List of Play-to-Earn Games 2021

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logo  6 June 2022
List of Play-to-Earn Games 2021
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P2E Games in 2021. This survey includes the list of 596 units, with parameters for each:
  • Weblinks: Links to Pay to Earn Game Sites
  • Boolean: Released games and games discovered in development
  • Boolean: Games based on Cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Boolean: PC/MAC versions of the game
  • Boolean: Mobile versions of games or including game resource management through a mobile application
  • Boolean: Browser versions of games or those that include game resource management through the browser
  • Counter: Games site traffic for September 2021

The amount of traffic on the Dataset game sites for September 2021, was collected by Similar Web tracker in October 2021.

P2E - means "Play-to-earn" in this topic, all differences with RCE (Real Cash Economy), Virtual Worlds, RMT, etc are neglected. P2E in this case means "players can put into the game world some currencies and values by direct exchange for real money, use those values in the game, and then turn those values back into real money”. The collected information does not claim to be absolute completeness of data and is intermediate in the planned research cycle. “Browser Interaction” and “Mobile Interaction” refer to a way of interacting with the game through the specified links but with no direct gameplay. For example, account replenishment, resource management, trade, etc.

Short insights:
  • 419 based on Crypto and NFT
  • 158 are under development
  • 88 contain applications for PC/MAC
  • 506 contain a browser-based version of the game or manage game resources through the browser
  • 123 contain a mobile version of the game or manage game resources through a mobile application
  • 1 does not contain PC/MAC, Browser or Mobile functionality due to being in the fundraising phase to start development

Future topics, which will appear in further surveys or could be performed in Private Survey on demand:
  • DAPP classification and list enrichment
  • Introduce available game typings
  • Disassemble the types and stages of game development
  • Add parameter “Free-2-Start” - games with start functionality without attachments
  • Add parameter “Mining Tools” - games with passive mining functionality
  • Detect localization languages
  • Define Development Studios and Publishers
  • Expansion of the list to the regions Asia & Pacific, MENA
  • Detailed comparison of P2E, RCE, RMT, VV, Metaverse types and terms