Game Dev Industry

Did you know there are currently thousands of studios in the world developing video games, consoles, mobile and other devices? The industry keeps growing every year, and the budgets and profits from some games already equal and even exceed many flagship Hollywood movies. While there were few gamers 20-30 years ago and a release of each game used to be a unique event in the gaming community, today every developer has to fight for the market and players as never before, and players have to choose the most interesting products.

But how can you understand what games are popular now? What markets your product will be successful in? What your audience is? What direction you should choose when developing a new product? To answer these and many other questions, you need to carry out thorough market research, which, first, is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of efforts, and second, requires a deep understanding of the video game market and industry.

While almost any player can answer what is currently popular and trendy, deeper and more professional questions or extensive research require professionals.

Our team has a mix of deep knowledge and huge experience in the search, organization, and sorting of information creating a representative picture and a personal passion for the video game topic. It lets us understand the issue both as a professional researcher and as a practicing player. Thus we can provide expert research and collect any amount of data that will let you make important strategic decisions more efficiently and reasonably.