Expert Marketing via Blockchain Event Speeches

logo  5 October 2022

When developing a blockchain project, it is a good idea to start promoting it as soon as possible. The competition on the market is enormous, so it would also be a good decision to participate in various blockchain events. This will allow you to communicate your product’s details to potential customers, attract a larger audience, and find new investors.

Why be a speaker

Why be a speaker?

As a speaker, one depends on how many people pay attention to their activities.

Many subconsciously struggle with the fear of public speaking because they are afraid of making a mistake or, more importantly, feel too embarrassed to speak in front of a hall full of people, but this is not a valid reason for not speaking in public.

The typical advice is to practice in front of a mirror or read the report to a group of friends first, ahead of the actual performance. Try inserting a few jokes into the speech, so you are not too dull to listen to. Ideally, a speech should be learned by heart, but the delivery must not sound like a recording. Famous speakers advise beginners to imagine everyone in the room to be naked as this allows to relieve tension and feel less intimidated by the crowd.

While preparing for a conference takes a lot of effort and countless hours of rehearsal, it can give your career the boost it needs.

This is an essential advantage of speaking at a conference — it increases your professional credibility, showing everyone that you know what you are doing. After hearing you speak, potential customers will be more likely to purchase your product and order your services as they will now see you as an expert in the field, significantly increase your company’s level of trust.

People pay money to come and participate in a conference specifically so that they can get acquainted with the right experts. Attendees seek to learn, develop, and find new business partners. Thus, an expert speaker will always try to bring something new to the community.

No need to even place the ads!

By participating in events, you can attract the attention of different audiences, including those built by partner companies. If you start sliding into ads however, you will risk losing focus. Your goal is to convey a piece of information without openly selling your services — this is called expert marketing.

Intrusive advertising is often annoying, and the company practicing it may start looking like a “beggar” in the eyes of potential clients. If one provides services, they must possess enough expertise in every area related to solutions provided by their company.

Nobody will want to pay for the questionable privilege of listening to someone’s ads, available elsewhere for free. Try to make your report as informative and analytical as possible. You can objectively compare your company’s performance with a competitor while pointing out your business model’s strengths and weaknesses. Potential customers need to understand what the downsides might be as well.

So what is expert marketing?

With open advertising, you basically tell people to buy your product, while expert marketing describes the way your project works, how it came to exist, what is it worth, what strengths and weaknesses it has, etc. Your logo will shine everywhere at the presentation. Spectators will take pictures, record videos, memorize the logo and the speaker, search for and follow them online. If a speaker proves themselves an expert among experts, showing how things ought to be done on every stage of a blockchain event, they will instantly garner a large following.

By overtly sliding into ads, you will likely lose the spotlight and control over the ongoing conversion. People will stop seeing you as an expert, and instead perceive you as a simple vendor.

Expert marketing means multiplying knowledge and displaying professionalism. You should teach and share experience. Let the people themselves draw the conclusions, then go to your website and order your services.

Expert marketing is widely used by large companies and promising startups. With it, you do not have to resort to advertising that risks drawing more ire than interest from the audience, but present your product honestly by speaking about its advantages, disadvantages, and place on the market. This allows you to increase the level of trust people have both in your project and in your professional image.