How valuable is a casino rating?

Sep 19, 2022

There are currently numerous gaming clubs where one can play slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and others. As a result, it can be challenging for users to single one of them out. For this reason, they turn to various aggregators for ready-made rating lists and then often register with a casino that is showcased at the top of the chart.

More than 3,000 online casinos and websites providing gambling

In 2022, more than 3,000 online casinos and websites providing gambling and poker opportunities offer their services to the public. Some of them are owned by well-known world-class companies, while others are relatively small, recently opened enterprises, whose reliability and safety can be put into question. With certain casinos, you will find the widest selection of different games, while others may not be able to offer you even the simplest of titles. Certain websites work flawlessly, while others often fail to meet user expectations. Some companies see players as nothing more than bags of money and strive to extract as much profit from their customers as possible. In contrast, others invest their time into building long-term and trusting relationships, doing everything possible to keep their customers satisfied, having a good time, and coming back for more.

How are ratings calculated?

Online casino ratings are usually compiled by a group of experts engaged in a careful analysis of a large amount of various data regarding specific gaming clubs. Thus, they do all the work for users and do it well, utilizing reliable methodology and sources. As a result, a sort of online casino leaderboard is prepared, offering everyone an opportunity to choose just the right gaming club that will suit their needs.

How are ratings calculated

How to get ranked?

For a platform to be considered for inclusion among the top-rated casinos, it must provide customers with a high level of service.

  • Top-notch security. A high level of customer data protection is the leading indicator of a trustworthy casino;
  • Large game selection. For a website to be popular, it must provide customers with varied titles and content;
  • Good technical support. Advanced and honest casinos offer technical support that responds quickly and efficiently, never trying to hide something from the client. There should also be several ways to contact technical support;
  • Bonus program. A wide range of bonuses and incentives to retain customers is a standard practice for a successful gaming establishment;
  • Simple registration. Quick and easy website registration is key for a comfortable gaming experience;
  • Convenient top-up. With several options and currencies to replenish one’s account, your platform will garner more favorable reviews;
  • Winnings delivery speed. Proven platforms do not delay client withdrawals, process applications quickly, and are ready to help with issues concerning player finances.

Now for a list of online casinos’ main issues

Of course, every online casino has its drawbacks. However, several essential points play a decisive role for attracting users.

Honesty is the first and foremost problem

A lot of users do not trust websites and their owners as they think that the calculations work in favor of the casino, not the player. Even though, in the case of gambling, people are not always able to soberly assess how “fair” the result is, such a problem does exist.

In reality, all casinos are programmed in such a way as to generate a profit. At the same time, officially licensed casinos operate under certain limitations to their mathematical algorithms. According to them, one player can win a lot of money on the condition that a dozen others lose their bets. Casino scammers, in turn, are arranged in a way that guarantees most players to fail due to game calculations being tweaked to dramatically favor the establishment.

Money withdrawal is the second problem

Although most regular players do not consider games as a way to earn money (which this the right approach to every hobby), a way to quickly withdraw their winnings with minimal fees is an essential factor for users to enjoying the gaming process.

A situation may arise when, for some reason specified in the user agreement, winnings that would be legal on another website are not recognized as legit or are withheld from the player’s account for a prolonged period of time.

The third problem is technical support and spam

Many young sites not part of large networks or unscrupulous companies save on technical support and communication with users; therefore, people who encounter difficulties on the site often remain in a vacuum, lose time/money, and most importantly, the pleasure of playing. The second part of this problem is that unscrupulous site owners often sell the database of email addresses and phone numbers of visitors to mailing companies. There is nothing pleasant about this.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that most players choose a casino, not by ratings, but by more random characteristics, for example, by the recommendation of friends or even as a result of viewing ads.

How do users choose a casino?

The best casino chart does not always accurately reflect the truth. If you look at such ratings, you can see that, in reality, the ratings are pretty inaccurate in most cases due to how challenging it is to keep track of all the necessary factors when rating gambling establishments.

It should be noted that casinos are rated by both major expert groups and individual experts, professional players and bloggers specializing in the field, large gaming forums via user polls, and various other sources.

Such ratings are also often formed by the gaming establishments themselves, sometimes as a sort of advertisement.

These casinos may not necessarily qualify to get into the TOP-10, but will include themselves to attract attention.

Ideally, one should cross-analyze several such ratings and not one at a time. With different charts, it becomes easier to single out worthwhile establishments that often make the list or those who have constantly been hanging out at the top of the leaderboard for a while.

These casinos often turn out to be of the highest quality and attract the most players. It is also advised to remain sceptical of the top three establishments in any given chart, as these first places are most often purchased with money to quickly attract more traffic.

Considered the most interesting choices carefully, checking for additional information, user feedback, and company history.

Great opportunities for both players and online casinos themselves appear when users follow guidelines such as these instead of playing on the first website they see.