Crypto Payment Aggregators List of Q2 2022

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logo  12 July 2022
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It’s safe to say that cryptocurrency as a concept has achieved the status of a novel, intriguing, and exciting exchange medium for both casual crypto users and enterprises that seek to expand their reach towards open and unrestricted financial markets.

This new Q2 2022 dataset contains 103 crypto payment aggregators and will allow you to select a gateway that best suits your interests.

Research Goals and Objectives

  • To collect data on crypto payment aggregators;
  • To determine the basic operation conditions shared by said payment aggregators;
  • To form a dataset of crypto payment aggregators grouped up by advanced criteria.


The research did not differentiate between cryptocurrencies and tokens due to the possibility of using both as means of payment. Most aggregators also do not separate cryptocurrencies and tokens in their list of available payment options.

The data gathered does not claim absolute completeness and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.

Research Methodology

The crypto payment aggregator research was carried out using open sources and by utilizing the following search methods:

  • Google search;
  • Own pre-made list of payment aggregators;
  • Crypto-accepting online store search via the following service:

For ease of comparison, the resulting information is grouped by the following criteria:

  • Payment commission per transaction — transaction fee specified by the aggregator;
  • Payment commission MIN, % — minimal transaction fee percentage specified by the aggregator;
  • Payment commission MAX, % — maximal transaction fee percentage specified by the aggregator;
  • Other payment methods — availability of non-crypto-related payment methods;
  • Cryptocurrency list — the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by those aggregators that support less than 10;
  • Number of cryptocurrencies — the declared number of cryptocurrencies accepted by the aggregator;
  • Conversion to fiat currencies — availability of the option to transfer cryptocurrency payments into fiat currencies;
  • PV Score — product attractiveness index, calculated based on comparison of commission conditions and the number of available payment methods.

Short Insights

We have found 103 payment aggregators that accept cryptocurrency, of which:

Number of aggregators
Set a transaction fee
Indicated the transaction commission as a percentage of the transaction
Allows to accept non-crypto payments
Accept 10 or more cryptocurrency types
Allows to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money
  • Only 64 payment aggregators provided information on tariffs and commissions;
  • The average transaction commission rate in the collected dataset is 1.36%;
  • 37 payment aggregators accept 10 or more cryptocurrencies;
  • 51 payment aggregators accept less than 10 cryptocurrencies;
  • 15 payment aggregators did not declare the number of accepted cryptocurrencies.

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Search for new crypto aggregators;
  • Aggregator payment gateway traffic analysis;
  • Deep Learning of Terms of Use;
  • Analysis of trends in changing use conditions;
  • Research of additional services and products provided by the aggregators.

The extensions listed above and others will be added in planned expansions and subsequent research cycles.