Gambling/iGaming Reddit Marketing Inventory List 2023

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 17 April 2023
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This is gambling/iGaming Reddit marketing inventory list for 2023, containing 126 Reddit communities related to iGaming with best time recommendations for making publication.

Research Goals and Objectives

  • Collection of Reddit communities related to gambling topics;
  • Popularity evaluation of Reddit communities with gambling audiences;
  • Formation of a dataset that ranks gambling-related Reddit communities.

Research Methodology

Reddit communities were collected via open sources using the following search methods:

  • Open Google Search;
  • Community search on Reddit itself;
  • Reddit community collection via other social networks: YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Facebook.

Data on the best time for publications was collected from the Social Rise service.


The study contains Reddit communities that take attract gambling-related audiences. The study did not specifically collect gambling-only communities. The list includes communities that are kept or populated by bloggers and streamers who write about gambling or are known to engage in gambling activities. The collected information does not claim absolute completeness and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.


For the “Conclusions” section, the data is sorted into several groups. For details, see Addendum


During the study, a dataset of 126 Reddit communities associated with gambling was formed.


  • 77 communities with less than 1,000 followers;
  • 28 communities with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers;
  • 12 communities with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers;
  • 9 communities with over 100,000 followers.

Best time to post:

  • Data on the best time for leaving publications is available for 31 communities;
  • We could not determine the best time for leaving publications in 95 communities.

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Search for advanced user engagement metrics;
  • Reddit community activity field categorization;
  • Analysis of marketing trends and promotional flyers;
  • Showcase of advertising pricing models;
  • Formulation of high-karma user list for specific subreddits.

The listed and other additions will be added in planned expansions and subsequent research cycles.

To order an extended research, please contact us at


For visualization convenience, “Follower” numbers are averaged to these values:

  • <10k” — communities with less than 1,000 followers;
  • 1k - 10k” — communities with over 1,000 but less than 10,000 followers;
  • 10k - 100k” — communities with over 10,000 but less than 100,000 followers;
  • >100k” — communities with over 100,000 followers.


  • 3 communities were banned/deleted during the collection of this dataset;
  • 31 user profiles (accounts belonging to individual people) were excluded due to non-compliance with the parameters specified in the dataset.