The most popular cryptocurrencies among payment aggregators

logo  21 July 2022

In the continuation of the article about the Top crypto payment gateways. Today we invite you to discuss such a section as cryptocurrencies: which of them are more popular and less in payment aggregators?

Previously we published a new dataset, the list of the 103 aggregators of crypto payments in 2022. Based on this research, let’s look at such an area as cryptocurrencies in payment gateways.

Why does it matter? Nowadays, most payment processors help customers pay for something (services or goods) not only in Bitcoins but also in many altcoins, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.

Can be distinguished Top common cryptocurrencies used by aggregators accepting less than 10 cryptocurrencies:

CryptocurrencyNumber of aggregators
Bitcoin Cash14

And if we consider the more rare cryptocurrencies used in payment gateways, then Top rare cryptocurrencies from aggregators accepting less than 10 cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency Number of aggregators
Monero 2
Solana 2
Dai 2
Stellar 2
Binance USD2
Lightning Bitcoin1
Zcash 1
Paxos Standard1
Gemini Dollar1
Avalanche 1
Contentos 1
BetVerse 1
Binance Coin1
Test Token1

We assume that the choice of rare cryptocurrencies is justified by the local features of the location of the company or the chosen strategy for its development.

What are the main advantages of a payment gateway for using cryptocurrencies?

The use of cryptocurrencies has many benefits for both clients and companies. Let’s look at the most basic of them.

The development of new markets

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrency is the future of the online payment market. Only those merchants who integrate a crypto gateway as early as possible will reap the full benefits of being the industry leader. Since the crypto industry is decentralized, all merchants will have a single form of currency that is applied uniformly regardless of location. Accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method through a dedicated gateway allows e-commerce merchants to quickly and easily enter the global market and increase profits. In addition, by accepting cryptocurrency payments, companies avoid the hassle and expense of international fees and exchange rates.

Fast data processing and transaction execution

This technology allows people to send online transactions directly from one party to another, bypassing financial institutions. Of course, without the participation of intermediaries, the gateway processes crypto transactions almost instantly, and the funds are immediately transferred to the seller’s account.

No chargebacks

The sale of goods or services over the Internet always carries the risk of chargebacks, but not when the buyer pays in cryptocurrency since such transactions cannot be disputed. In addition, blockchain technology checks the availability of funds even before the transaction’s completion, making it almost impossible for the buyer to purchase without sufficient funds in the account. Moreover, unlike credit card payments, cryptocurrency payments cannot be reversed. The business receives all funds immediately.

Many crypto enthusiasts believe blockchain technologies are the future. They allow you to perform various transactions as quickly as possible, without large commissions, and the level of protection is higher here.