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STS Holding S.A.: New Horizons and Strategic Changes

04 Jun, 2024
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Reviewed by
Aigerim Ercik
Aigerim Ercik
STS Holding S.A.: New Horizons and Strategic Changes

STS Holding S.A. is the leading company in the sports betting sector, holding a dominant position in the Polish market. Established over two decades ago, STS Holding has built a reputation as a pioneer in the gaming and sports betting industry. Since its inception, the company has consistently expanded its services, integrating the latest technologies and strategies to attract customers and ensure a high level of service.

Founded in 1997, STS Holding S.A. has grown to become the largest sports betting operator in Poland, controlling over 50% of the market. The company offers a wide range of services, including sports betting, casino games, and virtual sports. Through its innovative platform and customer-centric approach, STS has gained the trust of millions of users not only in Poland but also internationally.

Significance of Recent Events and Changes

Recent events have marked a turning point in the company’s history, significantly impacting its future development and strategic direction. In 2023, STS Holding was acquired by the international corporation Entain for $946 million, opening new horizons for the company and providing access to the global gaming market. This acquisition allows STS to integrate advanced technologies and best practices used by Entain, enhancing the company’s competitive advantages in the market.

Changes in the company’s leadership also play a crucial role in its future development. The appointment of Radim Haluza as CEO marks a new chapter for STS, as he will oversee the integration and synergy between STS and Entain CEE, ensuring stable and sustainable growth for the company. Mateusz Juroszek, the former CEO, remains with the company as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, ensuring continuity in strategic management and the achievement of long-term goals.

The launch of a new investment arm demonstrates the company’s ambition to diversify its assets and secure steady revenue growth. Investments in technology, e-commerce, and real estate are aimed at creating a sustainable and profitable asset portfolio, strengthening STS’s financial stability.

These changes and strategic initiatives highlight the importance of adaptation and innovation in today’s competitive environment. They enable STS Holding S.A. to not only maintain its leading market position but also to expand its influence by leveraging new growth opportunities.

Acquisition of STS Holding S.A. by Entain

In 2023, Entain, a global leader in sports betting and gaming, finalized the acquisition of STS Holding S.A. for $946 million. This strategic move is part of Entain’s broader plan to consolidate its presence in the European market. The acquisition underscores Entain’s commitment to expanding its portfolio and leveraging STS’s strong market position in Poland.

The acquisition of STS Holding by Entain is aimed at bolstering Entain’s footprint in Europe, particularly in Poland, where STS has a dominant market share. This strategic move allows Entain to capitalize on STS’s extensive customer base and well-established brand reputation. By integrating STS’s operations, Entain seeks to enhance its service offerings and operational efficiencies through the application of advanced technologies and shared expertise.

The objectives of this acquisition include:

  • Market Expansion: Strengthening Entain’s market presence in Central and Eastern Europe, with a focus on Poland.
  • Technological Integration: Implementing Entain’s advanced betting technologies and platforms to improve user experience and operational performance.
  • Revenue Growth: Leveraging STS’s market position to drive revenue growth and profitability through cross-selling opportunities and increased market penetration.

Impact on STS Shares and De-listing Process

Following the acquisition announcement, Entain initiated a tender offer to acquire STS shares from existing shareholders. This tender offer was overwhelmingly successful, with Entain acquiring approximately 99.3% of the total issued share capital of STS. The high acceptance rate facilitated a smooth transition of ownership and set the stage for the next phase of strategic integration.

As part of the acquisition process, Entain has begun the de-listing procedure for STS shares from the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The de-listing is a crucial step to streamline the operational integration and align STS’s corporate governance with Entain’s global standards. This process involves:

  • Regulatory Approval: Obtaining necessary approvals from Polish financial regulators to remove STS shares from public trading.
  • Shareholder Communication: Ensuring transparent communication with STS shareholders about the de-listing timeline and procedures.
  • Operational Integration: Consolidating STS’s operations under Entain’s management to achieve seamless business continuity and strategic alignment.

The acquisition and subsequent de-listing signify a transformative period for STS, as it becomes an integral part of Entain’s expansive global operations. This strategic alignment is expected to unlock significant synergies and drive long-term growth for both entities.

Leadership Changes

In December 2023, STS Holding S.A. announced the appointment of Radim Haluza as the new CEO. Radim Haluza, who also serves as CEO of Entain CEE, brings extensive experience and a proven track record in the gaming and betting industry. His dual role is expected to foster a closer integration between STS and Entain, leveraging synergies to drive growth and innovation. Haluza’s leadership is seen as a strategic move to align STS’s operations with Entain’s global standards and strategic vision, ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving market.

Following the leadership transition, Mateusz Juroszek, the former CEO of STS, has taken on the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He has been appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Entain CEE. In these roles, Juroszek continues to play a pivotal part in shaping the strategic direction of STS and Entain CEE. His deep understanding of the Polish betting market and his visionary approach have been instrumental in the company’s success. As Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Juroszek focuses on overseeing the implementation of strategic initiatives and ensuring that the company adheres to its long-term goals.

Mateusz Juroszek has outlined several strategic goals and structural changes for STS in light of its integration with Entain. His comments highlight a focus on maintaining the company’s market leadership in Poland while exploring opportunities for expansion in Central and Eastern Europe. Juroszek emphasizes the importance of leveraging Entain’s technological capabilities and operational expertise to enhance STS’s service offerings and customer experience.

Key strategic goals include:

  • Technological Innovation: Integrating advanced betting technologies and platforms from Entain to provide a superior betting experience for customers.
  • Market Expansion: Exploring new markets in Central and Eastern Europe to drive growth and diversify revenue streams.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations to achieve cost efficiencies and improve overall performance.
  • Customer Focus: Enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction through personalized services and innovative products.

Juroszek’s vision is to build on STS’s strong foundation and accelerate its growth trajectory by harnessing the strengths of both STS and Entain. His leadership in the Supervisory Board ensures continuity and strategic oversight, while the operational management under Radim Haluza focuses on day-to-day execution and innovation.

These leadership changes and strategic initiatives underscore STS’s commitment to maintaining its competitive edge and delivering value to its stakeholders in a dynamic market environment.

Launch of Investment Arm

STS Holding S.A. has unveiled a new strategic initiative to launch an investment arm, leveraging funds raised from its initial public offering (IPO) and other financial sources. This move is designed to diversify the company’s revenue streams and capitalize on high-growth opportunities outside the traditional sports betting market. By establishing this investment division, STS aims to create a robust portfolio that will support long-term financial stability and growth.

The investment arm will focus on three primary sectors: technology, e-commerce, and real estate. These sectors have been identified for their significant growth potential and ability to generate substantial returns.

  • Technology: Investments will target innovative startups and established companies within the tech industry, particularly those involved in developing new gaming technologies, artificial intelligence, and data analytics platforms. This will not only provide high returns but also offer strategic synergies with STS’s core business.
  • E-commerce: The e-commerce sector presents lucrative opportunities due to its rapid expansion and increasing consumer adoption. Investments will be made in leading e-commerce platforms and related services that have shown resilience and growth potential, aiming to capitalize on the ongoing digital transformation.
  • Real Estate: STS plans to invest in high-value real estate projects, focusing on properties that offer both high yields and capital appreciation. This includes commercial properties, residential developments, and mixed-use projects in prime locations.

Expected Outcomes and Implementation Timeline

The investment strategy is projected to yield significant returns over the next five years. STS anticipates that the diversified portfolio will enhance financial stability and provide a buffer against market volatility. The strategy involves a phased approach, with initial investments targeting established high-growth companies to secure early returns, followed by gradual diversification into emerging markets and innovative startups.

Role of IPO and Other Financing Sources

The successful IPO of STS Holding has provided substantial capital to fuel this investment initiative. The funds raised through the IPO, amounting to approximately 1.08 billion zloty ($266 million), will be the primary source of financing for the investment arm. Ongoing revenues from STS’s core operations and potential future financial instruments, such as bond issuances or secondary public offerings, will support sustained investment activities.

The IPO has not only provided the necessary capital but also increased the company’s visibility and credibility in the financial markets. This enhanced profile will aid in attracting additional investments and partnerships, further bolstering the investment arm’s capabilities.

These strategic investments are expected to position STS Holding as a major player not only in the sports betting industry but also in the broader market, leveraging its financial strength and market knowledge to drive long-term growth and shareholder value.

Approval by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

In early 2024, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA) approved the delisting of STS Holding S.A. shares from the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE). This regulatory approval is a significant step in integrating STS under the ownership of Entain. The delisting process involves notifying the market, settling transactions, and ensuring regulatory compliance to transition STS from a publicly traded entity to a private company.

Consequences for Shareholders

The delisting has several implications for shareholders:

  1. Liquidity Impact:
    • They will no longer trade shares on the public market and must sell during the delisting process or hold shares privately.
  2. Valuation and Exit Strategy:
    • The delisting offer includes a buyout at a set price, providing an exit strategy based on current market value plus a premium.
  3. Corporate Governance and Transparency:
    • Post-delisting, there will be reduced public disclosure requirements, offering less visibility into company operations.
  4. Strategic Benefits:
    • Potential long-term growth benefits from integration with Entain, leveraging synergies and operational efficiencies.


The recent strategic changes at STS Holding S.A., particularly its acquisition by Entain and subsequent delisting from the Warsaw Stock Exchange, mark a pivotal transformation for the company. These developments are poised to significantly impact STS’s future, providing both opportunities and challenges.

The acquisition by Entain offers STS substantial strategic advantages. By becoming part of Entain’s global portfolio, STS gains access to cutting-edge technologies and enhanced operational efficiencies. This integration is expected to strengthen STS’s market presence and service offerings, leveraging Entain’s expertise to drive growth and innovation. Entain’s support will facilitate STS’s expansion into new markets in Central and Eastern Europe, potentially increasing its market share and revenue streams.

The strategic direction set by the new management under Entain’s guidance appears promising. By addressing integration challenges and regulatory requirements, STS is poised to realize its growth potential and achieve new heights in the competitive landscape.

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