How many iGaming events do you think take place per year?

logo  3 March 2023

Continuing the discussion of the iGaming industry capital, let’s delve into the topic of gambling events. There are numerous tournaments, meetings, summits, and awards held around the world to promote the growth of the iGaming industry. These events provide opportunities for individuals to gather and discuss the industry’s progress. According to our research, iGaming events and expos 2023 calendar, the following cities are expected to host the most events in 2023:

  • Las Vegas – 18 events;
  • London – 8 events;
  • West Fargo – 7 events;
  • Malta – 6 events.
Igaming events

iGaming events are a regular feature in the world of gambling and are highly anticipated by many. Some events have gained global significance and are held annually, drawing in attendees from around the world.

There are many iGaming events held annually around the world, ICE London stands out as the largest and most comprehensive event in the industry. With over 35,000 visitors from over 150 countries and 600 exhibitors, it has become an integral part of the iGaming calendar. As the industry continues to grow, the event is only set to become more popular. While there are many other notable events in the industry, our research shows that there will be a total of 155 events in 2023. How many tournaments, summits, meetups, awards can you name? Maybe you can list 10, 20 or 30 events. However, according to our dataset, there are 155 of them in 2023.

While ICE London takes place once a year, The Sigma World Gambling Event is a notable event in the iGaming industry, taking place six times a year in different cities around the world. It began in 2014 in Malta, attracting over 1,500 delegates from various countries. Today, the event has grown in size and importance, with over 12,500 delegates from 80 countries attending annually. The event features the Malta iGaming Awards, which recognize companies and individuals in the gambling industry. The awards cover categories such as “Best Online Casino,” “Best Partner Manager,” and “Best Casino Partner.” Attending this event can provide your iGaming project with significant exposure and the opportunity to win an award. Sigma Africa was recently held in Kenya, and the next event will take place in Dubai in March, with four more events scheduled throughout 2023.

iGaming events play a crucial role in the development and growth of the industry. They provide a platform for startups, professionals, managers, and other industry stakeholders to network, showcase products, and discuss important updates and changes in the industry. This year’s events will focus on new technologies, regulatory changes, and other significant issues that affect the industry.

As the industry evolves, it’s important to keep up with technology trends. The rise of online casinos and sports betting platforms has been driven by the increasing use of the internet and mobile devices. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on the industry, with many players turning to online gambling when land-based casinos were closed. As a result, events such as The World Game Protection Conference (WGPC), which focuses on game protection, security, and integrity, are more important than ever. With an increase in scammers, protecting the safety and integrity of games and players is crucial for any iGaming project.

Have you ever missed out on an iGaming event because you only found out about it a few days before it started or didn’t even know it was happening in your area? To avoid this, you could follow professional players or iGaming business owners on social media since they are unlikely to miss such events, or you could check our comprehensive list of all 155 iGaming events with their dates and locations. This way, you’ll stay informed about events well in advance. In addition to the well-known events, which we have already mentioned 3 of, the dataset includes information about lesser-known and unique gambling events. In our next article, we will delve deeper into this topic and explore some of the most unusual events in the industry.

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