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iGaming Events and Expos 2023 Calendar

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 22 February 2023
Check out a comprehensive dataset on iGaming events scheduled in 2023 around the world
Full version:
$ 100.00


This dataset contains information about 155 gambling events taking place around the world in 2023. It includes data on the location, date and type of events. When purchasing the dataset, you will receive data for January 1st, 2023, and within 24 hours you will receive an update for the current month. 

Dataset could be used for a variety of purposes, such as analyzing trends in the gambling industry, identifying opportunities for sponsorship, advertising, or planning travel itineraries for gambling players.

Goals and objectives of the research

  • Collection of Summits, trade shows, exhibitions, briefings, awards, championships, forums, meetups, party, seminars, tournaments and conferences dedicated to iGaming for 2023;
  • Creating a dataset with dates and locations for iGaming events
  • Identification of key areas holding the most significant number of iGaming events

Research Methodology

The collection of events was carried out in open sources using the following search methods:

  • Open search on Google, Bing

Information about the location and dates is collected from websites and pages of events.


The collected information does not claim absolute data completeness and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.

The study did not include intensely regional and small events: business breakfasts, small offline and online tournaments, virtual courses, and discussion clubs. The collected information is a set of openly declared activities without taking into account the development of regional sections.


Found 155 events dedicated to the iGaming industry:

  • 155 events taking place in 2023
  • Collected events take place in 46 countries, excluding online events
  • Collected events are held in 92 cities, excluding online events
  • The collected events are concentrated on different days of the event:
  • 82 events are held on weekdays without affecting Saturday and Sunday
  • 16 events take place on Saturday or Sunday
  • 57 events take place on weekdays and weekends

The cut of months by the number of events carried out for the period indicated in the study:

  • January - 48 detected events
  • February - 27 detected events
  • March - 23 detected events
  • April - 12 detected events
  • May - 9 detected events
  • June - 9 detected events
  • July - 8 detected events
  • August - 5 detected events
  • September - 4 detected events
  • October - 4 detected events
  • November - 4 detected events
  • December - 2 detected events

January is the busiest month in terms of the number of events. From January, a jump in annual events and events begins, gradually fading away by the end of the year. In the conditions of the current dataset, we assume that the phenomenon is caused by the announcement of Tournament events shortly before their start.

List of countries with the largest number of events for the period indicated in the study:

  • USA - 65 events
  • UK - 9 events
  • Spain - 7 events
  • France - 6 events
  • Malta - 6 events

The countries holding from 6 events are indicated.

List of cities with the largest number of events for the period indicated in the study:

  • Las Vegas - 18 events
  • London - 8 events
  • West Fargo - 7 events

The cities holding from 7 events are indicated.

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Expansion of the list of ongoing events, including narrowly thematic and deeply regional
  • Adding additional indicators and metrics for ongoing activities
  • Updating collected event metrics
  • Creating a calendar of ongoing iGaming events
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