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We specialize in specific industries and areas of expertise, offering our clients expert insights and recommendations.

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iGaming Events that Need to be Visited

14 Mar, 2023
Events year

Every year, events are held in the iGaming industry, where some of the biggest names in gambling gather. These events are designed to provide industry professionals with a platform to discuss the latest trends, innovations and challenges facing the gambling industry. Attending events is an opportunity not only for large industry representatives to remind the world about themselves, but also an excellent growth point for small businesses to declare themselves, advertise and establish commercial relations.

We have collected the dataset – iGaming Events and Expos 2023 Calendar, with all iGaming events of 2023. Many events are planned for spring, including the following 4:

Event name

CasinoBeats Summit

The CasinoBeats Summit is an annual conference focused on the iGaming industry, which will take place on May 21, 2023. The first CasinoBeats Summit was held in September 2018 in London, UK. The conference was a huge success, attracting over 500 visitors from around the world. The success of the first event led to the decision to make it an annual event. The following year, the conference was held in Malta. The conference was even more successful than the first, with over 1,000 visitors attending. The conference featured over 120 speakers, including experts from the world of online gaming, marketing, and technology. The most recent CasinoBeats Summit was held in September 2021, in-person and online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference was a hybrid event, with attendees able to participate in-person or virtually. The event attracted over 1,500 participants from around the world and featured over 200 speakers.

The participants who attended the CasinoBeats Summit come from all areas of the iGaming industry, including operators, suppliers, regulators, and affiliates. The conference is designed to be accessible to everyone in the industry, regardless of their level of expertise.

GAT Expo Cartagena

The GAT Expo Cartagena is an annual conference focused on the Latin American gaming and gambling industry. The conference will be held in Colombia on March 29, 2023. The event provides an opportunity for professionals in the gaming and gambling industry to network, learn from experts in the field, and share their own knowledge and experience.

The first GAT Expo Cartagena was held in 2018. The conference attracted over 500 participants from around the world. The following year, the conference was held in Medellin, Colombia. With over 800 visitors attending and over 80 exhibitors, 40 speakers, including experts from the world of gaming, gambling, and technology.

The most recent GAT Expo Cartagena was held in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The conference was a huge success, with over 1000 participants, 100 exhibitors and over 50 speakers. 

The Colombian gaming regulatory entity, Coljuegos, participates with its management staff in the GAT EXPO, both in the academic conferences and as an exhibitor, providing information to the attendees. The GAT Expo Cartagena has become a must-attend event for anyone in the Latin American gaming and gambling industry. Due to the regulatory advances in Colombia accomplished by Coljuegos, the country has become a center for new investments, portfolio expansion, and growth of legal gaming businesses, reflected in a sales increase of more than 50% in the different gaming verticals.

Currently, there are 383 companies operating legally in the country in 3116 establishments and a number of 96,076 slot machines (METs), authorized to operate by the Colombian government, as well as 17 platforms for online betting. 

Big Africa Summit

The 9th Annual Betting & iGaming Africa Summit will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 30, 2023, dedicated to the long-awaited remote gambling bill after years of unsuccessful attempts to fully open up the sector. The audience will have the opportunity to join an in-depth analytical discussion about what to expect, take advantage of future opportunities and better understand the strategic and operational implications of working in this growing market.

In its first year, the conference had over 200 visitors, and the number has continued to grow each year. The 2020 conference saw over 500 visitors, demonstrating the popularity and importance of the event, because this summit remains a key event in Africa, it needs to be attended in order to understand this market.

East Coast Gaming Congress

The East Coast Gaming Congress (ECGC) and NexGen Gaming Forum are two events that are held together in the United States each year, focusing on the gaming and gambling industry.  ECGC was created to provide an opportunity for the gaming industry in the Northeast United States to network and discuss issues affecting the industry. The event quickly became a must-attend event for gaming professionals in the region. And every year since 1997 proves its importance. 

The NexGen Gaming Forum was added to the ECGC in 2016, with the aim of providing a platform for technology companies and startups to showcase their innovations in the gaming industry. The NexGen Gaming Forum has become a popular addition to the ECGC, attracting a large number of people interested in the latest advancements in gaming technology.

The ECGC typically attracts around 600 participants, while the NexGen Gaming Forum attracts around 200. The total number of visitors attending the events together is usually around 800. In this year you can join on April 19, 2023 to the event.

Why does it need to attend gambling events?

Attending events in the gambling industry can provide participants with many advantages, such as sharing experience and knowledge with professionals, establishing new connections and contacts for future cooperation, getting acquainted with the latest technologies and products in this area, as well as the opportunity to learn about new opportunities for developing their business and increasing profits. In addition, exhibitions are also often held at the events, where you can see new products and developments in this area. After Covid-19, such events will be more relevant than ever. The pandemic has accelerated the transition of many areas to online mode, especially gambling.

If you are interested in what iGaming events will take place in 2023 around the world, you can follow our dataset on which we have prepared this article. 

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