Avoiding Startup Valuation Mistakes: Guide

logo 22 September 2022

Investment can bring stable additional income to venture capitalists and help business development. The problem is that choosing a project is a challenging process, especially when it comes to startups. […]

Sealing the Startup Deal as the Owner

logo 20 September 2022

Before negotiating with an investor, a startup owner should be aware of the most common mistakes startups make and how to fix them. Here is what a startup owner should […]

How valuable is a casino rating?

logo 19 September 2022

There are currently numerous gaming clubs where one can play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and others. As a result, it can be challenging for users to single one of them […]

Minor Events and Networking in Blockchain World

logo 16 September 2022

Some ten years ago, Bitcoin was seen as just an experiment, but today, cryptocurrencies has become a vast industry that continues to grow and develop. One has two options to […]

How stable is art investment?

logo 15 September 2022

Humanity’s interest in art is a historical constant. Even in Ancient Babylon, around 500 BC, auctions were already held where the rich could buy various works of art, and even […]

The Largest and Most Significant Events in the Blockchain Industry

logo 14 September 2022

The crypto industry is developing at a tremendous pace. The field itself, however, can still be challenging to understand and research. This is why hundreds of different events are held […]

How many Blockchain Events are held worldwide, and what are they for?

logo 12 September 2022

Blockchains are developing at a tremendous pace, but many people still do not trust them. As a result, hundreds of events are held every year to popularize the technology and […]

Promoting Blockchain Products via Influencer Lists: General Guide

logo 9 September 2022

At first glance, promoting blockchain products seems reasonably straightforward. In practice, however, there is much more to this process than meets the eye. There are millions of different projects out […]

How to find the perfect blockchain event?

logo 8 September 2022

Blockchain technology is developing at a tremendous rate. More and more people worldwide are starting to get actively involved or become interested in the budding industry. To popularize crypto and […]

Comparison of Fruit-Themed Slots from Various Providers

logo 7 September 2022

Slot machines are indeed the most popular form of gambling. According to statistics, only in Germany, more than 60% of the adult population play slot machines at least once a […]

Comparison of Egyptian-themed Slots from Various Providers

logo 6 September 2022

Ancient Egypt is arguably one of the most popular themes for slots out there, and just about every notable developer has dabbled in it to some extent. This can partially […]

Why is it profitable for venture capitalists to lose money on startups?

logo 5 September 2022

Venture capitalists seldom invest in startups. They do not seek to make money on them because such earnings are ‘boring.’ Today I want to explain how the profit model works […]

NFT Project Promotion: Best Creatives and Ad Practices

logo 2 September 2022

NFT promotion is one of the central guarantees to securing real profit from your project. Innovating without proper advertising is like selling a diamond locked in a chest and buried […]

Comparison of Greek-themed Slots from Various Providers

logo 1 September 2022

Every gambling establishment visitor looks for the best online casino slots. There are currently available everywhere, since, in addition to the top-rated slot machines, players can look out for many […]

Free Publications For Your Blockchain Product: Guide

logo 31 August 2022

A considerable number of upstart blockchain projects get released every day. The industry grows in popularity at a tremendous rate, making it challenging for newcomers to promote themselves. The first […]

Top 10 Instagram pages to follow in 2022

logo 30 August 2022

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world today. Most celebrities tend to develop public here to attract additional attention from fans. Here they post various […]

Top 15 Facebook Influencers for Promoting Blockchain Projects

logo 29 August 2022

Facebook is typically excluded from the list of crypto-friendly social media. In 2018, the platform banned all promotion of blockchains and related technology, but has since softened its position. You […]

Who to follow if you want to get some brains in blockchain?

logo 26 August 2022

Modern technologies are developing at a tremendous speed. It’s impossible to keep track of absolutely everything, but it’s critical to keep up with the industry’s news. It is easiest to […]

ICE London 2020 vs 2022 Exhibitors

logo 19 August 2022

ICE London is the Global iGaming Hub for all B2B industry experts. ICE London remains the leading gaming technology event for business growth, development, and networking. ICE London is the […]

TOP-10 Gambling Providers of 2022

logo 18 August 2022

There are hundreds of game providers on the gambling market. Some are underdeveloped and little-known, while the exclusive games by others are in high demand. When choosing a software provider, […]

Evolution Gaming – gambling software provider review

logo 16 August 2022

Today, there is a considerable number of gambling software providers. On the one hand, this contributes to industry development as a whole, but on the other, this greatly complicates the […]

Play’n Go – gambling software provider review

logo 15 August 2022

Our team know just how difficult it can be for an online casino to choose the perfect game provider, so we decided to do some research to offer comprehensive information […]

Microgaming – gambling software provider review

logo 12 August 2022

For your gambling project to be as successful and competitive as possible, you need to offer your users many activities. To make it easier for you to find the perfect […]

Pragmatic Play – gambling software provider review

logo 10 August 2022

To make it easier for you to choose the ideal provider for your online casino, we have created a series of materials where we describe the essential characteristics of many […]

Yggdrasil Gaming – gambling software provider review

logo 9 August 2022

We have prepared a series of reviews on online casino game providers; we have already reviewed: SpinPlay Games; Reel Kingdom; GONG Gaming Technologies; NetEnt; Quickspin. The next game provider in […]

Quickspin – gambling software provider review

logo 8 August 2022

In this series of online casino game provider reviews, we have previously looked at: SpinPlay Games; Reel Kingdom; GONG Gaming Technologies; NetEnt. The next game provider we shall examine will […]

NetEnt – gambling software provider review

logo 5 August 2022

In my reviews, I have previously looked at such providers as: SpinPlay Games; Reel Kingdom; GONG Gaming Technologies. The next one on our list is NetEnt. Website Region (office) […]

GONG Gaming Technologies – gambling software provider review

logo 4 August 2022

We have previously taken a look at SpinPlay Games and Reel Kingdom game providers. Now it is time to review the third entry into our list — GONG Gaming Technologies. Website Region (office) […]

Reel Kingdom – gambling software provider review

logo 3 August 2022

Earlier, I have already reviewed the SpinPlay Games provider, which you can find it in this article. Now let us continue analyzing the TOP 10 game providers for online casinos. The second […]

Factors Venture Capitalists Consider Before Investing

logo 2 August 2022

Most startups fail due to a lack of funding. According to statistics, only 1% of them receive venture investment. However, this does not mean that you cannot get into this […]

Gambling Software Provider Review — SpinPlay Games

logo 1 August 2022

When a user visits an online casino, the range of games on offer and the game companies featured there greatly contribute towards their first impression. Simply looking at the list […]

Gambling software providers

logo 28 July 2022

Online casinos are more accessible than ever: with the development of technology, online gambling is spreading faster and faster. This surge in popularity has led to a massive array of […]

TOP 10 Venture Capital Companies Investing in Blockchain Projects

logo 27 July 2022

Hundreds of blockchain technology startups are launched every year. For the crypto industry to thrive, it needs a lot of investment, which mostly comes from private individuals or venture capital […]

How DRM-free works?

logo 26 July 2022

In the last article, we analyzed the operation of the DRM system in games; in this article, we will explore the function of DRM-free and how it is better than […]

What is DRM?

logo 25 July 2022

Ever since the Atari 2600, there has been a question of protecting content from illegal copying, when game publishers tried their best to protect the product from artisanal replication. In […]

The most popular cryptocurrencies among payment aggregators

logo 21 July 2022

In the continuation of the article about the Top crypto payment gateways. Today we invite you to discuss such a section as cryptocurrencies: which of them are more popular and less […]

Central Asian Venture Forum 2022

logo 20 July 2022

Data40 attended this year’s Central Asian Venture Forum, which was held for the second time ever on June 9, 2022. It is currently the largest platform for various entrepreneurs and […]

TOP Crypto payment gateways for 2022

logo 19 July 2022

There are many reasons why more and more people are choosing cryptocurrencies as payment methods. If you are a business owner, you need to consider this global trend to remain as […]

Crypto Payment Aggregators for 2022

logo 18 July 2022

Interest in the crypto industry is growing at a tremendous rate, urging more and more companies to include cryptocurrencies among their available payment options. Today, most popular casinos, bookmakers and […]

Loyalty programs in online casinos

logo 14 July 2022

To compete with other gaming clubs, casinos must develop a profitable loyalty program for regular gamblers. The longer players play for money, the more rewards they will receive from the […]

Bonuses from payment systems in online casinos

logo 12 July 2022

Each online casino is trying to increase the number of payment systems for depositing and withdrawing money. Some of them are very popular, while others do not interest gamblers. To make […]

Bonuses in online casino

logo 11 July 2022

Today there are a considerable number of online casinos. They develop bonus programs that allow players to get more chances to win to attract users’ attention and compete successfully with […]

Payment systems license

logo 6 July 2022

The payment system must obtain an appropriate license to avoid legal problems. It allows you to solve 2 problems at once: solve issues of state regulation and attract additional customers. […]

Sports betting

logo 1 July 2022

Sports betting has been an enormous success all over the world. They can be done both by independent bookmakers and in various casinos. Each institution creates conditions for cooperation (different […]

Types of casino games

logo 30 June 2022

Today there is a wide variety of gambling activities. Each has its characteristics, different rules, and the probability of winning. The more gambling games the casino offers, the more likely […]

How do game developers punish cheaters?

logo 29 June 2022

In previous articles, we examined the types of existing anti-cheat software, how they are coded, and which are more relevant today. Now we shall take a look at how some […]

What anti-cheats are relevant at the moment?

logo 28 June 2022

Previously, we have learned about the various types of anti-cheats out there and how they are coded. In this article, I will tell you of the most relevant modern anti-cheat […]

What to look for when choosing a casino?

logo 24 June 2022

Today there are a considerable number of different casinos. Each has its characteristics, so it becomes difficult for players to choose. Previously, we have described the criteria for selecting a license, payment, and anti-fraud […]

What types of anti-cheats are there?

logo 23 June 2022

There are currently about 400 known anti-cheat programs, but most people have no idea what categories this type of software includes. Let us take a closer look right now! Anti-cheats […]

Security and payment fraud in gambling projects

logo 22 June 2022

Security is the cornerstone of gambling projects. The unfortunate fact is that, in terms of fraud, this industry is one of the riskiest. Millions of attacks every year result in […]

Payment systems’ chargebacks and commissions for gambling operators

logo 21 June 2022

Every gambling operator strives to choose the ideal payment system. When making that choice, consider various points, such as the ability to make chargebacks, commission size, reputation, etc. Forethought prevents […]

Depositing and withdrawing funds from gambling projects

logo 20 June 2022

Earlier, we talked about payment systems used by online casinos. However, we did not touch on the topic of the rules for depositing and withdrawing money, how long it usually takes, and […]

Development of the gaming industry and eSports in the Play-2-earn genre!

logo 17 June 2022

Nowadays, the P2E game genre is actively developing in the metaverse, bringing to the market more and more new users and various publishers. And you can consider a couple of […]

Merchant account creation and taxation in the gambling industry

logo 16 June 2022

Earlier, we have already discussed which payment systems are better suited for gambling operators. Today, I would like to review another critical topic, and that is merchant accounts and gambling taxation in various […]

What payment systems are used in P2E games?

logo 15 June 2022

In the last article, we analyzed which P2E games are currently popular, but I left out one main thing: What payment systems do P2E games work on? Initially, these games […]

Where to register a gambling company?

logo 14 June 2022

We have previously written about payment systems for gambling. It is worth noting that they only work with trusted companies that hold the necessary license. The questions of what makes getting […]

How are payments processed these days?

logo 9 June 2022

E-payments have become commonplace for most people. We use them to pay for goods and services, utility bills, and charity. However, a few years ago, it was not so easy. […]

How are online payments changing these days?

logo 8 June 2022

Today it is challenging to imagine a company that operates without online payments. This industry is developing at a tremendous speed, so constantly monitoring trends is needed. It will allow […]

The problem of choosing a payment system for a gambling operator

logo 7 June 2022

At first glance, choosing the right payment system for gambling operators is a relatively simple process. Still, in reality, it turns out that there are a considerable number of points […]

The most popular payment methods for gambling operators

logo 6 June 2022

Today, there are many different payment methods, but not all of them are suitable for cooperation with gambling operators. First of all, this is because the platforms must obtain an […]

P2E games short study, conclusions, market evaluation and top-40

logo 3 June 2022

It seems that the number of games with a REAL economy has increased dramatically recently. You can see tons of topics, ads, discussions, and dialogues in the gaming industry, something […]

Top 15 influencers on Twitter, and what do famous bloggers write about?

logo 2 June 2022

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks, especially in North America. Twitter has become one of the most important platforms for discussing various crypto projects, probably it is […]

How to struggle hard when you in choice of Payment Gate for Gambling project

logo 31 May 2022

A gambling project should provide simple ways to deposit money into a game deposit and withdraw it to a player’s account or wallet. The user needs confidence in the security […]

How to choose the online Roulette provider for the casino?

logo 19 January 2022

Online casinos are top-rated all over the world. This success is because they can provide a wide variety of gambling, which the ordinary club cannot afford. Roulette takes a special […]

Shooters as one of the fastest-growing areas of computer games

logo 22 December 2021

E-sports is breaking records for popularity all over the world. Millions of people follow the competitions and the release of new exciting games. Shooters undoubtedly occupy an important place in […]

Counter Strike Tournament Operators

logo 16 November 2021

The dataset Counter Strike tournament operators 2021 of the Data40 team gathered more than 130 teams, including Allied Esports, Absolute Legends, CSPL – ESL, MSI, PGL, ESEA, FACEIT and others.

Fantasy sport as a unique business and entertainment

logo 28 October 2021

Many sports betting enthusiasts would love to have bets every hour every day, but unfortunately there are not so many important sport events in real life that happen every hour […]

Launching your product for new markets and geos

logo 31 August 2021

Let’s say you have a great well known product that is performing great in your country and you feel like you are ready to launch it in new countries as […]

Improve marketing effectiveness with deeper analytics

logo 23 August 2021

First things first, let’s begin with what’s the sales pipeline. This is the way your target audience goes through from the first time they saw your ad or link up […]

Crucial importance of strategy development and planning

logo 2 August 2021

It may seem to be obvious for some of us but we see this mistake to be repeatedly made by lots of companies’ management and administration. Evolving and growing as […]

How to grow users database for marketing activities

logo 15 July 2021

So you want to be able to reach your audience and boost it’s activity in a short amount of time? Sure, you can buy some traffic, integrate your ads to […]

How to share about your product online

logo 22 December 2020

Today we will consider the main ways of spreading information about your company and your product on the Internet, because without promotion today, even the most unique product will remain […]

How to get started in Game Development

logo 19 November 2020

We see a huge number of questions on the Internet regarding where to start development and work in the field of Game Development.

Creation of interactive tables with flexible settings

logo 13 October 2020

Today we want to share some tips for creating the most flexible and interactive tables using a real example from our work. We will also try to explain why this […]

Analysis of competitor activities using SimilarWeb

logo 22 September 2020

Regardless of what area or industry your business is in, to be effective you need to know your competitors. And the best way to get to know them is to […]

7 reasons to use spreadsheets in research

logo 17 August 2020

We’ve recently got this question from one of our newer members and it lead us to this article explaining the thing. Why do we use excel spreadsheets in our research […]

Consequences of increased competition

logo 14 July 2020

Since the Internet appeared and began to become widespread and accessible, global changes started to take place in the world. And this has also in many ways affected business, goods, […]

Professional surveys

logo 18 June 2020

To make a decision or draw a reasonable conclusion, we often require some information, need to learn the context of a topic, study the market, or carry out research.

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The complete list of the 95 currently available VirusTotal safety checks of 2022. In this dataset, we have compiled a list of web services/applications that will help clean up your […]
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Contains the VK Blockchain, Crypto and ICO groups Q3 2019. The table includes 167 handpicked groups with administration contact information, subscribers count, main topic, name and Data40 commentary. is […]
Contains the VK Gambling and Betting groups Q3 2019. The table includes 176 handpicked groups with administration contact information, subscribers count, main topic, name and Data40 commentary. is one […]
A list of the TOP 400 Gambling Websites of 2022. The dataset includes 400 gambling websites out of a total of 2772. At the time of the study, 2772 websites […]
List of ICE London Exhibitors 2020 vs 2022. The dataset includes 393 participants from 2020 and 428 participants of 2022. The study includes extensive data on every ICE London participant. […]
Gaming Events and Expos Calendar 2022-2023. The data contains 614 events dedicated to the gaming industry. The study includes data on gaming events featuring the latest and most prominent video […]
List of gambling providers of 2022. A dataset containing 488 gambling providers. When choosing a provider for a gambling project, the operator must not only take their experience and reputation […]
Blockchain Events and Expos Calendar 2022-2023. The data contains 327 events dedicated to the blockchain industry. Blockchain events guide and help decision makers, technologists, and developers understand the value of […]
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A list of Cryptocurrency and NFT websites and social media accounts of Q1, 2022, that encompasses: 3292 Twitter accounts; 443 Facebook accounts; 954 Instagram accounts; 890 YouTube accounts; 1089 Official […]
The dataset lists the payment aggregators that provide services for the gambling industry with some providing services in other high-risk areas. The information presented here does not claim the absolute […]
The complete list of anti-cheats of 2022. The data is based on 419 anti-cheats that are available today. The list includes 419 international anti-cheats selected based on quality and popularity. […]
Cryptocurrency and NFT YouTube accounts of Q1, 2022. Data based on 890 YouTube accounts related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The list includes 890 international crypto YouTubers selected based on the […]
Cryptocurrency and NFT Websites of Q1, 2022. Data based on 1089 official Websites related to Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Our team has performed an extensive review of the best websites to […]
Cryptocurrency and NFT Influencers on Facebook in 2022. Data based on 675 Facebook influencers. Facebook is a very content-oriented platform, so the influential pages found here focus more on the […]
Cryptocurrency and NFT Instagram accounts of Q1, 2022. Data based on 954 Instagram accounts. On the list of Instagram Cryptocurrency and NFT influencers, most of the top names are celebrities […]
NFT Influencers in Twitter 2022. The data selects 3,292 influencers on Twitter: crypto-communities, entrepreneurs, musicians, football players and ect. The research contains information about NFT Influencers on Twitter based on […]
P2E Games in 2021. This survey includes the list of 596 units, with parameters for each: Weblinks: Links to Pay to Earn Game Sites Boolean: Released games and games discovered […]
Do you plan to launch your own game? Are you a journalist or somehow relate to the media? Maybe you need a ready-made list of advertising partners? You are welcome! […]
The study presents an up-to-date list of sites with Fantasy Sport 2021 with an extended comparison of the TOP 5 sites by traffic. The full version of the list of […]
The study presents an up-to-date list of sites with CS:GO casinos 2021 with an extended comparison of the TOP 5 sites by traffic. The dataset contains three main tabs: Sites […]
The study presents an up-to-date list of sites with CS: GO 2021 cases with an extended comparison of the TOP 5 sites by traffic. The dataset contains three main tabs: […]
Live roulette in gambling overview. This release contains the extensive information on different online roulette types, including but not limited by: online roulettes catalogue, online roulette developers & providers catalogue, […]
Private Packages used as a simplified way to pay for private analytics surveys, prices based on general services price list. This “Data40 Private Survey Package: Variable” includes a variable number […]
Dataset “Payment Services and Aggregators for Gambling” contains lists of current payment tools used for gambling sites from all over the world. The dataset includes 174 payment systems and 69 […]
Dataset of Crypto and Gambling advertising platforms contains 584 sites from the Gambling and Crypto industry from around the world. It allows you to select sites by traffic and target […]
Private Packages used as a simplified way to pay for private analytics surveys, prices based on general services price list. This Data40 Private Survey Package #4: Large includes up to […]
Private Packages used as a simplified way to pay for private analytics surveys, prices based on general services price list. This Data40 Private Survey Package #3: Medium includes up to […]
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2019-2021 PC & Consoles Shooter Game Genre Overview. This research contains information regarding 1400+ shooter games made for PC and gaming consoles. Includes both released games and still developing projects. […]
Blockchain Events 2020-2021 Calendar dataset contains extensive list with all the blockchain related events sorted in groups: Blockchain conferences, sammits, activities, events taking place at August – December, 2020, with […]
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