Gaming Events and Expos 2023 Calendar

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 3 April 2023
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A calendar of the gaming events and expos of 2023. The dataset includes 543 events dedicated to the gaming industry.

At the time of the study, 543 events were categorized by type, including 404 conferences, 85 development events, and 54 tournaments. This dataset covers gaming industry events held across 55 countries and 300 unique locations.

Research Goals and Objectives

  • Collection of 2023 events, exhibits, and conferences dedicated to gaming;
  • Formation of a dataset with gaming events' dates and locations;
  • Identification of key areas holding the most significant number of gaming events.


The information collected does not claim absolute data completeness and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.

The current study does not include expressly regional and minor events, such as business breakfasts and meetups, private project meetings, or discussion clubs. The collected information forms a set of openly declared activities that does not take regional section development into account.

Research Methodology

Event collection was performed via open sources using the following search methods:

  • Open search on Google, Bing.

Information regarding the location and dates was collected from individual events' websites and pages.

For ease of comparison, the resulting information is grouped by the following criteria:

  • Event Name — the event’s official title;
  • Event Link — a link to the event’s website;
  • Start Date — the event’s start date;
  • End Date — the event’s end date;
  • Location — the venue where the event is set to take place;
  • Country — the country where the event is set to take place;
  • Online — whether the event happens online or offline;
  • Type — whether the event is a conference, a tournament, or a development event;
  • Partial — whether the event is fully or only partially connected to the gaming industry.

Short Insights

A total of 543 events dedicated to the gaming industry were identified, including:

  • 526 events with a specified timeframe;
  • 17 events without a specified timeframe;
  • Events taking place across 55 countries, excluding online events;
  • Events held at 300 unique locations, excluding online events;
  • Events taking places on different days of the week:
    • 138 events (25.41%) held on weekdays without extending into Saturday and Sunday;
    • 388 events (71.46%) held on Saturday or Sunday;
    • 17 events (3.13%) that have not declared an exact date.

A cross-section of data based on event dates reveals the following number of activities taking place during a particular month:

  • January — 40 detected events;
  • February — 82 detected events;
  • March — 87 detected events;
  • April — 63 detected events;
  • May — 49 detected events;
  • June — 53 detected events;
  • July — 42 detected events;
  • August — 29 detected events;
  • September — 35 detected events;
  • October — 28 detected events;
  • November — 22 detected events;
  • December — 7 detected events;
  • TBA — 6 detected events.

Assumptions and Opinions

The gaming industry is a global phenomenon with events and expos taking place across 55 countries and 300 unique locations. The US is currently hosting the largest number of events, followed by the UK, Australia, and Canada.

March appears to be the busiest month for gaming events and expos, with a significant increase in event numbers that gradually decrease towards the end of the year.

Future Goals and Extensions

  • Expansion of the list of ongoing events, including narrowly thematic and deeply regional examples;
  • Introduction of additional indicators and metrics for ongoing activities;
  • Extension of the already collected event metrics;
  • Creation of a calendar with ongoing gaming events.