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DATA40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.
D40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.

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Brand Community: What It Is & How to Build One

11 Nov, 2022
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Brand Community

Blockchain technologies are a relatively recent invention, so many do not yet fully understand how they work. To get a better sense of various projects, people form crypto communities where individuals can learn about new products, discuss their pros and cons, or ask questions. For the harmonious development of your NFT project, you need to attract such a group and make it interested in what you have to offer.

What is the best place for starting a community?

Creating NFT communities is worthwhile on websites loyal to the crypto industry or designed to fit its needs. The most suitable social media are Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and the Bitcointalk forum. Each of them has a set of distinguishing traits.

Twitter is a dynamic social media platform, ideal for promoting NFT collections. Its main feature is that every post, or “tweet,” is limited to 140 characters. This is not enough to present meaningful analytics, but is perfect for breaking news, contests, and announcements, such as NFT collection samples, giveaways, or future release dates.

Telegram is a nice quiet place for discussing projects of interest. Communities here can be both private and public, making the app an ideal environment for sharing exciting and valuable information.

Reddit is another top-rated social media network, popular with crypto enthusiasts. It is well-suited for getting acquainted with projects, seeing what they will look like upon reaching fruition, and examining their economic component. You can publish all the analytical information here and do so in an informal style, as Reddit is frequently seen as a community of friends united by the love of crypto technology.

Discord is the perfect place to have an informal discussion about any project. Here one can find information about different NFT collections, express their opinion, ask questions, etc. Even better than that — despite the significant number of users involved in the conversation, Discord communities almost always maintain a degree of professionalism.

Bitcointalk is where you can present your project’s financial benefits, and no one will find the conversation boring or confusing. It is believed that most people join the forum to gather information and choose the best projects for investment or cooperation, and, more often than not, that rings true.

It is recommended to create pages on all the platforms listed above to attract as many users as possible to your product. However, do not expect the community to develop at an even pace on every front. The way things usually go, you will most likely garner more followers on Twitter than views on Bitcointalk.

Why create a crypto community?

The main point of an online community is to unite people around a specific topic. The more users engage in discussion, the more attention it will grab over time. Some crypto projects go as far as offering tokens to active participants and granting their holders access to a whole range of NFTs. Investors also require proof that the team is trustworthy in the form of a strong community backing their project, keeping an eye on its progress, and ultimately ensuring that the developers are not slacking off from working on their NFTs.

For example, SuperRare is a prominent community that brings various NFT projects together. The platform is very picky when it comes to artists and developers, only registering the most deserving collections. Thus, investors visiting this marketplace can be sure that all projects here are long-term and are very likely to become popular.

The larger a project’s community is, the better its chances to quickly attract investor attention, ensuring the collection’s harmonious development and immediate sales upon release.

To sum it all up, communities enable you to build a strongly interconnected network within the blockchain ecosystem.

How to get started building a community?

If you have never dealt with crypto communities, you should first subscribe to hashtags such as #NFTCommunity, #NFT, #NFTart, and #NFTcollector.

This way, you can find some existing communities, analyze their work, and understand how they function. You can also leave messages and comments. Being an active enough member, you might get in touch with a community representative to negotiate a deal that will attract additional attention to your brand.

Marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs

The NFT market is based on Ethereum, a blockchain with excellent security and smart contracts. Among the most popular sites for buying and selling NFT projects are:

  • OpenSea;
  • Rarible;
  • Nifty Gateway;
  • Foundation;
  • SuperRare.

Here you can sell digital artwork, videos, or music as non-fungible tokens. OpenSea is the most famous platform, with its subscriber numbers vastly exceeding other websites.

Top NFT artists to check out

There are numerous communities and influencers you can turn to for the most interesting NFT collections. Every one of them offer unique content, which can be convenient for crypto enthusiasts.

To learn more, check out our previous article on the top 15 individual influencers.

How to build an NFT community?

Here are some simple tips that will help you form an active NFT community:

1. Define your audience

Every NFT project is aimed at a specific audience. Tokens with the football player images can be of interest to men in almost any age group. At the same time, young girls might like NFTs with ponies and unicorns. The two audiences are rarely interchangeable.

2. Adopt a certain POV

For the community to become popular, one must have a vision for its development in advance. Consider what you want to communicate, how often you wish to make new posts, etc. Your strategy must then remain consistent to project confidence.

3. Designate communication channels

The most effective way to promote a community is via social media. People there are usually more active and enjoy communicating with others.

We have already discussed the most appropriate channels for promoting your community earlier in this article.

4. Become an inspiration

Social media tends to promote new pages, so the interest in your community might skyrocket as soon as you announce its creation. At some point soon, however, this initial growth rate will inevitably plummet. To combat this, you must constantly inspire people and organize various promotions, giveaways, or other activities to draw more attention to your project.

5. Earn trust

Investors pay more attention to projects that they consider durable and reliable. Thus, it is crucial to emphasize that you can be trusted. Of course, one cannot simply buy trust. Unless you are already a celebrity, any attempt to sell unrealistic expectations will likely lead to disappointment.

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