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This section provides solutions and services to help businesses optimize their operations and improve their market positioning.

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Our services cater to various business needs, providing customized solutions to help clients achieve their goals.
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We specialize in specific industries and areas of expertise, offering our clients expert insights and recommendations.

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Gaming Events and Expos Calendar 2022-2023

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 20 July 2022
Get the Calendar of 614 Gaming Events and Expos of 2022-2023
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$ 10.00


Gaming Events and Expos Calendar 2022-2023. The data contains 614 events dedicated to the gaming industry.

The study includes data on gaming events featuring the latest and most prominent video games.

Events and expos listed in this study will include speeches and lectures by industry professionals: programmers and developers, artists and designers, publishers and distributors, marketing and advertising specialists, as well as many others.

Event research was carried out through open sources using the following search methods:

  • Open search on Google, Bing.

For ease of comparison, the information gathered is grouped by the following criteria:

  • Dates;
  • Location;
  • Country;
  • Online participation options;
  • Type.

The study has revealed 614 gaming industry events, most of them held in the USA, UK, Canada, and Germany, including international and local events, longstanding in the gaming community and those that are just gaining momentum. Paid and free. Online and offline in format. All were compiled in a single list for your convenience.

Events and expos of 2022-2023 that will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, game developers, industry enthusiasts, as well as many other experts and professionals.

The data gathered does not claim absolute completeness and is intermediate in the planned research cycle.

Short Insights

We have found 614 events dedicated to the gaming industry:

  • 556 events taking place in 2022;
  • 51 events announced for 2023;
  • 7 events that are yet to declare a specific date;
  • Events taking place in 39 countries, excluding online events;
  • Events held in 300 cities, excluding online events;
  • The collected events are held on varying days of the week:
    • 124 events (20.20%) are held on weekdays without extending to Saturday and Sunday;
    • 461 events (75.08%) take place on weekends, i.e. Saturday or Sunday;
    • 29 event (4.72%) did not yet set an exact date.

The listed events are further divided by the month they take place in:

  • January - 18 detected events;
  • February - 34 detected events;
  • March - 45 detected events;
  • April - 48 detected events;
  • May - 31 detected events;
  • June - 117 detected events;
  • July - 116 detected events;
  • August - 51 detected events;
  • September - 49 detected events;
  • October - 47 detected events;
  • November - 35 detected events;
  • December - 15 detected events.

June is the busiest month in terms of event numbers. From June, a fall in annual and other events begins, gradually fading away by the end of the year.

List of countries with the largest number of events for the period indicated in the study:

  • USA - 346 events;
  • UK - 77 events;
  • Canada - 21 events;
  • Germany - 17 events;
  • Spain - 12 events;
  • Australia - 10 events.

The list highlights countries that are planned to host 10 or more events.

List of cities with the largest number of events for the period indicated in the study:

  • New York - 18 events;
  • London - 16 events;
  • Las Vegas - 9 events;
  • San Francisco - 8 events;
  • Austin - 8 events.

The list highlights cities that are planned to host 8 or more events.

Future Goals & Extensions

  • Ongoing event list expansion, including narrowly thematic and deeply regional events;
  • Additional indicators and ongoing activity metrics;
  • Updated event metrics;
  • A calendar of ongoing gaming events.
Fresh Industrial Data. Hype-free
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