How to choose the online Roulette provider for the casino?

Jan 19, 2022

Online casinos are top-rated all over the world. This success is because they can provide a wide variety of gambling, which the ordinary club cannot afford. Roulette takes a special place among the most popular gambling activities. Modern providers create new games and ensure their stable operation and make sure that there are no errors. Cooperation between casinos and providers has already proven its effectiveness. For those who are interested in creating or using gambling software, we have conducted research and are ready to answer any questions.

Roulette game

Why is it profitable to use the services of providers?

Initially, when online casinos were just being created, gambling houses themselves were developing new games. It required a lot of knowledge, skills, time, imagination, and money. As a result, they offered a limited number of activities. Maintenance of such software also took a lot of time and effort, and casinos lost profits.

Providers are companies that develop and maintain software for various online platforms. They offer the casino to transfer some of their responsibilities for a modest fee. Usually, the services cost here is several times less than the development and maintenance of online Roulettes.

The competition between providers is quite intense, which leads to constant improvement in the industry. Companies compete to create better software with superior graphics, sound effects, and even original new rules of the game. This competitive environment has led to the active development of the world of gambling.

Who becomes the clients of providers?

Gambling clubs owners become clients of online Roulette providers. They are interested in offering their clients as many gambling activities as possible, so they try to cooperate with many developers.

Casino managers often turn to providers for help. Such companies make it possible to simplify the process of the casino operation and take on specific functions to ensure the operability of the software.

Oddly enough, another group of online casino customers is ordinary players. After spending a lot of time playing Roulette, they come up with exciting ideas on improving the games and what new and original solutions can be found. Sometimes providers take note of these ideas and bring them to life.

The most famous providers

Some casinos prefer to use the services of only one provider, while most try to enlist the support of several companies at once. Each of the providers has its characteristics, and we offer brief information about the most famous platforms:

  1. Evolution Gaming is a provider that specializes primarily in live casinos. Here you will find several varieties of live dealer Roulettes. At the same time, the provider has prepared a range of benefits for its clients.
  2. Real Time Gaming (RTG) was one of the first online providers in 1998. At the moment, it is the largest provider of gambling in the American market.
  3. Playtech is one of the most famous providers globally, which has earned its popularity due to its high quality and secure software. The main advantage of the company lies in the gorgeous graphics.
  4. Microgaming is another well-known company that was at the origin of online gambling. Here you will find a wide variety of games to help your casino grow faster.
  5. International Gaming Technology, or IGT, was founded in 1971 and then supplied slot machines for land-based clubs. Now in this range, you will find a vast selection of really high-quality software with perfect security;
  6. Net Entertainment, or NetEnt, is a well-known provider from Scandinavia. It has been on the market since 1996 and specializes mainly in slots, although you will find a large number of roulettes in the catalog.

Although IGT and RTG are the leading providers, they mainly specialize in slots and not online roulette. However, there are some well-designed online roulettes to be found in their catalog.

Each of the above providers has its advantages, disadvantages and offers different terms of cooperation.

Varieties of online Roulette

The world’s first Roulette appeared in France in the 18th century. There are several theories of its origin; however, no one disputes that it is a star in all gaming houses in a short period.

It is generally accepted that there are three main types:

  • European;
  • French;
  • American.

The basic rules for these varieties are approximately the same. You will need a wheel and a board to play with. On the wheel, there are numbers up to 36; some of them are red, some are black, and the zero is always green. They are divided into a grid of 12 by three lines on the Roulette table, with all the numbers evenly distributed both on the wheel and on the board.

Before the start of the game, each player must place a bet. The dealer then throws a small ball into the wheel against the direction of the wheel’s movement. As soon as the ball stops, the dealer announces whose bets worked. The winners receive their winnings.

European rouletteEuropean Roulette is a classic, played back in the 18th century and the rules have not changed much since then. The wheel contains numbers from 1 to 36 and zero. This variety is trendy in Europe and Asia and many online casinos.

French roulette

French is not very different from European, and some players do not recognize it as a separate variety. The only difference is that the La Partage rule applies here. If you place an even-money bet on any of its options: black or red, odd or even, “first 18” or “last 18”, and the ball falls into zero, half of your bet is returned. It leads to players having a reasonably significant advantage over the casino and losing much less money.

American roulette

American Roulette is very similar to European, but the main difference is that there is not one zero, but two at once. Due to a large number of sectors on the wheel, the advantage is on the side of the casino. It is widespread mainly in the United States, as the name implies. It is worth noting that Las Vegas has a casino with three zeros.

New types of roulettes

As already mentioned, providers are trying to do their best to create new, unusual versions of Roulette. As a result, 29 more varieties can be found on the Internet in addition to the three usual types. We propose to consider the most popular of them:

  • Multi-Wheel Roulette offers to place bets on eight wheels simultaneously, significantly increasing the chance of winning. The rest of the rules remain the same as in European Roulette.
  • Live Roulette. If players love the atmosphere of a live casino but for some reason are not able to visit it, then the providers offer them an alternative option. Within the framework of this game, the process is led by a real dealer; several players can place bets at once, who can communicate with each other.
  • Roulette with the jackpot. A bonus well is added to the traditional game, which leads to a slot game with the jackpot. So, if you make a successful bet on the Roulette wheel and luck smiles on you in the slot, you will get a lot of money.
  • Roulette Mini-Wheel. It has a minimal wheel with zero and numbers from 1 to 12. The rest of the rules remain the same as in European Roulette.

It is worth noting that the creation of the Mini-Wheel inspired the provider to create a new Chinese Roulette wheel, where animals from the Chinese calendar are depicted instead of numbers.

In addition, Microgaming entered the VR games market in 2016. As part of ICE Totally Gaming, the provider introduced virtual Roulette in a space setting. Users have the opportunity to interact with chips. Then the provider received an award in the category “Innovation of the Year” largely due to the quality of the graphics.

So, if you like to play Roulette and have an idea of how to change it, you can contact the providers, and they will help you realize even the most daring vision.

Roulette bets

At first glance, the rules of the Roulette game are pretty simple. However, the variety of bets makes the game more exciting.

So, in the classic types of Roulette, all bets are divided into two large groups: inside and outside. Inside bets are displayed on the inner section of the Roulette playing field. The playing field consists of 36 small areas with images of numbers from 1 to 36 in the form of a 3×12 table (three vertical columns and 12 horizontal rows) and a sector with zero adjacent to the top row with numbers 1-2-3. Outside bets are placed on the outer section of the Roulette playing field on the corresponding fields. The odds of winning a bet are much higher, but the potential winnings are less.

Inside bets include:

  • Straight / Single (bet on a specific number);
  • Split (2 numbers that are adjacent to each other horizontally or vertically);
  • Street (3 consecutive numbers in a horizontal line);
  • Corner / Square (4 adjoining rooms);
  • Six Line / Double Street (6 consecutive numbers forming two horizontal lines);
  • Basket (3 numbers, of which at least one is zero);
  • First Four (0,1,2,3);
  • Top Line (two sectors with zero and the first street, available only in American Roulette).

The probability of winning is not high here, but the winning coefficient is much higher.

Outside bets include:

  • 1 to 18 (Low, Manque) / 19 to 36 (High, Passe);
  • Red / Black;
  • Even / Odd (Pair ou Impair);
  • Dozens;
  • Columns;
  • Snake Bet (Red Snake Bet).

The probability of winning is relatively high here, but the odds will be lower. If desired, providers can develop new betting options to make Roulette even more enjoyable.

Labouchere betting system

Players in different types of Roulette use 30 betting systems. Such as:

  • Martingale;
  • Straight-Up Martingale;
  • Grand Martingale;
  • Triple Martingale;
  • Anti-Martingale;
  • Labouchere;
  • Fibonacci;
  • Reverse Fibonacci and many others.

Most of them are used by the overwhelming majority of providers in user interfaces. The psychological trick is in the confidence of the player being able to win against the casino, but the casino always wins on the statistically meaningful distance of the game.

Results of our research

If you want to invent new online Roulette software, the first step is to research the market. It will allow you to understand which Roulettes are already on the market and which niche is still empty.

As part of our research, we have collected an extensive knowledge base on more than 1000 live Roulettes, classified 26 types, identified 30 betting systems used by players, and collected all the features of the modern market.

Our research can be beneficial for those who develop their live roulette. Do you know how many of your competitors have audio and video customization options? It can have a considerable impact on the geolocation of your product. And what is the sex ratio of dealers in the market? And how does the presence of the dealer’s communication tools affect the attractiveness of the casino? And another interesting fact: roulettes at the junction of casinos and fantasy sports have already been invented. Maybe this will be a hint for those who would do something similar. At the same time, not all sports are busy yet. There is a chance to develop a unique product that will be wildly popular.