How DRM-free works?

logo  26 July 2022

In the last article, we analyzed the operation of the DRM system in games; in this article, we will explore the function of DRM-free and how it is better than simple DRM.

What is DRM-free?

DRM-free does not restrict or violate your rights nor prohibits you from making backup copies of the purchased products (games). You can:

  • Install DRM-free products on any number of your PCs;
  • Safely update the operating system;
  • Safely change the configuration of your computer.

When reinstalling the game, you do not need to go to the publisher’s website and register the game for a new one.

DRM-free games don’t care about where you are or the quality of your Internet connection: you can be in a metropolis with a gigabit or in a village with the Internet on a flash drive. What’s more: no internet connection is required at all.

With DRM-free, there is no software binding to the region: you can play from anywhere in the world.

When you buy a DRM-free game, you get it in its entirety, that is, at the very height of the plot, there will be no freezes since the game needs to download content.

You choose when you want to play the game and do not depend on the performance of the publishers’ servers.

DRM-free won’t ruin your game in any other way.

Why is DRM-free superior to conventional DRM?

The main idea that critics of DRM protection are trying to convey to the modern audience is that DRM does not fight piracy but only helps it develop.

It’s hard not to agree with this because pirates get more freedom in using content (remember the example already given when buyers cannot create a backup copy).

The controversy surrounding the need and uselessness of DRM protection is now so heated that it even led to the creation of the “Anti-DRM Movement.”

Some think DRM harms games, while others adhere to the opposite side about fun, and not only games but also many other areas: films, music, e-books, and programs.

We will mention those who carry the DRM-free philosophy in the gaming industry:

  • Humble Bundle.

The Humble Bundle has been covered many times on various game forums. For example, in the recent news “A million for charity.”

And about the company GOG, which has been operating since 2008, a digital distribution service for computer games and films without DRM.


In this article, we’ve taken a look at how DRM-free works and why it’s superior to a regular DRM system.