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Best Selling Video Games of 2022: Top Releases

17 May, 2024
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Reviewed by
Aigerim Ercik
Aigerim Ercik
Best Selling Video Games of 2022: Top Releases

The year 2022 was a landmark year for the video gaming industry, marked by significant trends and events that shaped the landscape of gaming. One of the most notable trends was the continued dominance of free-to-play (F2P) games, which have increasingly become a staple in gamers’ libraries, thanks to their accessibility and engaging monetization strategies. Additionally, the rise of mobile gaming continued to accelerate, with mobile platforms hosting some of the highest-grossing games of the year. Esports also took center stage, with many games on this list being featured in major tournaments, attracting millions of viewers and further driving game sales and in-game purchases. 

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Rank Game Genre Developer Publisher Platform Release Date
1 Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) MOBA TiMi Studio Group Level Infinite, Garena Android, iOS, iPadOS, Nintendo Switch October 12, 2016
2 PUBG Battle Royale PUBG Studios Tencent / Bluehole Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 December 20, 2017
3 Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) MMORPG Neople Nexon / Tencent PC August 2005
4 Genshin Impact Action RPG miHoYo miHoYo Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, PlayStation 5 September 28, 2020
5 Candy Crush Saga Puzzle King King (Activision Blizzard) App Store, Google Play, Windows, Phone Store, Windows, macOS, Linux April 12, 2012
6 Pokémon Scarlet / Violet RPG Game Freak JP: The Pokémon Company, WW: Nintendo Nintendo Switch November 18, 2022
7 Lineage MMORPG NCSoft NCSoft Windows, Mac OS X September 3, 1998
8 Elden Ring Action RPG FromSoftware Bandai Namco Entertainment, JP: FromSoftware PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S February 25, 2022
9 Best Selling Video Games of 2020: Top Releases Roblox Game creation system, massively multiplayer online Roblox Corporation Roblox Corporation Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation 4 September 1, 2006
10 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II First-Person Shooter Infinity Ward Activision PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Windows Xbox One Xbox Series X/S October 28, 2022
11 Coin Master Casual / Strategy Moon Active Moon Active Android, iOS, iPadOS 2015
12 Pokémon Go Augmented Reality (AR) Niantic Niantic / Nintendo iOS, Android July 6, 2016
13 Three Kingdoms Tactics Strategy Qookka Games Alibaba Group / Koei Tecmo Android May 23, 2019
14 Uma Musume Pretty Derby Simulation, Idol Management Cygames, DMM Games - Asia Cygames Android, Windows, iOS February, 2021
15 Fate/Grand Order Role-playing, visual novel Delightworks (2015-2021), Lasengle (2021-present), Sega AM2 (Arcade) Android, iOS: JP: Aniplex,NA: Aniplex of America; Arcade: JP: Sega Android, iOS, iPadOS, Arcade July 30, 2015

Another significant event was the increasing collaboration between video game companies and popular brands, leading to exciting crossover events that captivated audiences worldwide. These collaborations not only introduced fresh content but also attracted a wider audience to the gaming world.

Best Selling Video Games in 2022

Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor)

  • Publisher: Tencent
  • Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
  • Revenue: $2,800,000,000

As one of the most successful games in the mobile MOBA genre, Honor of Kings has captivated players with its engaging gameplay, vast array of characters, and competitive scene. The game’s revenue is bolstered by a variety of in-game purchases, including character skins, battle passes, and other cosmetic items. Its marketing strategy focuses on creating engaging content and partnerships, such as with popular anime and TV series, which has significantly attracted a broad audience.One notable anime inspired by Honor of Kings is “Wangzhe Rongyao: Rongyao Zhi Zhang” (Honor of Kings: Chapter of Glory), which delves into the lives of heroes as they overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. This series, produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and available on Tencent Video, has been well-received by the community​. Additionally, there’s an animated series titled “Broken Moon,” which further expands the Honor of Kings universe, though specific details about its storyline and connections to the game’s lore are less clear from the available sources​


  • Publisher: Krafton / Tencent
  • Genre: Battle Royale
  • Revenue: $2,551,200,000

PUBG set the standard for the battle royale genre and continued to innovate in 2022 with new maps, modes, and partnerships. Its revenue streams from a combination of game purchases, in-game transactions, and a lucrative esports scene. The game’s advertising strategy often involves collaborations with popular franchises and celebrities, creating a buzz that draws in players.Some notable collaborations include the popular Japanese manga and anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen,” the world-renowned DJ and record producer Alan Walker, and the award-winning design firm Zaha Hadid Architects. These partnerships have brought unique content and updates to the game, enhancing the player experience​

Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO)

  • Publisher: Nexon / Tencent
  • Genre: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
  • Revenue: $2,000,000,000

DFO’s unique 2D side-scrolling action combined with traditional RPG elements has made it a standout title in the MMORPG category. The game generates revenue through a virtual item shop where players purchase equipment, cosmetics, and other enhancements. Seasonal events and continuous content updates keep the player base engaged and spending. “Level-Up, Power-Up!” was another event tailored to help players enhance their characters more efficiently, offering rewards for reaching certain adventurer fame levels and completing specific missions, further encouraging player engagement and progression within the game

Genshin Impact

  • Publisher: miHoYo
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Revenue: $1,900,000,000

Genshin Impact has taken the world by storm with its open-world adventure and gacha system. The game’s breathtaking visuals, compelling storyline, and regular updates with new characters and quests have helped maintain a strong revenue stream. Its marketing campaigns often involve interactive web events and collaborations with well-known brands, enhancing its global appeal. For example, it was collaborated with Kiehl’s, a well-known skincare brand. The details of the collaboration’s rewards or benefits were not specified, but there was anticipation for exclusive in-game cosmetics or special Kiehl’s products​

Candy Crush Saga

  • Publisher: King (Activision Blizzard)
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Revenue: $1,300,000,000

This addictive puzzle game continues to be a top earner with its simple yet challenging gameplay. Candy Crush Saga’s revenue comes from in-game purchases like extra lives and boosters. Its marketing strategy includes frequent seasonal updates and events, keeping the game fresh and encouraging players to return.

Pokémon Scarlet / Violet

  • Publisher: Nintendo / Pokémon Company
  • Genre: RPG
  • Revenue: $1,240,000,000

The latest entries in the Pokémon series have been a massive success, thanks to their innovative open-world gameplay and the introduction of new Pokémon. The games sold millions of copies worldwide, with their success amplified by extensive marketing campaigns and merchandise.In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, over 100 new Pokémon were introduced, significantly enriching the Pokémon universe with fresh characters and gameplay dynamics. Some of the new additions include the starter Pokémon Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, each bringing unique abilities and attributes to the game


  • Publis her: NCSoft
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Revenue: $1,235,000,000

Lineage has continued to captivate players with its immersive world and deep gameplay mechanics. Its revenue boost can be attributed to the game’s compelling in-game events, loyalty programs, and a strong community that fosters player engagement. The marketing strategy for Lineage often revolves around large-scale updates and expansions, which are highly anticipated by the player base and often celebrated with special in-game and real-world events.

Elden Ring

  • Publisher: Bandai Namco / FromSoftware
  • Genre: Action RPG
  • Revenue: $1,200,000,000

Elden Ring’s success can be traced to its expansive open world, intricate lore, and challenging gameplay. Its revenue has been greatly supported by initial sales and continued interest in its DLCs and merchandise. The marketing for Elden Ring included strategic teasers, celebrity endorsements, and collaborations with popular streamers and content creators, which significantly boosted its visibility and appeal.


  • Publisher: Roblox Corporation
  • Genre: Game Creation System / Platform
  • Revenue: $1,100,000,000

Roblox is more than a game; it’s a platform where players can create and share their own games. Its revenue comes from the sale of Robux, the in-game currency. Roblox’s marketing strategy leverages user-generated content. This feature is realized through Roblox Studio, a tool provided by the platform that allows players to build their own games using Roblox’s game engine. Users can script game mechanics, design environments, and create assets using this tool. These creations can then be shared and played by others within the Roblox community, allowing creators to gain recognition, engage with players, and potentially earn Robux through in-game purchases.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

  • Publisher: Activision Blizzard
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Revenue: $1,000,000,000

This installment in the Call of Duty franchise has upheld its reputation for delivering intense, cinematic-quality warfare experiences. Its revenue is heavily supported by game sales, DLCs, and in-game purchases. On the technical side, Modern Warfare II introduced significant upgrades, making it one of the most advanced Call of Duty games in history. The game boasted enhanced rendering, photogrammetry technology, and a new advanced AI system, which, together with 3D Audio and DualSense support on PlayStation 5, provided players with a highly immersive gaming experience​. The marketing for Modern Warfare II was extensive, featuring high-profile collaborations, engaging trailers, and global launch events that generated massive hype.

Coin Master

  • Publisher: Moon Active
  • Genre: Casual / Strategy
  • Revenue: $1,000,000,000

Coin Master combines elements of a slot machine with base-building strategy gameplay. Its success lies in its simple, addictive gameplay and social features that encourage player interaction. Marketing strategies include social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and regular updates that keep the game in the public eye.

Pokémon Go

  • Publisher: Niantic / Pokémon Company
  • Genre: Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Revenue: $866,000,000

Pokémon Go’s enduring popularity is a testament to its innovative use of AR and its ability to bring the Pokémon universe into the real world. Revenue is driven by in-app purchases and special events that frequently introduce new Pokémon and challenges. The game’s marketing often involves community events and partnerships with cities and brands, creating a global phenomenon. For example, Pokémon Go collaborated with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran in 2022. This unique partnership featured a special in-game performance by Ed Sheeran, accessible through the Pokémon Go app, and highlighted his new album with songs like “Perfect” and “Bad Habits.” The event also celebrated Ed’s preference for Water-type Pokémon by featuring them in the game during the collaboration period

Three Kingdoms Tactics

  • Publisher: Alibaba / Koei Tecmo
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Revenue: $835,000,000

This strategy game, based on the historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” has found success with its deep tactical gameplay and historical authenticity. Its revenue streams from in-app purchases related to unit upgrades and customization. The marketing strategy includes leveraging the rich lore of the Three Kingdoms period, appealing to fans of history and strategy games alike.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

  • Publisher: Cygames
  • Genre: Simulation / Racing
  • Revenue: $816,000,000

This unique title combines horse racing with idol simulation, where players train horse girls to win races and perform on stage. Its innovative concept, coupled with high-quality graphics and engaging content, has driven its financial success. Marketing efforts focus on multimedia promotion, including anime adaptations and music videos, which broaden its appeal beyond traditional gaming audiences.In 2022 anime adaptation was released with spin-offs like “Umayon” which aired from July to September 2020, and “Umayuru” which premiered in October 2022.

Fate/Grand Order

  • Publisher: Aniplex (Sony)
  • Genre: Role-Playing / Strategy
  • Revenue: $729,000,000

This mobile game is renowned for its complex narrative and deep character development. Its revenue is primarily generated through its gacha system, where players can summon characters from various historical and mythological backgrounds. The marketing strategy for Fate/Grand Order includes tie-ins with anime series and novels, as well as engaging social media campaigns that highlight new characters and story arcs.

Trends in the Gaming Industry in 2022

The gaming industry in 2022 witnessed significant trends shaping its future landscape. Notably, the Free-to-Play (F2P) model continued its dominance, offering gamers access to games at no initial cost but with monetization through in-game purchases. Mobile gaming’s exponential growth marked another key trend, with top titles achieving substantial revenue. Esports’ prominence surged, with major tournaments enhancing game visibility and sales. Collaborations between game developers and popular brands introduced unique content, attracting wider audiences. These trends were influenced by social and economic factors, including increased digital engagement post-pandemic and advancements in mobile technology, making gaming more accessible globally.

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