Detailed list of 596 Play-to-Earn Games 2021

logo  7 June 2022

We are starting our deep covering of mixed topics: crossing Gaming, Gambling and Blockchain technologies. Modern P2E games are in the middle of those, so we happy to share first artefact in this area: Detailed list of 596 P2E Play-to-Earn Games 2021, actual in October 2021.

Yeap, we know that right now it is the middle of 2022, and we are working on updating these materials ASAP. You can get this right now, and order any particular Additions and Extensions as a Private Survey task.

Direct use of list is targeted for:

  • marketing specialists for creating competitive semantic and word choice for starting competitive campaigns at Google Ads and Bing
  • P2E developers team and product managers, for deep survey and features analysis 
  • investors and entrepreneurs who in a way of deeper understanding P2E market and their opportunities

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