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Top Online Gambling Companies: Based on Market Data [2024]

03 May, 2024
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Reviewed by
Aigerim Ercik
Aigerim Ercik
Top Online Gambling Companies: Based on Market Data [2024]

As the digital landscape expands, the online gambling sector continues to grow, attracting significant investments and interest globally. In 2024, several companies have distinguished themselves by their market capitalization, revenue, and innovative approaches to online betting and gaming. Here are detailed descriptions of some of the leading companies in this dynamic industry.

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Company CEO Established Headquarters Employees Revenue
Las Vegas Sands Robert Glen Goldstein November 17, 1988 Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. 38,700 (2023) $10.37 B
Flutter Entertainment Peter Jackson 2016 Dublin, Ireland 21,513, $9.32 B
Evolution Gaming Martin Olof Carlesund April 27, 2006 Runcorn, Cheshire, England 16, 000 + $1.95 B
DraftKings Jason Robins 2012 Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. 3,400 $3.66 B
Aristocrat Trevor Croker 1953 Sydney, Australia 6,400 $4.05 B
MGM Resorts Bill Hornbuckle 1986 Paradise, Nevada, U.S. 81,000 $6.53 B
Gaming and Leisure Properties Peter M Carlino November 1, 2013 Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, U.S 18 $1.44 B
Wynn Resorts Craig Billings 2002 Las Vegas Strip (Paradise), Nevada, U.S. 27, 800 $6.53 B
Light & Wonder Matt Wilson 1973 Las Vegas, Nevada 10,000+ $2.90 B
Caesars Entertainment Thomas Reeg 1996 Reno, Nevada, U.S. 51,000 $11.52 B
The Lottery Corporation Sue van der Merwe 2022 Brisbane, Queensland 1,000+ $2.31 B
Française des Jeux Stéphane Pallez 1976 Boulogne-Billancourt, France 3,250 $2.89 B
Entain Stella David 2004 Douglas, Isle of Man 23,650 $5.20 B
OPAP (Organization of Football Prognostics) Jan Karas 1958 Athens, Greece 5,000+ $1.52 B
MGM China Holdings Grant R. Bowie 2007 Macao 11,786 $0.67 B

Top 15 Online Gambling Companies

1. Las Vegas Sands

Market Cap: $34.15 B

Revenue: $10.37 B

Country: USA

Las Vegas Sands, traditionally known for its luxurious hotel and casino resorts, has successfully extended its prowess into the online gambling space. Offering a sophisticated online platform, the company provides classic casino games, sports betting, and a range of live dealer options. A key value-added service includes its integration with rewards programs from its physical locations, enhancing customer loyalty and cross-platform usage. Operating predominantly in the USA, Las Vegas Sands also has a significant presence in Asia, specifically in Macau and Singapore. An interesting fact about the company is its commitment to sustainability and responsible gambling, setting it apart in the industry as a pioneer in ethical gambling practices.

2. Flutter Entertainment

Market Cap: $33.07 B

Revenue: $9.32 B

Country: Ireland

Flutter Entertainment stands out as a global leader in sports betting and gaming. The company offers a wide range of online betting options including poker, casino games, sports betting, and fantasy sports through various well-known brands such as Paddy Power, Betfair, and FanDuel. It provides value-added services like in-game live betting, cash-out options, and tailored betting recommendations based on user behavior. Flutter Entertainment operates in multiple countries across Europe, Australia, and the United States. A notable fact about Flutter is its use of advanced artificial intelligence to enhance user experiences and safeguard against gambling risks.

3. Evolution Gaming

Market Cap: $24.84 B

Revenue: $1.95 B

Country: Sweden

As a leader in the online casino industry, Evolution Gaming specializes in live dealer games, bringing a real-time, interactive casino experience to players’ devices. The company’s offerings include a variety of table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat with live dealers. Evolution’s value-added services include multi-camera immersive views, custom-tailored environments for operators, and seamless integration with existing online casino platforms. Although headquartered in Sweden, Evolution operates globally, with studios in Europe, North America, and several other regions. The company is renowned for its technological innovation in the live dealer segment, often releasing new formats that evolve the way traditional casino games are played online.

4. DraftKings

Market Cap: $19.43 B

Revenue: $3.66 B

Country: USA

DraftKings, initially a fantasy sports provider, has rapidly grown into a comprehensive sports betting and online gaming company. Its offerings include daily and weekly fantasy sports contests, sports betting, and a range of casino games. DraftKings provides value-added services such as personalized bet and game offerings, live-streaming of events, and interactive, gamified features that enhance user engagement. The company operates primarily in the United States but has been expanding into new markets as regulations permit. A noteworthy fact about DraftKings is its aggressive marketing strategy, which has effectively utilized partnerships with major sports leagues and teams to enhance its brand visibility and consumer trust.

5. Aristocrat

Market Cap: $17.02 B

Revenue: $4.05 B

Country: Australia

Aristocrat is renowned primarily for its innovative slot machines and gaming technology. While it traditionally focused on physical slot machines, the company has made significant inroads into the digital space with its online casino games and solutions. Aristocrat offers a broad portfolio of licensed and proprietary software, including virtual slots, table games, and unique branded content. The company adds value through robust customer support, extensive back-end solutions for casino operators, and engaging player loyalty programs. Operating out of Australia, Aristocrat enjoys a strong presence in North America, Asia, and Europe. An intriguing aspect of Aristocrat is its commitment to creating the most entertaining and immersive digital gaming environments in the industry.

6. MGM Resorts

Market Cap: $13.53 B

Revenue: $6.53 B

Country: USA

MGM Resorts is traditionally recognized for its luxury hotels and casinos, but it has also made significant strides in the online gambling sector. Through its online platform, MGM offers a variety of betting options including sports wagering, poker, and casino games. The company enhances its online services with features like integrated rewards programs that link online play with physical location visits, advanced betting options, and exclusive mobile gaming promotions. MGM primarily operates in the USA, with significant brand recognition and customer loyalty due to its long-standing presence in the gambling industry. An additional noteworthy fact about MGM is its investment in technology to create a seamless user experience that mimics the elegance and excitement of its land-based casinos.

7. Gaming and Leisure Properties

Market Cap: $11.79 B

Revenue: $1.44 B

Country: USA

Gaming and Leisure Properties, Inc. (GLPI) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on acquiring, financing, and owning properties leased to gaming operators. While not a direct operator of casino games or betting platforms, GLPI supports the infrastructure of the gambling industry. It offers critical value to online gambling companies by providing strategically located, high-quality properties that are essential for operational success. GLPI operates across several states in the USA, providing facilities that are integral to both online and physical gambling operations. An interesting fact about GLPI is its unique position as the first gaming-focused REIT, which allows it to provide innovative financial solutions in the real estate sector of the gambling industry.

8. Wynn Resorts

Market Cap: $10.87 B

Revenue: $6.53 B

Country: USA

Description: Wynn Resorts is another major player with a strong foothold in both the physical and online gambling arenas. Known for its high-end properties, Wynn has translated this luxury into its online gambling offerings, which include a selection of premium slot games, table games, and sports betting options. Wynn enhances its online platforms with features such as high-definition live dealer games, VIP customer service, and exclusive bonus systems. The company operates primarily in the USA and Macau, known for delivering unmatched luxury experiences in both markets. An intriguing fact about Wynn Resorts is its commitment to security and fairness, employing state-of-the-art technology to ensure player safety and game integrity.

9. Light & Wonder

Market Cap: $8.40 B

Revenue: $2.90 B

Country: USA

Formerly known as Scientific Games, Light & Wonder has rebranded itself to focus more broadly on creating unique games and technology solutions across multiple platforms, including online casinos, lotteries, and sports betting. The company offers a diverse range of gaming products that are popular among online players, such as slot machines, table games, and interactive gaming systems. Light & Wonder is known for its innovative game development and has a strong presence in both the North American and European markets. An additional fact about the company is its pioneering role in utilizing augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to enhance the online gambling experience.

10. Caesars Entertainment

Market Cap: $8.32 B

Revenue: $11.52 B

Country: USA

Caesars Entertainment has been a staple in the gambling industry for decades, known for its comprehensive range of gaming and betting options. Transitioning into the online space, Caesars offers sports betting, online casino games, and mobile gaming applications. The company is distinguished by its Caesar’s Rewards loyalty program, which integrates online and in-person gaming benefits to maximize customer satisfaction and retention. Caesars operates extensively within the USA and is expanding its digital presence globally. Notably, Caesars has been at the forefront of adopting responsible gambling practices, providing resources and support to ensure a safe and positive gaming environment for all users.

11. The Lottery Corporation

Market Cap: $7.11 B

Revenue: $2.31 B

Country: Australia

The Lottery Corporation is an Australian-based powerhouse in the lottery and gaming industry. This company specializes in offering a diverse portfolio of lottery games including traditional draw games, instant scratch games, and digital lottery options. Their online platform enhances user engagement through innovative play features like syndicates, where users can pool their bets for bigger plays and potential wins. The Lottery Corporation’s presence isn’t limited to Australia; it also reaches an international audience through online channels. An interesting fact about The Lottery Corporation is its commitment to community initiatives, with a significant portion of its revenues dedicated to social programs and community development projects.

12. Française des Jeux

Market Cap: $7.10 B

Revenue: $2.89 B

Country: France

Description: Française des Jeux (FDJ) is the exclusive operator of lottery games in France and is a major player in the European online gambling market. The company offers a wide range of lottery products as well as sports betting services online. FDJ differentiates itself with a strong emphasis on responsible gaming and innovation, implementing predictive tools and support systems to aid players. It operates primarily in France, but its influence spans across Europe due to its dynamic online platform. An additional noteworthy aspect of FDJ is its pioneering use of blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and transparency of its gaming operations.

13. Entain

Market Cap: $6.79 B

Revenue: $5.20 B

Country: Isle of Man

Entain is a titan in the online betting and gaming industry, known for its comprehensive portfolio of sports betting, casino games, and poker services. The company operates several popular brands, including bwin, Coral, and Ladbrokes, each providing a unique set of betting options and user experiences. Entain is acclaimed for its advanced responsible gaming technologies, which monitor player behavior to provide real-time feedback and prevent gambling-related harms. Operating globally, Entain’s reach extends across Europe, Australia, and parts of North America. A significant fact about Entain is its investment in virtual reality technologies, aiming to revolutionize the user experience in online betting.

14. OPAP (Organization of Football Prognostics)

Market Cap: $6.54 B

Revenue: $1.52 B

Country: Greece

OPAP, the leading gaming company in Greece, operates and manages numerical lotteries, sports betting, and other gaming services. This company has a strong retail presence but has also pivoted successfully into the online domain, offering digital versions of its popular gaming products. OPAP’s online services include live sports betting, virtual sports, and lottery games. The company is notable for its integration of advanced analytics and gaming technologies to enhance user experience and engagement. Additionally, OPAP invests heavily in sports sponsorships and community development programs in Greece, strengthening its brand and community ties.

15. MGM China Holdings

Market Cap: $6.33 B

Revenue: $0.67 B

Country: Macau

MGM China Holdings operates as a subsidiary of MGM Resorts International, focusing on the luxury casino and hospitality market in Macau—one of the world’s premier gambling destinations. MGM China enriches its offerings with high-quality online casino games that include slots, table games, and live dealer experiences, designed to replicate the opulence of its Macau resorts. The company caters to a high-end clientele, providing exclusive online promotions, loyalty rewards, and personalized customer service. An interesting fact about MGM China is its pioneering efforts in sustainable casino operations, leading the industry in environmental and social responsibility initiatives in the region.

1. What are the main types of online gambling services offered by these companies?

Most of the companies mentioned in the article offer a variety of online gambling services, including sports betting, casino games such as slots and table games, poker, and lottery-style games. Some, like Evolution Gaming, specialize in live dealer games which provide an interactive and immersive casino experience. Companies like DraftKings initially focused on fantasy sports but have since expanded to include sports betting and casino games.

2. How do these companies promote responsible gambling?

Many of the top online gambling companies are committed to promoting responsible gambling. They employ advanced technologies to monitor player behaviors and offer tools that help manage gambling habits. For example, Entain uses predictive tools that provide feedback to players about their gaming behavior, while Française des Jeux has incorporated blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of game outcomes. These measures are designed to prevent gambling-related harms and provide a safe environment for players.

3. Which companies are expanding their services globally, and what challenges do they face?

Several companies like Flutter Entertainment and Entain are actively expanding their services globally, targeting markets in Europe, Australia, and parts of North America. These expansions come with challenges, including varying regulatory environments across different countries, which require the companies to adapt their offerings to meet local legal requirements. Additionally, cultural differences in gambling habits and preferences also pose a challenge in offering localized and appealing services to a global audience.

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