Loyalty programs in online casinos

logo  14 July 2022

To compete with other gaming clubs, casinos must develop a profitable loyalty program for regular gamblers. The longer players play for money, the more rewards they will receive from the casino bonuses, privileges, and gifts.

Features of the casino loyalty program

When registering, users receive the first rank (“Beginner,” “Copper,” “First-level,” and others), which does not give privileges. When certain conditions are met, the player has the opportunity to move to a new level. The number of steps in various casinos is different. Usually, there are 6–15 of them. But there are exceptions: in Deluxe Casino, visitors can reach level 100 and beyond.

The name of the ranks depends solely on the creativity of the casino if the gaming club has its theme, such as the Columbus. Here the terms of the levels follow the same steps as on the ship — from cabin boy to Admiral.

There are several conditions why players can move to a new level — bet a certain amount on any gambling game or deposit a large amount of money within one month, play many games, and so on. Some casinos create a points program. A user can get 1 point for a certain amount of replenishment and move to a new level, and you need to collect 10–15 points.

The status can be reviewed when the specified conditions are met or once a month. In some casinos, gamblers can contact the support service to speed up moving to a new round.

How does the casino encourage its regular users?

Each casino decides for itself how to encourage regular users. Among the most common methods are:

  • Increasing the percentage of cashback. The more players bet, the more money they can get back.
  • Gifts and bonuses, access to exclusive promotions. Each casino develops its incentives for players; some give weekly bonuses to regular users, while others offer to participate in promotions.
  • Reducing the wager for bonuses;
  • Personal manager. If the players have any questions and problems, it becomes much easier to solve them with a personal manager interested in satisfying the client.
  • Access to VIP tournaments. Participating in VIP horizontal bars can get unique prizes and bonuses that are not available to ordinary users.
  • Increase in limits. If you are used to playing at high stakes, then you should consider increasing the limits on the size of the bet and depositing and withdrawing money.
  • Generous gifts for birthdays.

Each of these bonuses brings gamblers more enjoyment of gambling, playing more confidently and profitably. Modern bonus programs aim to keep users’ attention and encourage them to play longer.

Also, some casinos offer additional bonuses for using a particular payment system. They pay their regular customers a commission.

Bonus points

As we have already said, some casinos offer users a point system for moving to a new level. It is a fairly common option, so it’s worth discussing it in more detail.

How to earn bonus points?

To earn bonus points, users must actively gamble. Each casino has different rules, for example, a point is given only for a bet of at least 10 USD or for playing a particular machine.

What to do with bonus points?

Each casino sets rules on how the player can use the points received. So, in some casinos, they are needed only to advance to a new rank, but gaming clubs allow gamblers to convert them into currency and then bet on it.

It is worth considering such points:

  • The ability to exchange points for currency in most casinos is blocked for beginners;
  • There are restrictions on the minimum and maximum number of points that you can exchange for currency;
  • The money received from the exchange can only be credited to the bonus account, so you cannot withdraw it to the card.

In some online clubs, users can exchange the received points for services in the store, such as free spins.