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Sony Group Corp: FY 2022 Review & Strategic Developments

02 Jul, 2024
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Reviewed by
Aigerim Ercik
Aigerim Ercik
Sony Group Corp: FY 2022 Review & Strategic Developments

Sony Group Corporation (SGC), a Japanese multinational conglomerate founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka, has consistently evolved its business operations across diverse segments, including electronics, entertainment, semiconductors, and financial services. The fiscal year 2022 report reveals significant growth, strategic acquisitions, and expansion into emerging markets, particularly in digital assets and Web3 technologies.

Company Strategy

Sony’s strategy is deeply rooted in long-term perspectives, aiming to achieve sustainable growth through innovation and market expansion. Key elements of the strategy include:

  1. Management from a Long-Term Perspective: Sony focuses on expanding its business from a sound foundation to include electronics, entertainment, and semiconductors. The life insurance business within the Financial Services segment, initiated in 1979, exemplifies this long-term vision.
  2. Defining Sony’s Purpose and Reorganizing Group Architecture: In 2019, Sony redefined its Purpose with Kando (emotional response) as a keyword and restructured its Group architecture in 2020 to foster synergy between electronics and entertainment.
  3. Enhancement of Creativity: Sony aims to strengthen its creative processes across content and technology, striving to be the brand of choice for creators globally.
  4. Expansion of Kando Space: Leveraging VR and AI, Sony seeks to expand its influence from real to virtual and mobility spaces.
  5. Progress on the Fourth Mid-Range Plan: Sony expects a cumulative adjusted EBITDA of 5 trillion yen for the three-year mid-range plan, surpassing the target of 4.3 trillion yen.
  6. Growth Strategies for Each Business Segment: Specific strategies focus on increasing active users in the G&NS segment, outpacing market growth in the Music segment, maximizing IP value in the Pictures segment, and strengthening the No. 1 position in image sensors within the Imaging & Sensing Solutions segment.
  7. Continuous Evolution of Businesses and People Diversity: Sony promotes knowledge-sharing and activities beyond boundaries to achieve further growth and enhance long-term value across the Group.

Financial Performance in FY22

In FY22, Sony’s revenue totaled 11,539,837 million JPY, marking a 16.31% increase from FY21’s 9,921,513 million JPY. The revenue breakdown by segments is as follows:

  • Game & Network Services (G&NS): 31.08%, 3,664,598 million JPY
  • Music: 11.77%, 1,380,632 million JPY
  • Pictures: 11.68%, 1,369,422 million JPY
  • Entertainment, Technology & Services (ET&S): 21.11%, 2,476,025 million JPY
  • Imaging & Sensing Solutions (I&SS): 11.96%, 1,402,187 million JPY
  • Financial Services: 12.40%, 1,454,546 million JPY
  • All Other: 0.76%, 87,623 million JPY

The sales per region distribution was:

  • United States: 29.48%, 3,401,402 million JPY
  • Japan: 23.33%, 2,691,972 million JPY
  • Europe: 18.98%, 2,190,311 million JPY
  • Asia-Pacific: 13.55%, 1,563,414 million JPY
  • China: 7.41%, 855,437 million JPY
  • Other Areas: 7.25%, 837,301 million JPY

Total Equity as of March 2023 was 7,288,322 million JPY, up 1.27% from March 2022.

Key Acquisitions and Developments

Sony’s strategic acquisitions and market entries in FY22 and beyond include:

  • Acquisition of Bungie, Inc.: On July 15, 2022, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC acquired 100% of Bungie, Inc. for 510,459 million JPY, enhancing its Game & Network Services segment.
  • Entry into Crypto Exchange via S.BLOX: In July 2024, Sony entered the crypto exchange market through S.BLOX (formerly Amber Japan Co Ltd), acquired in August 2023. This move aligns with Sony’s increasing exposure to digital assets and Web3 technologies.

Challenges and Criticisms

Sony has faced several challenges and criticisms:

  • Chinese Market Criticism: Launching new products during sensitive historical anniversaries has drawn criticism for offending national pride in China.
  • Discount Policies and Developer Relations: Indie game developers criticized Sony for poor communication and monetization options in 2021.
  • Financial Scandal: In 2021, an employee of Sony Life Insurance Co. stole 154 million USD, converting it into bitcoins.
  • Workplace Misconduct: A 2021 scandal led to the dismissal of Denis Handlin, CEO of Sony Music Australia, due to bullying and discrimination.
  • Lawsuit in the UK: In 2022, Sony faced a lawsuit from 9 million UK PlayStation Store users over alleged market abuse.
  • Price Increases for PS Plus: The fall of 2023 saw backlash over price hikes for the PS Plus service.
  • Account Linking Requirement: Sony faced criticism in May 2024 for requiring PlayStation Network accounts to be linked with Steam accounts for PC game releases like Ghost of Tsushima and Helldivers 2.

Market Forecast and Analyst Sentiment

Analysts covering Sony Group have updated their forecasts for FY25, expecting revenues of JP¥13 trillion, a 3.8% decrease from the previous year, with statutory earnings per share predicted to rise 3.0% to JP¥819. Despite a slight revenue decline, the consensus price target remains at JP¥16,445, reflecting stable market sentiment.


Sony Group Corporation’s fiscal year 2022 showcased robust financial performance, strategic acquisitions, and expansion into new markets, particularly in digital assets and Web3. Despite facing several challenges and criticisms, Sony’s long-term strategy and diverse business operations position it for continued growth and innovation in the coming years.

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