners on their website, but have not made an open statement about working with gambling;
  • 16 companies do not claim to work with gambling, but are mentioned in third-party sources.

By region of operation:

  • 26 aggregators provide services worldwide;
  • 2 aggregators provide services in one country;
  • 36 aggregators provide services in a number of declared countries.

Future Goals & Planned Extensions

  • Payment aggregator list expansion;
  • Contact data collection for easier communication;
  • Available payment methods list compilation;
  • Connection conditions and requirements list compilation;
  • Accepted national currencies list compilation;
  • Attendance of professional conferences status confirmation.

These and other additions are planned for future expansion in subsequent research cycles.

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