How to share about your product online

logo  22 December 2020

Today we will consider the main ways of spreading information about your company and your product on the Internet, because without promotion today, even the most unique product will remain unknown to anyone.

Own content

You can publish news and posts in your media: on the website, on social networks, on your channels in messengers, etc.

Direct budget (sites)

You can buy placements on various sites. This can be posts, news, banners, pop-up ads, native ads, placement in various ratings and waiting lists, and much more.

Direct budget (ambassadors)

You can negotiate ambassadors with celebrities to be your spokesperson, officially praise and promote your product, and appear in your advertisements.

Direct budget (opinion leaders)

You can post with influencers. These can be celebrities, bloggers, and other people with a large following. Placements can be native or openly ad-supported, they can be texts, videos, links, etc.

Direct budget (marketing)

You can invest in marketing and buy traffic-generating placements through traffic nets, targeting and contextual tools, and more.

Affiliate program (CPA)

You can open your affiliate program and offer a CPA reward to publishers – for each targeted action you set.

Affiliate program (RevShare)

Also, within the affiliate program, you can work according to the RevShare model and pay publishers a percentage of the profits they bring.

Affiliate program (referrals)

You can motivate webmasters to refer colleagues with quality traffic to your affiliate program by offering them a percentage of the activities of the referred webmasters. Thus, people themselves will bring quality traffic and its owners to you.

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