Data40 Private Survey Package #4: Large

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logo  6 November 2020
Data40 Private Survey Package #4: Large
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$ 9400.00


Private Packages used as a simplified way to pay for private analytics surveys, prices based on general services price list. This Data40 Private Survey Package #4: Large includes up to 1500 hours in common private survey scheme:
CategoryDescriptionPrice per hour, USDHoursTotal cost, USD
tier 1Data collection$3800$2400
tier 2Data structuring$4800$3200
tier 3Data analysis$6100$600
tier 8Quality Assurance$10100$1000
tier 2Data formatting$4100$400
tier 3Order finalizing$6100$600
tier 4Management$6200$1200
Total cost:$9400
Please make sure you contact our sales manager first to discuss your private analytics goals, tasks, schedule and estimated amount of work predicted.