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D40 Terminal is a data platform designed for efficient data management and analysis in specific areas: GameDev, iGaming, Blockchain, Venture and related FinTech/AdTech.

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Best Selling EA Franchises: Complete List [2024]

15 Mar, 2024
Written by
Mariya Chernenko
Mariya Chernenko
Best Selling RPGs: Ultimate List Ranked by Revenue [2024]

Electronic Arts (EA) is recognized as a titan in the gaming industry, with a legacy that stretches back to its founding in 1982. As a publisher and developer, EA has been at the forefront of video game innovation, bringing to market a wide array of games that span across various genres, including sports, simulation, action, and role-playing games. EA’s success can be attributed to its ability to consistently produce high-quality games, its strategic acquisitions of talented development studios, and its foresight in embracing new gaming platforms and technologies.

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Rank Game Genre Developer Publisher Platform Release Date Sales
1 FIFA EA Sports FIFA Sports Electronic Arts, EA Sports Nexon, Electronic Arts, EA Sports playStation, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Java Platform, Micro Edition, Android, Xbox 360, Xbox, Xbox One, Google Stadia 1993–2022 >325M Units
2 The Sims Life Simulation Electronic Arts, Maxis, The Sims Studio Electronic Arts, Aspyr, EA Mobile Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Java ME, BlackBerry OS, Bada, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Windows Phone February 4, 2000 >200M Units
3 NFS Need for Speed Racing Electronic Arts, Criterion Software Electronic Arts, Tencent, Nexon, Atari, Konami 3DO, Android, Game Boy Advance, iOS, Kindle Fire, Mac OS X Windows Mobile game MS-DOS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo DS GameCube Nintendo Switch OS X PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 PlayStation Portable PlayStation Vita Saturn Wii Wii U Windows Mobile Windows Phone Xbox Xbox 360 December 2, 1994 >150M Units
4 Madden Madden NFL Sports Electronic Arts, EA Sports Electronic Arts, EA Sports Windows, macOS, MS-DOS, PlayStation, PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Saturn, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One June 1, 1988 >130M Units
5 APEX APEX Legends Battle Royale Electronic Arts Electronic Arts PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS February 4, 2019 Free-to-Play (Monetized through microtransactions and loot boxes)
6 Battlefield Battlefield FPS Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS September 10, 2002 88.7M Units
7 Bejeweled Bejeweled Puzzle PopCap Games PopCap Games, Electronic Arts Windows, macOS, Flash, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry 10, Java ME, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox, Facebook May 30, 2001 >10M Units
8 Medal of Honor Medal of Honor FPS Electronic Arts Electronic Arts Game Boy Advance, MacOS, Windows, GameCube, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360 October 31, 1999 >39M Units
9 Command & Conquer Command & Conquer Real-Time Strategy EA Redwood Studios Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Sega, Nintendo Mac OS, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, PC (MS-DOS, Windows), Sega Saturn,[2] Xbox 360, Android, iOS September 1995 >3M Units
10 Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars: Battlefront Third-Person Shooter, FPS Pandemic Studios LucasArts Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mac OS X, Mobile phone September 21, 2004 >50M Units

Best Selling EA Franchises



Release Date: The franchise began in December 1993 with “FIFA International Soccer.”

Genre: Sports (Soccer/Football Simulation)

With over 325 million units sold, the FIFA series stands as the best-selling sports video. Developed and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label, the FIFA series is celebrated for its authentic gameplay, comprehensive licensing of leagues, teams, and players globally, and advanced graphics. It has captivated a broad audience, offering immersive single-player and multiplayer experiences, including the highly favored Ultimate Team mode. The series’ commitment to yearly updates ensures the latest team rosters, refined gameplay mechanics, and innovative features, securing its place as a cornerstone in the gaming world for soccer fans. The success of the FIFA franchise is not merely in its sales but also in how it has evolved with the times, incorporating cutting-edge technology and responding to the community’s feedback to improve each installment. The introduction of features such as realistic player physics, dynamic weather systems, and emotionally intelligent virtual players has set new standards in the sports gaming genre. Moreover, FIFA’s extensive soundtrack, featuring a mix of global music talents, has become a hallmark of the series, further enriching the gaming experience. In addition to its entertainment value, the FIFA series has also been used as an educational tool, introducing the sport to new fans and providing a deeper understanding of soccer’s complexities and strategies. This blend of entertainment, community, and education has ensured that FIFA remains more than just a game; it’s a cultural phenomenon that connects people across the world through their shared love of soccer.

2. The Sims

The Sims

Release Date: The original game, “The Sims,” was launched in February 2000.

Genre: Life Simulation

The Sims series, another iconic franchise under the EA umbrella, has achieved remarkable success with over 200 million units sold worldwide. The Sims is a life simulation game series that allows players to create and control virtual people, known as Sims, and build and design their homes and lives. Unlike traditional game narratives, The Sims offers an open-ended gameplay experience, giving players the freedom to craft stories and scenarios based on their choices and creativity. This groundbreaking concept has led to the series’ widespread acclaim, making it one of the best-selling video game series of all time. Through its numerous expansions, sequels, and spin-offs, The Sims has continually evolved, introducing new gameplay mechanics, themes, and content that reflect and adapt to changing social and cultural trends, further solidifying its place in the hearts of gamers around the globe. One of the key factors in The Sims’ enduring popularity is its extensive customization options. Players can personalize almost every aspect of their Sims’ lives, from their appearance and personality traits to the layout and decor of their homes. This level of personalization, combined with the game’s sandbox nature, ensures that no two playthroughs are the same, offering endless replayability. The Sims series has also been notable for its inclusive representation of diverse lifestyles, relationships, and family structures. Over the years, it has introduced features that allow players to explore various life experiences, making it a progressive and reflective game of real-world diversity.

3. Need For Speed

Need For Speed

Release Date: The inaugural title, “The Need for Speed,” was released in August 1994.

Genre: Racing

The Need for Speed franchise has raced to impressive heights with over 150 million units sold, establishing it as a powerhouse in the racing game genre. Renowned for its thrilling high-speed races, exotic cars, and immersive environments, the Need for Speed series offers players the excitement of illegal street racing combined with the pursuit of evading law enforcement. Over the years, the franchise has evolved, incorporating various gameplay styles, including arcade racing, simulation, and open-world exploration. This adaptability has allowed the series to stay fresh and relevant, continually attracting new fans while retaining its core audience. Each installment brings innovative features, such as car customization, dynamic weather effects, and intricate storylines, further enhancing the gaming experience. The Need for Speed franchise’s ability to blend intense racing mechanics with compelling narratives and cutting-edge graphics has solidified its status as one of the most beloved and enduring series in video game history.

4. Madden NFL

Madden NFL

Release Date: The franchise kicked off in June 1988 with the release of “John Madden Football.”

Genre: Sports (American Football Simulation)

The Madden NFL series has scored big with sports gaming enthusiasts, boasting sales of over 130 million units, a testament to its enduring popularity and significance in the sports simulation genre. As the definitive American football video game series, Madden NFL offers players an immersive and realistic gridiron experience. It features detailed representations of NFL teams, players, and stadiums, along with complex playbooks and strategies that mirror the real-life sport. The series is acclaimed for its deep gameplay mechanics, including player management, team-building in franchise mode, and real-time on-field control of players. Madden NFL’s annual releases are highly anticipated events, each installment bringing updated rosters, improved graphics, and new features that enhance the authenticity and depth of the football simulation. The franchise’s impact extends beyond gaming, influencing both fans’ understanding of football and players’ and coaches’ engagement with the sport, solidifying Madden NFL as a cultural cornerstone in the realm of sports gaming.

5. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Release Date: The game was launched unexpectedly in February 2019.

Genre: Battle Royale / First-Person Shooter

Apex Legends has made a significant mark in the battle royale genre, with a player base that has surpassed 70 million players worldwide. It illustrates its widespread appeal and competitive edge in the multiplayer gaming landscape. Set in the same universe as the Titanfall series, Apex Legends combines fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay with the strategic elements of battle royale games. Players form squads of three and select from a diverse roster of characters, each with unique abilities, to compete against other teams on an ever-shrinking map. The game is praised for its innovative communication system, allowing players to coordinate with teammates effectively without the need for voice chat. Apex Legends also introduces a revival system, giving teams a chance to bring back fallen members, adding a layer of strategy to the intense combat. With its dynamic gameplay, strong emphasis on teamwork, and continuous updates that introduce new characters, weapons, and seasonal content, Apex Legends continues to grow and evolve, keeping its community engaged and attracting new players.

6. Battlefield


Release Date: The series debuted with “Battlefield 1942” in September 2002.

Genre: First-Person Shooter

The Battlefield franchise has successfully secured its position in the first-person shooter genre, amassing sales of over 60 million units. This achievement reflects the series’ broad appeal and its ability to consistently deliver engaging and dynamic multiplayer combat experiences. Battlefield is renowned for its large-scale battles, allowing players to engage in combat across extensive maps that can accommodate numerous players simultaneously. The series distinguishes itself with a focus on teamwork and strategy, incorporating a wide variety of military vehicles, aircraft, and naval vessels into the gameplay, alongside the traditional infantry roles. Each installment explores different historical and futuristic settings, offering diverse combat scenarios and environments. The franchise is praised for its realistic graphics, destructible environments, and the depth of its multiplayer gameplay, which includes class-based roles and objective-focused modes. Battlefield’s commitment to creating immersive and expansive warfare experiences has cemented its status as a staple of the FPS genre, continually drawing in veterans and newcomers to the series.

7. Bejeweled


Release Date: The original “Bejeweled” was released in May 2001.

Genre: Puzzle

The Bejeweled series has sparkled in the casual gaming market, with sales and downloads surpassing 50 million units. Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle game that has become synonymous with the casual gaming phenomenon. Players swap adjacent gems to form horizontal or vertical chains of three or more gems of the same color, causing them to disappear and new gems to fall into place. The game is known for its simple yet captivating mechanics, vibrant graphics, and satisfying sound effects. Over the years, the Bejeweled series has expanded to include several variations and sequels, each introducing new modes, challenges, and special gems that add depth and strategy to the core gameplay. Its accessibility and quick-to-learn nature have made Bejeweled a favorite among a broad audience, from casual players looking for a quick diversion to dedicated fans aiming for high scores. The enduring popularity of Bejeweled is a testament to its status as a pioneer in the casual puzzle game genre, continuing to entertain millions of players around the world.

8. Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Release Date: The franchise made its debut with the original “Medal of Honor” in October 1999.

Genre: First-Person Shooter

The Medal of Honor series has distinguished itself within the military shooter genre, achieving sales of over 39 million units. This accomplishment underscores the franchise’s significant impact and its role in shaping the early landscape of first-person shooter games focused on wartime narratives. Medal of Honor is a series of first-person shooters that primarily focus on the World War II era, immersing players in historically inspired missions that pay tribute to the valor and sacrifices of soldiers. The series is known for its authentic depiction of wartime environments, intense combat, and adherence to historical events and figures. By offering a mix of stealth, action, and narrative-driven missions, Medal of Honor provides a cinematic gaming experience that captures the heroism and brutality of war. Over time, the series expanded its scope to include modern warfare settings, aiming to adapt to the evolving tastes of gamers while maintaining its core emphasis on heroism and historical reverence. The Medal of Honor franchise has earned praise for its engaging single-player campaigns, atmospheric settings, and respectful portrayal of military conflicts, solidifying its legacy in the realm of military-themed video games.

9. Command & Conquer

Command & Conquer

Release Date: The series was launched with the original “Command & Conquer” in September 1995.

Genre: Real-Time Strategy

The Command & Conquer series has carved out a significant niche in the real-time strategy (RTS) game market, with cumulative sales reaching 30 million units. This figure highlights the franchise’s enduring popularity and its pivotal role in defining and popularizing the RTS genre. Command & Conquer is celebrated for its innovative gameplay, which combines base building, resource management, and tactical combat in a real-time setting. Set in various speculative fiction universes, the series is known for its engaging storylines, memorable characters, and a clear distinction between unique factions, each offering a different playstyle. The franchise has introduced a number of groundbreaking features over the years, such as a context-sensitive mouse cursor and live-action video cutscenes, which have contributed to its deep narrative immersion and strategic depth. Command & Conquer balance of accessible gameplay for newcomers and complex strategy for veterans has made it a cornerstone of the RTS genre, influencing countless other titles and maintaining a loyal fan base dedicated to both its classic and modern iterations.

10. Star Wars Battlefront 

Star Wars Battlefront

Release Date: The series was revitalized with a new entry in November 2015, developed by DICE.

Genre: Action/Shooter

The Star Wars Battlefront series has achieved notable success, with sales reaching 35 million units, showcasing its strong appeal among fans of the Star Wars universe and multiplayer shooters. Set in the iconic Star Wars universe, the Battlefront series allows players to engage in large-scale battles on various planets from the beloved franchise. Players can step into the roles of soldiers from different eras of the Star Wars saga, as well as iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and more. The games are known for their immersive multiplayer experiences, offering a variety of modes that cater to both casual and competitive players. With stunning visuals, authentic sound design, and environments that faithfully recreate the look and feel of the Star Wars universe, the Battlefront series offers an engaging and accessible entry point into the epic space saga’s battles, appealing to both gamers and Star Wars fans alike.

The EA Franchises that Got Cancelled

Determining which Electronic Arts (EA) franchises will not have a continuation can be challenging due to the dynamic nature of the video game industry. However, as of my last update, here are some EA franchises that, based on their current status or lack of recent activity, seem unlikely to receive future installments:

  1. Command & Conquer
    • The franchise experienced a notable cancellation with “Command & Conquer: Generals 2,” which was repurposed into a free-to-play game, “Command & Conquer,” before ultimately being cancelled in 2013.
  2. Star Wars: Battlefront
    • A third installment in the original “Star Wars: Battlefront” series was in development but got cancelled. EA later revived the franchise with its own version of “Star Wars: Battlefront” in 2015.
  3. SimCity
    • After the problematic launch of “SimCity” in 2013 and the eventual closure of Maxis Emeryville, the future of the “SimCity” franchise became uncertain, with no new titles announced.
  4. Project Ragtag
    • A Star Wars action-adventure game developed by Visceral Games under the code name “Project Ragtag” was cancelled when EA shut down the studio in 2017.
  5. The Sims Online
    • While not a complete cancellation of the franchise, “The Sims Online” was a significant departure that ultimately did not succeed, leading to its closure and rebranding as “EA Land,” which also eventually shut down.
  6. Medal of Honor
    • The “Medal of Honor” series has been put on indefinite hold following the poor reception of “Medal of Honor: Warfighter,” with no new titles announced, effectively cancelling the continuation of the series.
  7. NBA Live
    • The “NBA Live” series has faced multiple cancellations and delays, with several iterations, such as “NBA Live 21,” being cancelled as EA struggled to compete with 2K Sports’ “NBA 2K” series.

It’s important to note that the video game industry is prone to changes, and dormant franchises can be revived if there is enough interest from both the publisher and the gaming community.


What's EA's Biggest Hit?

FIFA stands as EA's biggest hit, raking in over $4 billion a year. This includes sales from the traditional game and the ongoing "FIFA Ultimate Team" service. The latest game, which would typically be named "FIFA 24," has been rebranded to "EA Sports FC 24" and is set to launch soon.

Which EA Games Got the Axe?

EA has also pulled the plug on several other projects, including mobile games like F1 Mobile Racing, MLB Tap Sports, and The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth. There's buzz that even a leaked Star Wars Mandalorian game has been shelved.

Why Did EA Drop NBA Games?

The fall of the NBA Live series comes down to budget. 2K's NBA games had more funding, which they invested in better graphics and gameplay. As 2K's versions sold more and gained popularity, they overshadowed NBA Live, leading to its decline.

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