Crypto and gambling advertising platforms

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logo  12 January 2021
Crypto and gambling advertising platforms
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Dataset of Crypto and Gambling advertising platforms contains 584 sites from the Gambling and Crypto industry from around the world. It allows you to select sites by traffic and target advertising campaigns to users of specific countries. The dataset contains convenient functionality for sorting by various parameters:
  1. Type - allows you to select the type of site suitable for advertising.
    • Crypto forum - forum on the subject of Cryptocurrencies;
    • Gambling Forum - forum on gambling topics;
    • Platform - is a large platform that integrates a news site, rating, blog or forum. A prerequisite is that the site has a block of articles;
    • Rating - casino rating without a block of articles.
  2. Crypto - a label that informs that the site is related to the Cryptocurrency;
  3. Gambling - is a tag informing that the site is related to gambling;
  4. Contacts - contact information with the site administration. In most cases, the contacts of the advertising department are presented;
  5. Articles - a tag indicating that the site has an articles section;
  6. Traffic SW 08.2020 - monthly website traffic according to SimilarWeb for August 2020. Allows you to select the sites with the highest traffic volume;
  7. TOP countries by Traffic - top countries whose users visit the presented site. Only those countries are shown whose total traffic volume exceeds 50% of the monthly one. Allows you to select sites and set up advertising campaigns for users of specific countries;
  8. Price - a link to the current prices for the placement of advertising materials.
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