How to find the perfect blockchain event?

Sep 08, 2022

Blockchain technology is developing at a tremendous rate. More and more people worldwide are starting to get actively involved or become interested in the budding industry. To popularize crypto and blockchains in general, a considerable number of large and small events take place every year, where experts gather to discuss important issues, share experience, and find new valuable contacts.

What is a blockchain event?

Blockchain events are an excellent opportunity to popularize the technology. They can take place in almost any format: conferences, parties, business breakfasts, etc.

Any topic related to blockchains can be discussed here — DeFi, DAOs, Corporate Blockchain, all the way to NFTs. In addition, blockchain integration into other fields, such as tourism, heavy industry, logistics, and many others, is a constant subject of debate. Theoretically, blockchain can be used in absolutely any industry. Still, many questions and problems need to be addressed in practice, and solutions are typically found through discourse and cooperation.

Why should you visit blockchain events?

Attending blockchain events has a vast number of benefits. Firstly, you get the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of blockchain, learn more about the technology, and highlight something new for your business.

Secondly, you can forge valuable connections here. Such events are usually attended by numerous investors and narrow specialists. Each of them may be able to provide an enormous contribution to the development of your business. If you can get acquainted, it might even trivialize certain potential obstacles down the line.

Thirdly, you can discover new blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. Experts often present their innovations and startups at various events to share their knowledge and much more. So, you can find unconventional ideas and technological solutions.

Fourth, you can have a good time hanging out with like-minded people.

So how to actually find the perfect blockchain event?

Whether you’re a savvy investor, a blockchain diehard, or just interested in learning more about this pivotal technology, there are hundreds of events out there — which means finding the perfect blockchain event to attend can be challenging.

At our company, we have compiled lists of all the significant upcoming 2022-2023 blockchain events. You can prepare a similar list of your own by checking the official pages of various summits and festivals. Alternatively, you can keep track of the various premade lists via search engines, completely free of charge.

You can then go through the trouble of breaking down event lists by month, city, and country, separating big, major conferences from small ones. Find out who the main speakers will be, and how many people are planning to attend. Various search services can help you with that: Google, Bing, etc.

It is essential to understand that the process can be quite time-consuming. Plus, you may end up missing a number of promising events… but there is a different option. To help you discover what notable crypto events deserve your attention this year, we have already curated a list of some of the top crypto, blockchain, NFT, and metaverse events worth attending. A total of 327 events dedicated to the blockchain industry!

Whether you are a crypto expert or just getting started, crypto events serve as a way for you to expand your horizons and establish partnerships with other like-minded individuals. Here you will be thrust into a professional network full of opportunities to meet, learn from, and even collaborate with major industry players, developers, designers, investors, and real-life crypto or blockchain pioneers.

If you are interested in attending blockchain events that bring together entrepreneurs, experts, companies, celebrities, and many others, check out the following list for the upcoming blockchain events of 2022-2023:

Event nameEvent linkDate fromDate toLocationCountryOnline
Crypto Rockstars CRUISE 2022
Crypto Factory EXPO
MoneyLIVE Nordic Banking
Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit
CryptoExpo Dubai
Redefine 2022 YorkUSA
Blockchain Expo North America ClaraUSAХ
International Conference on Blockchain-Based Systems and BlockchainХ
International Conference on Blockchain and Digital CurrenciesХ