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Best Gambling Instagram Accounts: Up-to-Date Stats [June, 2024]

19 Jun, 2024
Written by
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Elizaveta Latinskaya
Reviewed by
Aigerim Ercik
Aigerim Ercik
Best Gambling Instagram Accounts: Up-to-Date Stats [June, 2024]

In the vibrant world of social media, Instagram has become a powerhouse platform for influencers across various niches, including gambling. With a blend of entertainment, tips, and promotional content, these accounts captivate millions of followers. This article delves into some of the best gambling Instagram accounts, their statistics as of March 2024, and why they are must-follows for gambling enthusiasts.

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Rank Influencer Followers Average Likes Average Comments ER
1 Bleacherreport 22,3 m 118,596 1,281 0,53 %
2 Funnyhoodvidz Funnyhoodvidz 15,4 m 43,773.10 380.63 0,29 %
3 Egorkreed Egorkreed 14,6 m 153,076.00 1,227.94 1,05 %
4 Loud_victor Loud_victor 13,3 m 1,017,920.00 4,358.50 7,59 %
5 Jonvlogs Jonvlogs 10 m 423,605.00 4,060.19 4,18 %
6 Rodrigofee2 Rodrigofee2 4,6 m 146,593.00 5,255.50 3,26 %
7 Piuzinholl Piuzinholl 3,7 m 178,655.00 2,382.44 4,79 %
8 3,1 m 153,414.00 759.50 4,88 %
9 Rachaxp Rachaxp 2 m 76,008.20 508.62 3,77 %
10 Evtushenko_dima Evtushenko_dima 1,6 m 29,097.10 668.94 1,77 %

Top Gambling Instagram Accounts

  1. Bleacherreport

Followers: 22.3 million
Bleacher Report, founded by Bryan Goldberg, Dave Nemetz, and Dave Finocchio, is a premier destination for sports news, analysis, and highlights. The Instagram account features a mix of sports content, including the best free picks, game highlights, and expert opinions. As one of the best sports bettors to follow on Instagram, they collaborate with various betting companies, including DraftKings and FanDuel.

  1. Funnyhoodvidz

Followers: 15.4 million
Known for its humorous and viral content, Funnyhoodvidz entertains its followers with a mix of memes, funny videos, and betting-related content. Although the account primarily focuses on comedy, it often features content related to sports betting and gambling promotions, partnering with betting brands like Bet365. This makes it one of the popular gambling accounts to follow.

  1. Egorkreed

Followers: 14.6 million
Egor Kreed, a Russian singer and rapper, has a diverse Instagram presence that includes music, lifestyle, and gambling content. He collaborates with Stake, a well-known cryptocurrency betting platform, sharing his betting experiences and promoting various betting opportunities. Egorkreed is among the best sports bettors to follow for those interested in gambling influencers.

  1. Loud_victor

Followers: 13.3 million
Victor is a multifaceted influencer known for his engaging content across sports and gaming. His betting account frequently features the best free picks, predictions, and collaborations with leading gambling brands. His charismatic personality and deep knowledge of sports make him a popular figure among betting enthusiasts and one of the best sports bettors to follow.

  1. Jonvlogs

Followers: 10 million
Jon Vlogs, a Brazilian YouTuber and social media influencer, creates content around lifestyle, gaming, and betting. His Instagram account includes betting predictions, live betting sessions, and promotional content for betting platforms. Jon has worked with companies like Betway to engage his followers with betting-related content. He stands out as one of the prominent gambling influencers and best sports bettors to follow on Instagram.

  1. Rodrigofee2

Followers: 4.6 million
Rodrigo, a prominent figure in the gaming community, shares a mix of gaming and betting content. His strategic insights and engaging personality have earned him a dedicated following. Rodrigo frequently collaborates with betting companies, providing exclusive promotions and betting tips to his followers.

  1. Piuzinholl

Followers: 3.7 million
Piu, a popular gaming and betting influencer, shares content that blends gaming highlights and betting advice. Known for his analytical approach to betting, Piu has partnered with several betting platforms to offer his followers expert betting tips and exclusive deals.


Followers: 3.1 million
Stiven is a sports enthusiast and betting expert who provides his followers with in-depth betting analysis and predictions. His Instagram account is a go-to source for betting advice and insights, featuring collaborations with top betting companies like Betfair.

  1. Rachaxp

Followers: 2 million
Racha, presumably a football player, offers a unique perspective on sports betting. His account features a mix of sports highlights, betting tips, and personal insights into the world of professional sports and betting. He collaborates with various betting brands to provide exclusive content to his followers.

  1. Evtushenko_dima

Followers: 1.6 million
Dima Evtushenko is a rising star in the gambling influencer community, known for his detailed betting analysis and entertaining content. He offers a blend of sports betting tips, casino game strategies, and live betting sessions. Dima collaborates with numerous betting companies, providing his followers with valuable insights and exclusive betting promotions.

Why Follow These Accounts?

Expert Betting Tips and Predictions

These gambling influencers provide the best free picks and valuable betting tips, helping their followers make informed decisions. They share their expertise and insights, making them some of the best sports bettors to follow on Instagram.

Engaging Content

From humorous videos to live betting sessions, these betting accounts offer a wide range of engaging content that keeps followers entertained and informed about the latest trends in gambling.

Promotions and Collaborations

These influencers often collaborate with top betting companies, offering exclusive promotions and bonuses to their followers. This can be especially beneficial for those looking to maximize their betting experience.

Community and Interaction

Following these gambling accounts can also connect you with a community of like-minded betting enthusiasts. Engaging with posts, participating in live sessions, and sharing your own insights can enhance your overall betting experience.

1. What makes an Instagram account good for following gambling content?

A good gambling Instagram account offers expert betting tips, the best free picks, engaging content, exclusive promotions, and a sense of community. The influencers listed in this article excel in these areas, providing valuable insights and entertainment to their followers.

2. How do these influencers collaborate with betting companies?

Influencers collaborate with betting companies by promoting their services, sharing betting tips, and offering exclusive promotions. These collaborations often include sponsored posts, live betting sessions, and special deals for their followers.

3. Are these gambling accounts reliable for betting tips?

While these influencers provide valuable betting tips based on their expertise, it is important to do your own research and make informed decisions. Betting involves risks, and no tip can guarantee a win. Use the insights from these accounts as a supplement to your own betting strategy.

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