How to grow users database for marketing activities

logo  15 July 2021

So you want to be able to reach your audience and boost it’s activity in a short amount of time? Sure, you can buy some traffic, integrate your ads to influencers, etc. But there always should be your loyal database which already knows you and want to receive content from you.

So first thing you might think about is growing email database or pushes subscription database. And we agree. But what if you add a field for users to leave their emails or to subscribe – and noone is interested? Well, then you have to give them something in return.

And it is as easy as it sounds. You can already find it on lots of sites you use on a daily basis. For example, you may be offered to receive a one-time discount for your purchase in exchange for your contact information. Or you can even receive something for free – for example, some restaurants offer a free launch or one drink for your contact. In gaming it may be a free DLC code for your game or in-game currency. It may be very useful article. In other words, it can be anything, but what’s in common in all these examples above is that it should be something your audience really wants and needs. Don’t just offer something useless, don’t be greedy on this step and give out something valuable.

And looking just a bit further, as you motivate the audience this way, you start getting more and more contacts for future activities and emails. The next step for you is to control yourself and limit your activities quantity and keep it’s quality bar as high as it was in your initial free giveaway you did to receive the subscription. Also don’t change the topic and don’t mix different topics. For example, if you grow a users database on IT site and you provide them with a promocode for their first purchase of PC hardware, it would be pretty weird to then send them some gardening advices just because you have decided that you can make some money on it, too. Keep your initial topic. Don’t spam. Keep your content quality. Only send an email or a push if you have something useful for a user.

This way your audience won’t unsubscribe and will stay with you. And as long as you have some news you would like to share with the world you may give it a great boost by just emailing it to your loyal audience. Believe us, loyal subscribers convert well and will bring you much more than what you have invested in them while making them subscribe.