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Top Selling Adult Video Games: Ranked by Revenue

27 May, 2024
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Reviewed by
Aigerim Ercik
Aigerim Ercik
Top Selling Adult Video Games: Ranked by Revenue

The allure of adult-oriented (AO) video games has seen a remarkable surge in recent years. These games, often catering to a mature audience, have transcended niche markets to gain significant mainstream traction. The evolving demographics of gamers, coupled with the increasing acceptance of mature content, have contributed to the booming popularity of AO titles. This article delves into the top-selling adult video games, providing a comprehensive analysis ranked by revenue, to shed light on this intriguing sector of the gaming industry.

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Rank Game Genre Developer Publisher Platform Release date
1 Outlast 2 Survival Horror Red Barrels Red Barrels PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, GeForce Now April 25, 2017
2 House Party Adventure, Simulation Eek! Games Eek! Games LLC Microsoft Windows December 5, 2015
3 Mirror Match-3, Visual Novel KAGAMI WORKS SakuraGame, Paradise Project Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Mac operating systems November 8, 2017
4 FreshWomen Dating Sim, Visual Novel Oppai Games Oppai-Man Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac operating systems May 19, 2021
5 HuniePop 2: Double Date Puzzle, Dating Sim HuniePot HuniePot Microsoft Windows, macOS, Mac operating systems February 8, 2021
6 Hatred Shoot 'em up Destructive Creations Destructive Creations Microsoft Windows, Linux June 1, 2015
7 Treasure of Nadia Adventure, RPG NLT Media NLT Media Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Mac operating systems December 16, 2019
8 Manhunt Stealth, Survival Horror Rockstar Games Rockstar Games PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox November 19, 2003
9 The Genesis Order Puzzle, Visual Novel NLT Media NLT Media Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS September 1, 2023
10 City of Broken Dreamers Visual Novel, Adventure PhillyGames PhillyGames Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux Aug 7, 2020

Adult Games, AO Games, Porn Games

In the realm of video gaming, the terms adult games, AO games, and porn games often get tossed around, but it’s crucial to understand their distinctions. Adult games encompass a broad spectrum of content, not all of which is explicitly sexual. AO games, or Adults Only games, are a specific classification by rating boards like the ESRB, indicating content suitable only for players aged 18 and above. This category includes a variety of genres, from horror to strategy, provided they contain mature themes. Porn games, on the other hand, are explicitly designed with sexual content as their primary focus. Understanding these differences is key to navigating the complex landscape of adult gaming.

Top Selling Adult Video Games

Our ranking of the top-selling adult video games is the result of an exhaustive analysis, considering factors such as popularity, discussions on gaming forums, and, most importantly, revenue figures. By synthesizing data from various charts and sources, we’ve compiled a list that not only reflects the financial success of these titles but also their impact on the gaming community. Revenue, as a transparent metric, offers valuable insights into the market demand and player engagement with these games.

  1. Outlast 2

Developer: Red Barrels
Genre: Survival Horror
Revenue: $55,005,229

Outlast 2 has cemented its place in the annals of survival horror games, largely due to its unrelenting psychological terror and immersive first-person gameplay. Its popularity stems from the adept use of chilling atmospheres and a narrative that keeps players on the edge of their seats. The integration of realistic graphics and soundscapes further engulfs the player in a world where danger lurks around every corner. This high level of engagement, combined with the thrill of survival, has propelled its revenue to impressive heights. In Outlast 2, players assume the role of a journalist investigating a remote village, where they uncover a disturbing cult and must navigate treacherous terrains and elude relentless pursuers. Its mature rating is earned through intense violence, gore, and a series of disturbing themes that are not for the faint-hearted.

  1. House Party

Developer: Eek! Games
Genre: Adventure, Simulation
Revenue: $15,207,190

House Party’s success can be attributed to its unique blend of adult humor, engaging narrative, and interactive simulation that offers players the autonomy to shape the story through their choices. The game’s charm lies in its witty dialogues and scenarios that mimic the unpredictability of real-life social gatherings, creating a relatable yet wildly entertaining experience. The inclusion of various endings and story arcs provides a high replay value, significantly contributing to its commercial success. As players navigate through the party, they engage in conversations, solve puzzles, and make decisions that affect the outcome of the night, all wrapped in a mature package of sexual themes and language, securing its place in the adult game category.

  1. Mirror

Genre: Match-3, Visual Novel
Revenue: $8,800,114

Mirror distinguishes itself in the adult gaming market with its innovative combination of match-3 gameplay and visual novel storytelling, appealing to fans of both genres. The game’s success is driven by its captivating artwork, intricate character development, and engaging plots that keep players invested. The strategic match-3 elements add a layer of gameplay depth, while the mature narrative themes ensure it’s catered to an adult audience. Players are drawn into a fantasy realm where their success in match-3 puzzles directly influences the unfolding of the characters’ stories, intertwined with mature content and themes that define its adult classification.

  1. FreshWomen

Developer: Oppai Games
Genre: Dating Sim, Visual Novel
Revenue: $8,294,671

FreshWomen has gained significant traction within the adult gaming community for its engaging blend of dating simulation and visual novel elements, capturing the essence of college life and romance. Its popularity is driven by its deep character development, relatable scenarios, and the freedom it offers players to shape their narratives through choices. The game’s appeal is further enhanced by its vibrant visuals and a soundtrack that complements the youthful and exploratory theme. Players step into the shoes of a college freshman, navigating through new relationships, academic challenges, and personal growth, all while making decisions that influence the direction of their college experience. The adult classification comes from its mature themes, sexual content, and language, catering to an audience looking for a mature and nuanced portrayal of college dynamics.

  1. HuniePop 2: Double Date

Developer: HuniePot
Genre: Puzzle, Dating Sim
Revenue: $5,595,921

HuniePop 2: Double Date successfully builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor, combining match-3 puzzle mechanics with dating sim elements in a way that’s both engaging and novel. The game’s widespread appeal can be attributed to its challenging puzzles, humorous and often cheeky dialogue, and the depth of its dating mechanics. Players are drawn in by the game’s vibrant art style and the diversity of its character roster, each with their unique personalities and story arcs. In HuniePop 2, players embark on a tropical island adventure where they must woo a variety of characters by successfully completing match-3 puzzles, with the ultimate goal of preventing a cosmic disaster. The game earns its adult classification through explicit themes, nudity, and sexual content, making it a title strictly for mature audiences.

  1. Hatred

Developer: Destructive Creations
Genre: Shoot ’em up
Revenue: $4,075,973

Hatred stands out for its controversial approach to the shoot ’em up genre, employing a monochromatic art style and a narrative centered around a misanthropic character’s vendetta against society. The game’s notoriety stems from its unapologetic embrace of dark themes and ultra-violence, which, despite (or perhaps because of) attracting widespread criticism, contributed significantly to its commercial success. Its straightforward gameplay, combined with the intensity of its action sequences, offers a cathartic experience for fans of the genre. In Hatred, players control a protagonist on a ruthless killing spree, with the objective of causing as much destruction and chaos as possible. The game’s adult rating is a direct result of its extreme violence, gore, and the dark psychological themes it explores, positioning it as a title intended solely for a mature audience.

  1. Treasure of Nadia

Developer: NLT Media
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Revenue: $2,620,492

Treasure of Nadia has captivated a wide audience with its adventure-driven storyline and RPG elements, set against the backdrop of treasure hunting. The game’s success is largely due to its intricate narrative, puzzle-solving gameplay, and the depth of character interactions, providing a rich and immersive experience. Its visually appealing graphics and engaging soundtrack further enhance the player’s journey through mysterious jungles and ancient ruins. Players assume the role of a budding treasure hunter, following in their deceased father’s footsteps to uncover hidden secrets and treasures. The game delves into adult themes, including sexual content and mature narrative elements, earning it a place in the adult game category, appealing to those seeking a mature and adventurous gaming experience.

  1. Manhunt

Developer: Rockstar Games
Genre: Stealth, Survival Horror
Revenue: $2,200,000

Manhunt gained notoriety and popularity for its gritty realism, intense stealth gameplay, and the controversial use of violence as a core mechanic. The game’s dark atmosphere, coupled with its challenging levels, offers players a tense and immersive experience. Rockstar’s prowess in creating deeply engaging and provocative content is evident in Manhunt’s detailed environments and compelling narrative. Players navigate through various locations, using stealth to evade and eliminate adversaries in a dystopian world. The game’s adult rating stems from its graphic violence, dark themes, and the psychological intensity of its gameplay, making it a standout title for those interested in the darker, more mature side of gaming.

  1. The Genesis Order

Developer: NLT Media
Genre: Puzzle, Visual Novel
Revenue: $1,700,000

The Genesis Order’s popularity can be attributed to its engaging blend of puzzle-solving and visual novel storytelling, set in a captivating world filled with intrigue and mystery. The game’s success is driven by its compelling narrative, character-driven plotlines, and the strategic depth of its puzzles, which challenge and engage players in equal measure. Its richly detailed artwork and character design add to the immersive experience, drawing players deeper into the game’s lore. In The Genesis Order, players navigate through complex relationships and uncover ancient secrets, their choices shaping the course of the story. The game’s adult classification is due to its explicit content and mature themes, catering to an audience seeking a sophisticated and thought-provoking narrative woven with adult elements.

  1. City of Broken Dreamers

Developer: PhillyGames

Genre: Visual Novel, Adventure

Revenue: $491,988

City of Broken Dreamers has garnered attention and acclaim for its gripping narrative set in a dystopian future, blending elements of cyberpunk aesthetics with deep, character-driven storytelling. The game’s popularity is anchored in its richly developed world, intricate plot, and the moral complexities presented to the player, making each decision impactful. The high-quality visuals and atmospheric soundtrack further immerse players in the game’s dark and captivating environment. Players take on the role of a mercenary navigating the shadowy corridors of power in Los Angeles, tasked with finding a mysterious girl at the heart of a city-wide conspiracy. The adult game classification comes from its mature narrative themes, including violence and sexual content, making it a title designed for a mature audience seeking a complex story with adult undertones.

Game Features in the Adult Games

Adult games employ a variety of features that not only enhance player engagement but also significantly contribute to their commercial success. A key mechanism is the integration of mature narrative themes, as seen in “City of Broken Dreamers,” where a complex story with adult undertones captivates players. Another successful strategy is the combination of genre elements to create a unique gaming experience; for instance, “HuniePop 2: Double Date” merges match-3 puzzles with dating sim mechanics, appealing to diverse player interests and encouraging longer play sessions. Additionally, games like “Outlast 2” leverage high-quality graphics and sound design to immerse players in a more intense gaming experience, making them more likely to invest in the game. The use of decision-driven gameplay, as in “House Party,” where player choices directly influence the game’s outcome, adds a layer of personal investment, encouraging players to explore multiple playthroughs. These features not only enrich the gaming experience but also create additional revenue streams, such as through the sale of downloadable content (DLC) that expands on the original narrative or gameplay, further driving the financial success of these titles.

Advertising Adult Only (AO) games

Advertising Adult Only (AO) games presents unique challenges due to the nature of their content and the restrictions imposed by various advertising platforms, regulatory bodies, and even the gaming community at large. These restrictions can significantly influence how these games are marketed and, by extension, their sales.

Firstly, many mainstream advertising platforms have stringent policies regarding mature content. Platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, and traditional media outlets often restrict or outright ban advertisements that feature explicit sexual content, extreme violence, or themes deemed inappropriate for general audiences. This limitation means that developers and publishers of AO games must find alternative ways to market their products, often relying on niche websites, forums, and social media communities that are more receptive to adult content.

Secondly, the rating itself can be a barrier. The AO rating can limit a game’s availability on popular gaming consoles and digital distribution platforms, which have policies against hosting AO-rated content. This restriction can severely limit a game’s potential audience, as many gamers access their content through these mainstream channels. As a result, developers might opt to modify their games to receive a lower rating, potentially altering the original vision to reach a broader market.

Despite these challenges, the restrictions can also create a sense of exclusivity and underground appeal, driving interest within specific communities. Savvy marketers can leverage this by engaging directly with their target audience through platforms that allow adult content, such as certain subreddits, adult gaming forums, and specialized gaming news sites. Content marketing, such as creating engaging trailers, developer diaries, and leveraging influencer marketing within the adult gaming community, can also be effective strategies.

Moreover, word-of-mouth and community-driven promotions become crucial for AO games due to these advertising restrictions. A strong, engaged community can lead to organic growth and visibility, often compensating for the lack of traditional advertising avenues.

In summary, while the restrictions on advertising AO games pose significant challenges, they also compel marketers to be more creative and community-focused in their strategies. This can lead to a dedicated and engaged player base, which, while perhaps smaller than mainstream titles, can still drive significant sales through loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion.

1. What differentiates Adult Games, AO Games, and Porn Games?

Adult Games cover a broad range of content that is not strictly limited to sexual themes and can include mature narrative elements, complex storylines, and intense action or horror. AO (Adults Only) Games are a classification denoting games that are suitable for players aged 18 and above, often due to the inclusion of explicit content, be it violence, sexual themes, or other mature elements. Porn Games, on the other hand, are primarily focused on sexual content, designed with the explicit intent of erotic entertainment.

2. Why do Adult Video Games often have high revenue?

Adult Video Games can generate significant revenue due to a combination of factors including engaging gameplay, compelling narratives, and mature themes that resonate with an adult audience. The integration of unique game mechanics, such as the match-3 puzzles in "HuniePop 2: Double Date", combined with adult content, creates a niche yet highly dedicated player base. Additionally, high-quality production values, replayability, and the inclusion of decision-driven storylines that offer multiple outcomes, like in "House Party", enhance player engagement and contribute to their financial success.

3. Are Adult Games only about sexual content?

No, Adult Games are not solely focused on sexual content. While some games may include sexual themes as a significant aspect of gameplay or narrative, many adult games incorporate mature content that spans a wide array of themes including horror, violence, complex moral decisions, and deeply engaging stories. For example, "Outlast 2" and "Manhunt" are known for their intense horror and stealth gameplay respectively, with mature ratings attributed to their graphic violence and dark themes rather than sexual content.

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